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Hi All.

Today we continued our look at the bloggers behind the blogs.

Being profiled today is the articulate and somewhat enigmatic Jasun from Gay Daily Hot.

So please - make him feel welcome to the blog and enjoy yet another insight to our favourite bloggers.

(2CW) Hey Jasun- thanks so much for coming onto the blog. How did Gay Daily Hot get started and what was the motivation behind it?

Hey Man... great to be here. You know, it's funny. I wish I could tell you. GDH was started by a guy who was promoting Fratmen and he and I got to know each other that way. He decided he wanted to move on and do other things and I offered to take it over. My motivation for doing it was really that I love porn. Not only do I love to watch it but I love to make it, I love to talk about it, I love to hear about it and I love to see it from both sides of the lens.

To me, porn is a huge part of gay history. I look at the old Physique magazines from the 50s or the drawings of Tom of Finland and it's like seeing where the gay community came from. It was gay men's way of starting to express themselves in a time when being out wasn't an option. For ages I didn't let on that it was me who was doing GDH but one day I just decided to start letting it be more about my life making porn. It's when it got fun.

(2CW) So before we get into the meat of the Porn industry, tell us a little about you. Where is Jasun from? Single / taken?

Erg. I grew up in Northern Atlantic Canada. A remote and desolate village of about 1200 people hours drive away from the closest "real" city. I never really fit in because I never really tried. To me, life was something that happened somewhere else and once I was able to leave, I'd find it. Oh.. and taken. Quite taken.

(2CW) How was your recent trip to New Orleans? How is the city and its population these days?

New Orleans.. yow. OK, so I stayed in the French Quarter. I ventured out on my own one night to check out Bourbon Street and was confronted with what I could only call "straight pride day." Thousands of drunken heterosexuals staggering around with big, huge, tacky plastic novelty drinking cups shaped like hand grenades or fleur de lis or alligators, filled with a mixture of bourbon, high fructose corn syrup and artificial fruit flavour. The point, of course, is to get the women drunk enough that they flash their boobs as they stumble down the street which smells periodically of barf, piss and festering garbage. I saw one woman flashing one tit while holding a baby with the other arm. I really wish I was making that up. The only thing more foul was the drunk frat boys cheering her on.

Any charm the French Quarter might have once had is gone. Cheap fronts and fixes make the area look like a narrow-streeted slum, patched together with poster board and squares of dry wall. Littered with hand-scrawled signs screaming "DRINKS TO GO!" and "AIR CONDITIONED!!" or "BEST ON BOURBON STREET!!" every 30 feet.

Annoying music mixtures like Hip Hop blaring out one door next to Zydeco out of the next. All over the background of squealing women and men shouting "show us your tits!"

Oh, but what's funny is that was the tourists. The locals... they just giggle at the train wreck and stay away. I met a few great guys.. hot, funny, charming... the gay community there is strong but small. I can see why New Orleans is still there. The US government pretty much abandoned them after the hurricane, but they're survivors. There was a bizarre spirit of "fuck you, I'm here and I'm not leaving" that I loved about them. Oh, and three of my buddies and I had a circle jerk at a bar in front of about 50 cheering men. Any city that lets me get away with that shit and also lets me finish my beer in the cab on the way home is cool with me.

(2CW) Now how did your interest in AV start and how central is it to your dialy life?

There's an obscure song by an obscure Canadian singer named Jane Sibery with a line that says "hope you have your camera.. if no one gets this down then it's gone forever." I've always felt that every moment is something worth saving. When I go to a new place, I'll set my camera up on a tripod and just get hours of video of where I am. I have a helmet camera and I have hours of video of my rides through the mountains and deserts and coastlines of Southern California. I have lots of movies of my friends doing silly things like stopping by the side of the road for coffee or one time a bunch of my friends went to a piercing place together and we all got something pierced. My little brother is just the same. Although he seems to get lots of video of his random hookups with guys he meets. I once found a big box of videos from a Death Valley ride we did... I watched the 10 hours of footage but I had to skip over the parts with him fucking most of my best friends. It was... well, I was proud of what a stud he is but it's not something I actually want to... see for myself? He's such a little shit.

My work with Fratmen brought me to Hawaii a few times and I have hours of video there of the sun rising or setting... waves crashing on the beach... surfers way off in the distance.. palm trees swaying in the breeze. We shot a movie in Australia and it opens with one of my "environmental movies" of the sun rising over the south Pacific. It was such a stunning video, the sun coming up over the ocean with the clouds creating shadows and sun rays. We took a full hour of it and crunched it into about 30 seconds as the movie's opening.

Now that I'm working at Jake Cruise I have my camera going a lot. I shoot video of guys doing their first porn vids, I shoot video of behind the scenes. Honestly, the biggest hit I ever did for Jake was this 40-minute thing with Pat Bateman bottoming for the first time. He cried like a bitch for the whole time and I never thought ANYONE would want to see it but I posted it on Xtube for fun... people still ask me about that and it's always one of the first things people ask me about when I meet them in person. I think what people love about video like that is that it's real... it's raw and rough and human. Well, and kinda funny/hot to see a grown man almost bursting out in tears that he's got a dick up his ass.

(2CW) Now at one point your were a significant presence at the Fratpad. How was that? Those boys seemed like quite the handful and I mean that literally and figuratively.

Fratpad was.. wow. It was.. like... liquid insanity in it's concentrated form. A bunch of young men turned loose who only had to jack off a couple times a day. There were ego battles, broken rules, bruised nerves, there was stress and drama but mostly it was a lot of fun. Worth every second. It was like... 25 hours of chaos a day. I mean... it was always something.

But the first mega-hit viral video on Xtube was that Jack Off race between Ricky and Kent. I still have people ask me about that 3 years later.

I haven't ruled out working with John again in the future. I doubt it would happen but we're still on good terms. They knew that I was ready to go try new things and understood. There's no bad blood there, so don't believe any rumors to the contrary.

(2CW) Whatever happened to my fave and little hottie Riley?

You know, I'm still in touch with a lot of the guys but RIley isn't one of them. I always liked him a lot. I hope he's doing well.

(2CW) Now as an out and proud porn lover, the sheer profileration of sites and studios is just crazy these days - why do you think that Porn appears to be out there in the public conciousness much more than it used to be? Are we more open about it?

Well the internet changed EVERYTHING. When I grew up it didn't exist so I grew up with a really warped idea of what gay men were and what they were like. Now even a gay teenager in a remote northern Canadian town can meet gay people and make friends and have a whole other online life. It's meant that people can find other people into what they like. But more than that, people can explore their sexuality from the privacy of their own bedrooms. I had to grow some balls and find guys to fool around with.. now you order sex on line like you're ordering a pizza. It's done both good and bad things for our community, that's for sure. But mostly good. I think the gay community is finally starting to define a national identity.

They can delegate us to the comic relief or the dead body in all their TV shows and movies, but they can't stop us from making our own community on line. It's given gay people a voice we never would have had otherwise and that includes our porn. Gay Porn, more than straight porn, is folk art. It's how we express ourselves and how we see ourselves. Straight guys don't use porn stars as role models the way gay men do and straight porn doesn't have a sort of idealized lifestyle to emulate the way gay porn does. It's a dynamic that straight people will never truly understand and most don't even know it exists.

(2CW) Do you think this proliferation would have been possible without the internet?

No. Absolutely not. The internet has changed the world. And it's only just getting started.

(2CW) Currently you work at Jake Cruise / Cocksure Men - what do you do and what is it like to work with Jake?

I'm Vice President of Marketing. I wear about 50 hats with that title. Jake is a BLAST to work with but he's nothing like you'd think from his movies. He's very business like. A great business mind and I learn something new from him every day. He's supportive and encouraging. When I decided to move on from Fratmen, I called him up to ask if he'd like a bit of help with the affiliate program. He offered me a full time job. I wasn't planning on starting another studio position for a while but when he told me about some of the plans he's got, I got so excited that I ditched all the plans I had for starting my own site and jumped on board.

(2CW) How do you find these guys? Are they off the street / referrals / mates?

you know, I'll tell you.. that's one of the industry secrets that we can't give away. Your models are all you are. Telling people where you get them is a way to drive yourself under.

(2CW) Can you tell us what an acutal shoot is like? How long it takes? How much preparation do you have to do etc?

I mean... watch that 40-minute Pat Bateman Gets Fucked blooper reel.. that's what they're like. Long and grueling sometimes... lots of fussing about lighting and angles and making sure we get all the action framed properly. guys who can't cum, guys who cum too quick, guys who can't get it up, guys who freak out, guys who love it so much they forget they're on camera and block the view with their hand... But we have a lot of fun and we laugh a lot and if we're really lucky, we've got a great scene that people are going to like and keep for years.

(2CW) Now one issue that is huge and quite controversial in the porn industry and in the general gay community is barebacking. So much so that IML have now banned those studios who have bareback content. Does this effect Jake and Cocksure? What are your thoughts on barebacking?

I'm honestly a bit pissed that we even have to talk about it. Sadly, we do. Look, I'm a gay man. I grew up in a VERY oppressive town that told me what to do... what to like, what to listen to... how to act, how to dress, how to cut my hair. I'll be fucked if now that I've left that baggage behind, I'm going to jump up and start telling gay men which ways to have sex are "acceptable" or not. I mean listen, I ride a motorcycle in Los Angeles, I smoke cigars, I eat red meat.... I think I've sacrificed any right to tell people "you shouldn't do that.. it's bad for you" or "it's dangerous." I'm an adult, I made informed decisions about which risks I was willing to take and which I wasn't. I don't bareback. It's not a risk I'm willing to take. But riding a motorcycle in Los Angeles is a LOT more dangerous and I still do that. And it's my decision to make.

But - and you know this - people get freaky about sex. They can be the most liberal people in the world until you bring up a sexual topic, then they lose their shit. When sex and sexuality are introduced into the mix, people hop up on their soap box and start shaking their fingers in other people's faces. There's lots of straight people who want to be able to fire us from our jobs, evict us from our houses because of the way we fuck or with whom we do it. There's people in the fucking supreme court who think that it was OK to allow the general population to vote on the validity of our relationships. I mean, it's so fucked that even the gay community is telling other people which risks are OK and which aren't. The same people who tell me that my riding a motorcycle is hot are the same ones saying that bareback sex should be illegal. I'm like.. huh?

But it almost seems like the people who want to police how others fuck are trying to blame them for... our inequality? It's like at the end of 1984 when he's shouting out "DO IT TO JULIA DO IT TO JULIA!" People get so tired of being the one being victimized that they turn and find someone else to point at. I don't even blame them. But to me it's like the closeted guys who blame their inability to come out on the drag queens partying on pride day. The majority has been very successful at turning minorities against each other. This isn't much different.

(2CW) Do you think that barebacking is SURGING because of raw porn or that the level of barebacking was always there, but it is just more out in the open now?

Oh, I don't think it's surging at all. I think there's less than before, really. But people need to get upset about things and you just have to let them do it. Just like people threw big fits about Jon and Kate, they need to hop on their soap box and rant... Meh.. it's the internet...

(2CW) Do you think companies that produce barebacking content actually contribute to the issue? Or is it just deciding to put on tape what is routinely happening out there?

I mean... I can't speak for the whole industry. We let the models decide if they want to do bareback or condom scenes. It's about a 50/50 split. Our models are adults and can make up their own minds. We just shoot the guys fucking how they like to fuck. If I ever DID do a shoot - and don't think I'm not weighing offers - it'll be a condom shoot. That's my decision.

(2CW) Who are some of your favourite people in porn and which studios do you follow?

I'm still a fan of John Marsh from Fratmen. I'm very proud that I worked on some of the best Fratmen movies ever like Alumni Weekend 5: Australia,, Fratmen: On The Mat and Pledge Class 4. I still think he's a genius and his movies are a natural progression from the 50s physique magazines that started modern gay erotica.

Joe Gage is a visionary. His movies manage to strike a chord with me that nobody else can. That scene in Copperhead Canyon with Dean Flynn playing the dad discovering his son's friend (played by Kurt Wilde) sniffing his underwear... I wood up every time I think of that. I love what Collin O'Neal was doing and I was sad to find out he'd left porn behind. I also still think that Kristen Björn was decades ahead of his time. He was the first guy flying around the world finding Russian Men and throwing them in with Columbian gangsters. He had a talent that I haven't seen since.

(2CW) When you go out to a bar, what sort of social scene do you like to be in?

I love just about anything... I like going to West Hollywood to dance with the twinks and I love to hang out at the Eagle LA for Beer Bust on Sundays.

(2CW) Are you into leather? Ever served as a boi? Owned a boy as a Master?

Well, I'm actually a leather title holder. My title is Eagle LA Mr. Leather 2009. It's been a great experience and I wouldn't trade it for anything. But no.. Never been a boy or a master. I'm a gear pig... I'm more into playing with stuff and just letting the scene go where it goes. Then we grab a beer and kick back. It's not a lifestyle for me. Just a fun thing to do with my buds.

(2CW) Tell us about your ink?

I could write a book. On the back of my head, I have a really odd collection of circles. The design came to me in a dream but I didn't know what it was. I just knew it had to go on the back of my head and when I was ready, I'd find out what it was. Years later I discovered that it's a bunch of symbols for the pagan gods I feel an affinity to. I have a Picasso painting of a horse's head on my right arm. It symbolizes how I felt growing up in a very repressive farming town.. screaming out into the darkness. On my left arm I have a sleeve that goes from my wrist, up my arm, over my shoulder and down my back of Hogwarts Castle from the Harry Potter books. I'm a huge Potter Head. I also have a tattoo of a double-headed pig on my leg with OINK written below it. That was done at my favorite bar, the Eagle LA, on my 40th birthday. One of the hottest moments of my life, laying on a tattoo table wearing a jock strap and nothing else, feeling up the tattoo artist's crotch with my feet, surrounded by men who were touching me while I was getting tattooed.. rubbing their crotches in my face.. feeding me beer. I'm getting a chub thinking it about it now, actually.

(2CW) Plans for any new tatts?

Heck yeah. I'm going to do a blog series about one. starting with the design and getting the body for it... sketches, redrawing... to the work. Can't wait to start that one.

(2CW) How many offers have you had for the chaps that you and Bo Dean rubbed yourselves all over :) ?

Haha... they're hanging in my closet with my other riding gear. I've had a few offers for them. Just like when I worked for Fratmen and used my rubber pants and shirt for a movie I worked on called "," people have asked for them but they're.. well, it's all part of my collection. I have LOTS of clothes worn by the porn stars I've worked with. I think I'm wearing Fratmen Cole's underwear right now... (opens pants and looks down) ... yup.

(2CW) Queer Me Now blog named you one of the six hottest gay bloggers - you are number three actually - how are you enjoying fame ?

You know... and I'll be honest... if a 40 year-old, tattooed, pock-marked metalhead biker with a quarter-paralyzed face and scars on his elbows from falling onto the pavement too much can be considered "hot" next to those other guys.. I'm all for it. My buddies and I had a great larf about that but it's great that being "hot" doesn't have to mean "young and beautiful with perfect skin and perfect abs."

(2CW) Have you met the other 5?

Jack Shamama and I know each other pretty well. Some of the other guys I know through the industry but not in real life. A couple of them I'd really like to meet in private. That Marc guy has the cutest smile and I'm sure it would look even cuter after I got his face all gooey.

(2CW) Michael Lucas is a fairly controversail figure in porn. He certainly seems to be no stranger to drama - some would say no more so than the average queen. Do you have any thoughts / opinion on his continuing antics?

Meh. I generally don't write people off as "queens." To be honest, I think he's a genius. I mean, his movies are great... they really are. But his big talent is getting people to pay attention to him and his work. He's always able to stay in the news, always able to keep in people's minds and yes.. keep people talking about him and his work in a world that has a new distraction every 5 minutes. People are so hard on Perez Hilton because he has the audacity to give them what they want and not apologize for it.

(2CW) Is there anyone in your life right now? (Can I ask that ?:))

Of course you can. I've been with my husband Carlo for 17 years. He met me when I was a young, thin, cute twink with hair and abs. He's stayed with me through my metamorphosis into a tattooed, shaved, pierced biker with scars. I figure if he'll take me still, I have to keep him.

(2CW) What's next for the blog?

We're about to go through a big refit. Taking it off blogger and having my own hosting which means I can have lots of aspects like a tube site, FTP, video streaming, a chat function and maybe even a forum.

The big change that's coming is that I'm going to inject a bit more of my own life into it. Anyone can write a porn blog and I think the mistake I made early on was hiding that it was me doing it. My brother clocked me upside the head and told me that I was just becoming another faceless blog. I'm about to start training with my husband for the AIDS ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles next May.. I'm going to write a bit about that. I'm going to be starting a new training regimen and that's going to be part of what I'm doing. I'm going to start interviewing more people that I admire.

Steven from Ox Balls who makes all my favorite sex toys... my tattoo artist who's also a very accomplished and talented comic book artist.. The focus is still going to be on porn but I want to bring some more gay culture into the mix. You might get a front row seat for the first porn shoot I star in...

We'll see where it goes, but I'm looking forward to the changes on the way.

(2CW) Now for the 2 Cents Worth Quickies......

Favourite Drink...

White tea. I drink about 2 pots a day.

Favourite Breakfast Dish...


Red or White Wine...

Not much of a wine guy but red if I have to.

Mayo or Mustard...

Hot sauce. Mustard is kinda boring and mayo makes me woof.

Favourite Television Show...

I guess Dr. Who or Torchwood.

Classical or Modern and why...

Everything. I love art of any kind.

Favourite Book...

Considering I have Hogwarts Castle tattooed from my wrist, up my arm, over my shoulder and down my back I should say "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix." But I think the book that had one of the biggest effects on me was Life After God by Douglas Coupland. I'm one of those generation X guys who got out of college in 1990 only to find that the hippies who'd grown up and turned into the locust-like yuppies had decimated any chance of an easy ride for my whole generation. Greed of the 80s gave way to the "I don't give a fuck" attitude of the Nirvana 90s. Douglas Coupland always managed to capture just how I felt in that time. He also came up with the term "Generation X," actually.

Recent Film you enjoyed...

I guess I have to say Harry Potter, don't I?

Favourite Sunday activity....

Riding a two-wheeled vehicle of some kind.

If someone wants to impress you when you're out they should......

Not rub my head. I fucking hate that.

(2CW) It's been great having you on the blog Jasun. Would you be interested in a part 2?

Heck yeah.

Thanks again to Jasun for his time here - surf on over and check him out at Gay Daily Hot for his 2 Cents and your daily dose of everything hot and dont forget to tell him that Damien sent you :)



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