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.......... Profile Time ........................... Victor from Men Of Color Blog...........................

Today at 2 Cents Worth Down Under, we have a profile that I personally am looking forward to

Today we profile Victor "The President" of MOC Blog. Men of Colour for you guys who don't know it - and if you don't know it, may I suggest that you surf on over there and acquaint yourself with a very special naughty but intelligent corner of the interweb.

So please, make Victor feel welcome and enjoy.

(2CW) Firstly, welcome to 2 Cents Worth Down Under and thanks so much for agreeing to this profile.

Thank you, Damien. It’s a virtual pleasure.

The Man Himself

(2CW) How and when did MOC get started? And why men of colour?

In 2004, shortly after my mother died, I inherited some money. Not a lot. But enough to launch my short-lived adult website: I had wanted to launch an umbrella website that incorporated all of the races. This way, consumers wouldn’t have to pay one membership for, another for, and still another from Well, I sorely mistook what was involved and the site was shuttered about one six months later.

But my blog remained mostly because it cost next to nothing to run. It started as a diary of behind-the-scenes shenanigans but continue to evolve as my tastes changed and now it’s what it is today: an electronic hybrid of gay porn and gay sexuality for all races.

(2CW) Your "About" says that you have been writing about porn sex and culture since 2004. What is it about porn that gets you interested in writing about it other than hard cocks, tight holes and copious cum shots ?

Ha! That’s funny, Damien, because whenever I get invited to do porn reviews, I turn them down! That requires a special talent and I’m not very good at it nor am I very interested in that particular aspect of the Adult Entertainment industry. Seriously, how many times can one human being describe a “fuckfest” and describe “manmeat?” Oh my. Actually, as I’ve said, my blog was more of a record of what was going on behind the set. I like the human angle. But writing about that changed once my site shut down.

(2CW) With the popular culture references contained in such shows as Sex and the City, Will & Grace, How I Met Your Mother, West Wing et al, Porn has really moved from under the bed out into the living room and on the coffee table. Has Porn become more socially acceptable? Are we experiencing a second sexual revolution in terms of Porn Culture?

I’m not sure it’s so much a question of porn becoming socially acceptable as it’s become “not shocking.” I believe with enough exposure anything, no matter how graphic, would desensitize you. Or drive you insane! But to get back to your point, I don’t believe porn’s ubiquity makes for a sexual revolution, per se. I think in order for a real revolution to occur, we would need to do away with sexual labels like ‘gay’ and ‘straight.’ THAT would be revolutionary!

(2CW) What sort of porn do you get into? Who are your favourite studios?

I’m really into intergenerational porn: the coach with the athlete, the teacher and the student, me with the freshmen class of UCLA. etc. I probably find that so appealing because my earliest sexual experiences were with men much, much older than me. Now, the reverse is true. I find myself having sex with guys sizably younger than me. Not illegal even in France of course, but young. “Age does not wither, nor time stale, the infinite varieties of love,” I believe Shakespeare wrote.

One of my favorite studios, hands down, is Athletic Model Guild. Not only do they have this amazing body of work that is Bob Mizer (the father of modern Gay Porn) but the boys are earth-meltingly hot. And, of course, they have their Brazilian division which is devoted to their AMG Brazilian line of products. Lawdy, have mercy!

One of my favorite websites is They find these guys that get into their solos and love to be fucked to. You cannot go wrong with them. Ever.

I’ll add that I thinkTreasure Island Media and Dark Alley Media are heads above shoulders the best in Kink and Fetish, imho.

(2CW) What do you think of the big designer studios like Hot House, Titan and Raging Stallion?

I don’t. Hot House and Titan play for and to a mostly white audience and Raging Stallion has chosen not to integrate within their lines. Too bad.

(2CW) There are a surprising amount of non-studio based porn sites like Jake Cruise, Cocksure, Dirty Tony etc that are incredibly successful. Why do you think that is?

There’s a huge market for Abercrombie and Fitch-like models worldwide. And all the credit for fetishizing white models in gay adult porn goes to Sean Cody. My hats off to the guy. He will be written about in the history books, of this I don’t doubt.

But we still live in a world where the “norm” for beauty is the white, hairless, semi-to-muscular twenty-something. But that is changing finally, I believe.

(2CW) Treasure Island Media is a polarising studio with its un-apologetic approach to barebacking and a total no condom policy in ALL of their films. What are your thoughts on barebacking and it's portrayal on screen?

I’m all for it if you are and if you’re not, well neither am I. I think Barebacking is such a personal decision that my opinion really shouldn’t matter (and, I suppose, doesn’t) in the big scheme of things. I don’t base my sexual health decisions on what I see in a gay porn flick. And if someone else does, oh well. You’re an idiot. HIV infection and AIDS-based ignorance is an unconscionable excuse for contracting it as is a cavalier attitude towards “AIDS Chic.” But I also don’t think condomless porn is going away. On the contrary, it will continue to be one of the few growth trends in 2010.

That said, Japanese barebacking is fucking hot!

(2CW) The HIV educators say that by portraying unsafe sex on screen studios are contributing to the pandemic. Thoughts?

You might want to ask them why this is no more statistically true than one eating another’s brains after watching a Hannibal Lecter movie.

(2CW) For a long time, non-Caucasian men were a "niche" market in porn rather than a standard part of porn. What has changed? We are now seeing not only whole studios that are ethnically specific, but we are seeing men of colour as part of the cast rather than something different. Why has this taken so long?

Honestly, Damien, I’d love to say it’s because we are all progressing to the next phase in human evolution but unfortunately the reason is much more mundane: We have basically exhausted the “All-American” theme and now it’s time to move onto something else. That’s where interracial porn comes in. And it’s going to become very hot next year if I have anything to do with it…

And unfortunately I’m not sure that much has changed. Okay, yes, this has been a good year for black performers (Eddie Diaz, Race Cooper, Diesel Washington, D’Angelo at Flava Works, Austin Wilde) but Eddie and Diesel have been around for awhile and, besides, there aren’t any Latino/Hispanic performers being marketed. And Asians? These sites and studios might as well be filming in Paraguay. Besides, when studios that aren’t already “niche” producers are making ethnic fare, it’s in prisons or on farms. That’s not progress. That’s tired.

(2CW) What is your own ethnic background and how has this contributed to the blog?

My parents are German. How’s that for irony? I think my being white gives me some inherent biases, like anyone else, but my ultimate goal is to inform and to entertain. If you laugh, even better.

(2CW) Personally, I love black men. They certainly seem to have an inherit sensuality about them. Given how overt heterosexual black sexuality is, why is the Down Low culture so prevalent? Is this an issue of perception with regards to masculinity in the black community?

Many black men have had it beaten into them by the church that being gay is worse than sinful. And, of course, there are a lot of internalized feelings of inferiority among blacks. After all, how long have we (wrongly!) been accusing black people of being shiftless, lazy and stupid. After awhile, it takes its toll. So what you get is this sort of warped thinking that goes: God, it’s hard enough being black in a white man’s society. We don’t need homosexuality to add to our troubles.

But, you are correct. In both the black and Latino communities, there is an unhealthy emphasis of masculinity or “hyper-masculinization.” It’s unhealthy for a lot of reasons not the least of which you get men who are cut off from their feelings because they equate being “emotional” with being weak or, as I’ve mentioned, being gay. But it is certainly changing and I’m very optimistic that a new generation of men of color are growing up with better, more positive attitudes about sexuality. Hooray Gen Y!

(2CW) Asian Men seem to be the last cultural bastion of porn. Why does porn have such difficulty with placing Asian Men front and center?

I don’t know if it’s that so much as it is the reluctance most Asians have to performing in porn. But here it has to do less with the homosexuality and more to do with the shame one brings upon one’s family.

And I can tell you, even here in the great melting pot of California, it is VERY difficult to find Asian models willing to get in front of a camera. (Which completely breaks my heart given how beautiful and sexy so many Asian men are!)

(2CW) What do you think the future of porn is and what is the future of your MOC blog and what can we expect from you in the future?

Well, the good news is porn is here to stay.

(2CW) Now for the 2 Cents Worth quickies......................

Favourite Drink..............Freshly-squeezed lemonade. (I know, how gay is that?)

Favourite Breakfast Dish................Waffles with whipped cream and strawberries.

Red or White Wine .......................Don’t drink alcohol anymore. (I was running out of people to piss off in the industry.)

Mayo or Mustard ................................Mustard. Mayo? Ugh.

Favourite Television Show .........................Right now, “Glee.” Jane Lynch is fucking brilliant as Coach Sue Sylvester.

Favourite all time movie......................I’m a huge movie buff so I don’t think I can say just one but a few that immediately come to mind are “Jaws,” “A Clockwork Orange,” “Soapdish,” “Rear Window,” “City of God,” “Tsotsi” and “Rashomon.”

Take on Reality TV .........................I actually like reality tv. I love the whole ‘camp’ factor. I especially like “So You Think You Can Dance.” Watching those kids with their passion is incredibly inspiring to me. (Oh, and the boys are generally very hot!)

Classical or Modern and why? .............I’m not sure I understand. I like Classic literature but I love modern design.

Recent film you saw and what you thought of it ...........................Well I just saw “Precious” and loved it until I found out it wasn’t based on a true story. Then I felt it was emotionally exploitative. I mean, c’mon, poor, black, uneducated, pregnant, fat AND HIV positive??? Yikes. And I really wish the film explored the theme of light skin vs. dark skin in the black community more fully. I will add that I felt Mo’Nique and Mariah Carey were both equally brilliant.

Favourite Sunday morning activity ...........................My favorite morning activity is jerking off to some good porn, of course.

If someone wants to impress you when you are out what they should ...............Just be yourself. Bells and whistles do nothing for me.

(2CW) Thanks so much for being here today and hopefully you will come back for a Part 2. Cheers Mr President

In a heartbeat! Thanks for thinking enough of my work to invite me on, Damien. And continued success with your blog. It’s on my list of “must reads.”



Wonder Man said...

Wow, I didn't know he was White. That's some perspective for you. Love it

Damien Oz said...

I think him being white AMPLIFIES the issues.

Which is a great thing - it would be too easy for a black man or latino or asian to be behind it because that would almost be "expected".

Surprise is good :)

Michael Rivers said...

I always love these! Great job!

Taylor Siluwe said...

Great interview!! And we have the same early morning activity. Well, it doesn't have to be morning, does it?

Kyle said...

Terrific interview Damien! These coffee talk segments have so much flair and are always so much fun. A perfect way to lighten up the day.

Damien Oz said...

MR - Me too ... I love the look at the bloggers behind the blogs.

TS - It can be anytime of the day :)

Kyle - Im just glad people read them LOL - meanwhile you are on the list so be prepared.