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........... Profile Time ! ................... Please Welcome Back... Lady Sue :) .........

............ Fair View Sue - link - is one of my daily must reads.
The original profile is here This wonderful woman is a true renaissance Lady with a fascinating background and many, many talents. So please enjoy Part 2 and make Lady Sue - and her own 2 Cents - very welcome.

(2CW) Firstly, welcome back to the blog and my apologies for for taking this long to get you back.

Life is what happens in between plans.

(2CW) Any plans for the holidays?

Same as always; home for Christmas Eve with the family and stay for a day or more if my new meds are working. LOL!

(2CW) Now let's talk painting for a second - you had some recent exciting happenings in terms of art.. can you elaborate?

Sure! I had my first solo art opening at the local Public Library and it was a huge success ( Actually the Library staff tells me that it was the most successful opening that they have ever had as far as attendance. The show remains open through New Years if anyone finds themselves in the Connecticut River Valley area they should contact me for a personal viewing. As my blog readers know, I am back at work again after 10 years of not being able to do it since my brain aneurism and they can see all of my works at

(2CW) How long have you been painting and what is it about water-colours that you enjoy?

I have been doing art since I was a little girl in kindergarten. My talent was recognized as soon as I started and nurtured by my teachers. I always felt special doing my art. I was introduced formally to watercolors in high school and had one of my high school works at my show. That was in 1974, so that would be 35 year ago. But when I restarted recently it was from scratch, because I didn’t remember hardly any techniques at all. As a matter of fact I had to google how to do a wash and watch videos on it as a refresher.

I love watercolors for their transparency, lightness and brilliancy of color. I feel I can achieve a striking beauty with this medium that I cannot with any others. I also like the unpredictability and fun of putting a paint loaded brush to a wet paper and seeing what happens; where the paint will go and what patterns it will leave. That is a giant adventure and I just love it!

(2CW) Plans for any more art? Will you be selling any on Fair View Sue?

I am constantly working as time allows. I work from photos I have taken on my trips and I am trying to be more free and expressive with my art. It is really a big challenge. I am not allowed to earn any money under the terms of my disability. But if people see any of my works they like, they should contact me. *wink*

(2CW) You are also quite the talented writer of gay bum-bum fiction? Your stuff certainly puts a tickle in my pickle!! How did these get started?

Thanks! I had worked for big pharma on some early AIDS drugs and missed helping in that arena since I became disabled. So, I wanted to write a story that would be about curing AIDS. Also, I wanted to pay tribute to my brother and how he and I were so close growing up together and collecting butterflies. So out of those two things grew the concept of Dr. Sue Fairview and Mr. Butterfly, who is the gay Lepidopterist. [My brother is not gay, but he was not offended at all; he was honored that he was the protagonist in my stories.] Their first adventure is in the Amazon jungle where Mr. Butterfly is kidnapped by a large silent, gentle native who takes advantage of him sexually and uses this concoction of lube that turns out to have powerful anti-viral properties. The adventure of these two main characters, Sue and Mr. B, continue for the Foundation to Understand Nature (FUN) to various exotic and dangerous locales as the lube is studied in-house as an anti-AIDS drug.

(2CW) Now I heard you interviewed Mr Oliver Frey himself is that true?

I interviewed Oliver Frey ( When he contacted me, it felt like Rembrandt had called to me from the other side! I was struck dumb by the sheer honor of it. I just love his work and tried to express that in my interview questions. I hope he wasn’t disappointed with the response to the interview. I was. My wordpress statistics indicate that 424 people have read the post. I’m not sure how that works but it seems really low to me when I am getting about 2,000 hits or more a day. The day after I first posted the interview I got nearly 5,000 hits. I ran a poll and only got 32 responses. That just sucks! Oh well, it was great for the blog and I loved making a new friend in the arts!

Where do you get your ideas for your stories?

From my widdew hade (little head for you non-warner bros classic toons people ). Oh, and having traveled lots and working in big pharma.

(2CW) Has your hubby cast his eye over your efforts? Does he offer any literary criticism or does he leave it as your business :) ?

I finally got him to overcome his being grossed out about the whole naughty bum-bum sex thing and he thought that the idea of anti-viral lube was extremely clever. He is very proud of my stories and my blog in particular. Now he is quite supportive of the entire thing and has recently even come out to a gay bar with me to meet Steve Cruz! It was really huge for him to see Francesco and Damien get married; he realized that sex workers are people with real lives and can fall in love, moreover, that this is true for gays as well! And that all these people deserve the right to marry the ones they love.

(2CW) Now onto our favourite shared topic - GAY PORN !! - I have a few new readers so maybe it would be good just to summarise for them how a respectable lady such as yourself got interested in naughty bum-bum action :)

First of all, I am not all that respectable! I came from a family where we had the dirty joke of day and there were Dad’s Playboy and Penthouse magazines all over the house.

It all started on my first monitoring visit to an AIDS clinic in the Castro district of San Francisco in 1989. I walked into the clinic and there was a large corkboard with beefcake photos all over it. I paused to admire it and suddenly realized that I was the only female in the office. I had an epiphany. I had something in common with gay men; we all love cock! That realization just flipped my world upside-down and inside-out! I was never the same after that!

Of course I watched Showtime’s Queer As Folk and loved it and the characters.

Fast forward to 2004 when I was at home and had filed for disability. I had watched Manhunt: The Search for America's Most Gorgeous Male Model, and was upset because there was a scandal that my favorite model, Hunter Daniels, had danced at a gay strip bar!!! So I searched for it on my computer. I discovered a post about it on Thus, I discovered gay blogs! Step one complete.

It was not far from there for me to find other blogs that posted content of a more, shall we say salacious nature. Then, it is not difficult to find porn previews on the net. This gurl knows what she likes. Need I say more???

(2CW) Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond have been appearing on your blog a lot lately. Have you met these two?

I have met Steve in NYC at the View Bar for his Birthday Bash ( I was accompanied by my husband and it was his first time in a gay bar. He did really well and I was so proud of him. He even impressed Steve by comparing Steve and Francesco artistically in their work. Who knew he was paying any attention??? I am going to have to keep a closer eye on that boy!

(2CW) I see you are reviewing porn a lot more on Fair View, is this something that you might be embarking on as a new career?

I hope so. Though it does take a bit of time I think it is good exposure for my blog and good writing exercise for me. I know I’m not the best at it; Doug of is in my opinion. But I have a completely different style of review than he does, so I am keeping at it. Also, I get to see free porn that way, and on my Social Security income I cannot afford to buy porn at all. But I am not looking at doing reviews full time.

(2CW) Any fave titles at the moment that you just can't stop watching?

I really like anything by (Francesco D’Macho & Damien Crosse) especially Eros, Numero Tres (with Pedro Andreas - yum), Fresh Meat and Morpheus. I don’t think Stag Homme has gotten full credit for their extraordinary Stag TV Episodes or Coffee with the Stars. Stag Homme has lots of class and creativity – everything they produce is just perfect. Actually it is amazing for such a small company. But now they are facing stiff competition from newcomers (Steve Cruz & Bruno Bond) and (Kurt Rogers).

Also, now there is the new Focus/Refocus film from Raging Stallion Studios that is going to make lots of cash, because it is a murder mystery, (I don’t know if that is big in the porn industry or if it is just with me) but that is one really hot, hot film. Also I have checked out Menace with Bruno Bond and Steve Cruz, which is reportedly the first time they had sex and that was steaming hot! I really like to see intimacy and passion in my porn. That is what I find to be a turn on. And of course, really hot guys. Oh, and did I mention that I like them BIG?

(2CW) I read the scandal re Naked Sword and Nick Moretti - wtf was all that about? Has the Sword gone ghetto??? Personally I was shocked to see this type of reporting on a gay porn blog, it seemed so ridiculously sensational and so blatantly inaccurate!

I am glad you raise this question. I agree that the Sword is being irresponsible with this sensationalist reporting. In my mind, the Sword no longer has any credibility at all. I question everything I read there now. I feel that the Sword has kicked Nick Moretti around so much more than is deserved by this gentle and reserved man ( and that is why I wrote a post about explaining that BDSM is not the same as abuse ( In the comments section of my post, Paul Bookstabber says “
how the hell is BDSM not abuse? Hello…”, clearly indicating that he is ill informed in this area.

There are two responses to his uninformed comment: one from Scott Smith of and one from Dire Callahan of Steel Mill Media ( Mr. Callahan also posted his comment on the Sword’s post as well. I have difficulty believing that a gay man living in San Francisco can be so ill informed about BDSM, which is such a large part of the gay culture. What is more, he had to look up the definition of abuse (which isn’t even relevant, since what he was purporting was analogous to ‘sex during porn is the same as rape’) even though is online resumé claims that he graduated from Brown, a distinguished Ivy League University here in the United States. Personal issues aside, this is such a disservice to all victims of abuse as well as an insult to professionals of the BDSM film industry.

I will mention one more thing. Erik Rhodes. Here is the Sword’s article on Erik Rhodes ( Now, I admit that I know nothing about Erik at all except that he has a crazy blog. I don’t know if any of it is true or what his motives are. But what author in a sane mind would take a porn star claiming to be suicidal and do this article on them when there are so many unfortunate and tragic stories of porn star suicides happening in the world these days? That is just really reckless and inexcusable reporting. I would rather see Mr. Rhodes alive and kicking for a long time to come as I am sure we all would. He should know that other fellow human beings, such as me, care enough to wish him only the best and would never print anything to harm him.

I too am very concerned about what is going on at the Sword. But it is not up to me to shepherd that organization. I just hope that the powers that be over there are keeping an eye on the situation and know what is going on.

(2CW) Onto happier things, you and I were talking once about how you seem to be a magnet for wildlife at your house - deer and bluebirds etc - now I remember you put out a nesting house for the bluebirds - how did they go?

Well, I’m not that sure. The blue birds; not so good. We had a pile of broken eggs at the bottom of the pole so something got to them. But the other box might have fledged some chickadees. The other day I saw a male red fox cross the yard; it is good to know that they are still around.

(2CW) How is life at the Fair View Sue house hold these days? Is your husband well?

He is very well. He just completed a big project redesigning the interior of a riverfront condominium for a friend in the style of Greene & Greene (

(2CW) On your web site, there is an adorable photo of you in a leather cap at Folsom, was that taken this year?

No, it was last year’s Folsom Street East in NYC ( Thanks for the compliment! Flattery will get you everywhere!

The very adorable Lady hesrself with the adorable lads ...

David from Someone In A Tree


YvesPaul from Melodramatic Diary of a Cynic (Great title:))

(2CW) Reading your profile you briefly describe your disability - do you mind if I ask you more about that? How did this happen?

No I don’t mind talking about it. I had a brain aneurism in my left temporal lobe that hemorrhaged in 1999. I had two brain surgeries at Yale by a world renowned neurovascular-surgeon that saved my life. I was a star patient, beating all the odds. Six months later I eagerly returned to work. I worked for four years through grand mal seizures and continuing failing energy, wondering what was wrong with me. I even got tested for hiv (since I had gotten a blood transfusion in the hospital). Eventually, I collapsed with exhaustion. Facing facts, I filed for disability. After many tests and doctors, lawyers it turns out that this is how it is for people who have had subarachnoid hemorrhages. They have low stamina and limited mental stamina as well. My seizures are now controlled with medications. My organic depression is also controlled with medications. So, there I was at 47, disabled.

(2CW) You had an amazing job in medical research, was hard on a personal level to leave that behind?

It was really, really tough. I was left with nothing. I felt worthless for the longest time. It wasn’t until very recently when I could do my art again that I felt whole.

(2CW) What sort of effect does your disability have on your daily life? Do you have to take extra care?

Yes I do. I have to take a 2 hour nap at around noon every day or I will get a tremendous headache and be unable to function. I try to keep to a routine sleep schedule daily. I also have had to give up caffeinated things like chocolate, a big sacrifice for me; since it was an entire food group before since those give me migraine headaches. So also, no coffee or tea that is not decaf. I have to be careful about eating certain things too that are covered in books about diets for people with migraines. I can only do about half the stuff per day that I used to do both physically and mentally. My brain “sun-downs” at night the same as it does in Alzheimer’s patients. Also, I cannot feel myself getting run down like I used to. Plus I do not recover from being tired as quickly as I used to, or from being ill. I try to workout to counter these effects as I have heard that it helps.

(2CW) How was the National Equity March? I saw you went to that.

I did go to the National Equality March in Washington, DC ( and met Lt. Dan Choi ( He is quite an individual and will go far in what ever he decides to do. The weather was beautiful for the march the following day and I had a great time ( But I was disappointed that the media was nowhere to be found! WTF! The message was loud and clear: nobody cares about what gay people want! I could not be more discouraged with my country.

(2CW) Onto popular culture for a moment................... Taylor Lautner.........

OMG! You would not believe – but long ago I did a post called Taylor Lautner Encore Ogling (, and that post gets the most number of hits every day!!! Still – even now!!!

(2CW) Have you seen the Films? Personally - I'm more interested in the promo pics myself :)

Yes I have seen them. I gave my opinion in my reviews ( I really enjoyed watching it, though there were some slow moments. But it is no Casablanca. I just couldn’t wait to see the movie interpretation of the book by Stephanie Meyers, which was no Anna Karenina, by any means! I think to truly appreciate these flicks you have to be totally in love with vampires and werewolves and hot boys.

(2CW) My Lady, again, it has been a huge pleasure having you back on the blog, I will absolutely invite you back for a Part 3 and it won't be as long a break as last time. Again, my thanks and may HaShem bless you and keep you and your husband in his care.

..................Sue really is quite the Fair Lady - go over and read up on this amazing woman.




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