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Today we welcome the luscious Ben back to the blog.

Ben is the webmaster and owner of He is also a good friend of mine.

Now if you haven't been to his site yet......... well........... why the heck haven't you :) ?

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Now - please welcome back Ben to the blog :)


***PS If you wish to see the profile with some more GRAPHIC shots - go HERE :)***

(2CW) Hey Ben... welcome back to the blog !

Thanks Damien. It's really nice to be back. I'm a big fan of your site.

(2CW) Now you took a little trip to the US lately. Where did you go and how was the trip?

It was a pretty quick trip. I flew to San Francisco for 6 days and then onto New York for another 6 days. They are my two favourite cities in the US. I had a great time there, but as always it wasn't long enough. The 21 hour plane ride home from New York was a bit of a long slog. I really should have made a stop in LA on the way back.

(2CW) Did you any shooting whilst you were there?

Oh man... I shot a lot while I was there. In the 12 days I did 9 shoots. And I think I could have even done more. America certainly has not shortage of guys wanting to get into porn. There are a couple of American porn stars who have made their break on BentleyRace and have been doing a tonne of porn scenes ever since.

(2CW) So is there a difference to shooting American lads to Aussie boyz? Is one group wilder than they other?

That's a really tough question. I think Aussie boys like to play around more and have fun. The American boys are more serious about their porn. I usually tell guys how to pose in photo shoots, but many of the American guys turn up and start pulling their own poses. It almost feels strange that I'm photographing them without directing. The American boys are more body conscious than our Aussie boys. And they are HUGE! Must be all that gymming and diner food!

(2CW) How is Bentley Race going?

The site is going really well. Last year I changed the site a bit and started doing 3 updates a week. It is keeping me really busy. I am still working full time at my day job at the moment, but at some point I'm going to have to start dedicating more time to the site so I can do all the other improvements I keep talking about. It also seems that a lot more people know about the site now. I was surprised to hear people in America talking about it.

(2CW) Your site has been going for 10 years now..... What has been the secret to the longevity?

I think the secret is to keep bringing in sexy new guys. I count myself extremely lucky to have attracted such beautiful guys. It's kinda weird meeting beautiful guys and then having them strip while standing over me. It's also been very important to be consistent with shooting new stuff and coming up with fresh ideas. I'm not a great marketer of BentleyRace but I can shoot hot scenes with hot guys.

(2CW) Something I am sure everyone is curious about it how do you get the ladz? Do you advertise ? Do you approach people on the street?

Lately I seem to be getting a lot of guys writing emails to me asking to appear on the site. I get them to submit photos and from there I get them to come and jump into a solo or duo scene. I rarely meet guys before the day of the shoot. It adds to the excitement on the day. I also get guys contacting me through my online profiles on Gaydar, Dudesnude and Manhunt.

(2CW) Does it take you long to shoot a scene? Or is the editing and posting prcoess more laborious?

The shoots usually take under 2 hours. I like to keep them quick. The photo session usually is the longest. It's almost like foreplay to the video. The editing takes quite some time. I might take up to 1000 photos and then I choose the best of them to make the gallery. The video also takes a while as I like to edit out any boring bits to make the video more snappy. I prefer shooting to editing. But I enjoy the editing too... it has it's rewards.

(2CW) Do you ever shoot a model and then have them say "Oh Ive rethought the gig and I dont want to be put up on the web."

This has only happened with one guy on the site. But it was a long time after the shoot had been posted. So it was a bit too late to remove it. I make sure that each guy knows how popular their naked photos are about to become. Most guys like the results of the shoots and use the photos on their personal profiles.

(2CW) Do you ever have models bail on you? Leave you high and dry?

Oh man! I hate when this happens. Luckily it is a very rare occurrence. Some guys like to "talk" about doing porn... but they are not actually going to do it. I call every guy before the shoot. I have a very good bullshit meter... I can tell when guys are not actually going to go through with it now.

(2CW) Who has been your most favourite model to shoot so far?

Toughest question Damien! I love all the guys on my site. If I could have him back again I would want Leon Hardie to be modelling for me again. Sadly he moved to the UK a couple of years ago. He was instantly horny and showing off for the camera in his very first shoot. We had a lot of fun on many shoots. Oh... and he gave the best facial expressions when he is getting fucked.

(2CW) Many people would say you have an EXCELLENT job being the web master and number one cock at Bentley Race........... would you agree?

Oh yeah... I guess so. Getting to shoot porn with your mates every week is a lot of fun. Though I don't think many people realise that there is a lot of hard work involved behind the scenes. Apart from help on shoots from my photographer Zac, I pretty much run the site by myself.

(2CW) Now everyone agrees that you are looking good. How do you keep in shape? Do you work with a trainer? Special diet?

Now I was going to say the opposite. I think I am quite out of shape at the moment. I had an operation on my leg earlier this year which kept me from running and gyming for a few weeks. I'm only now just getting back into my stride. It's not such a big deal anymore for the porn thing because I actually prefer to be behind the camera these days than in front of it. Special diet? Now there's an idea :)

(2CW) Now - being a big foodie - how was the food in the US? I ***loved**** American food. It was SO bad it was good Any particular favourites?

Oh I eat terribly when I'm in the US. I still dream of the Lumberjack Breakfast at Mel's Diner. When I go to the US I love diner food! It's so simple and so filling! And I guess really bad for me. The food options in America are actually getting much better. I actually found a shopping centre food court in San Francisco with loads of healthy food options. There were plenty of gym boys sitting around eating there.

(2CW) Favourite city in the US?

If I had to choose a city to live in it would be San Francisco. I absolutely love the attitude of everyone there. They are all so laid back and creative. There is always something to see in that city. I hope that someday I will get the opportunity to live there.

(2CW) Now one of my regular readers on 2 Cents Worth Down Under is curious why you haven't appeared on a site like Jake Cruise or Cocksure? Have you ever approached / been approached by any of the other sites?

A long time ago I was approached by sites in the US to perform. I've never really been in to doing professional or studio porn. I did actually make an appearance in a beach scene for EnglishLads a few years ago. Nick is a good mate of mine and I went along to his first beach shoot. Ivo was the model and I was completely in love with him... so I jumped in on the scene. I was meant to appear in Inches magazine, but the shoot in New York turned into a sex party and the shoot never happened. I also did some shooting for a site called Hotsapien in Florida. It was just some solo selfsucking in some studio in New York.

(2CW) There are a lot of sites out there offering similar content. Is the key to continued success finding a formula and sticking with it or do you have to shake things up from time to time?

It's really important for myself personally to challenge myself to try new things. I don't know if that is a success secret but it is something that I enjoy doing.

(2CW) Recently IML was held. This year was different as the board of IML banned all studios that produced or promoted bareback content. Whats your take on this? Do you disagree with companies that produce bareback porn?

I didn't know that. There is bareback porn on BentleyRace. I have nothing to do with the models decisions to go in bare or not. It is there own personal decisions. From memory all the guys who did bare on my site were in a relationship with the other guy at the time. I do find it a little odd that they banned bareback sites. My take is that it should be the model's decision whether to do it or not.

(2CW) What's coming up for BentleyRace?

Well I'm still working on improvements to the site and marketing the site. I have just finished shooting a tonne of scenes that will keep me busy editing for the next few weeks. But there are so many new guys coming up that I don't want to stop shooting. I also need to get back to Auckland, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth to shoot some amazingly sexy guys there. No rest for the wicked :)

(2CW) Thanks for visiting again Ben and we look forward to continued success with your site. It rocks our cock. Can you do a few quickies before you go?

Top / Bottom?....................... Top

Fave fetish? (if any).................. Self sucking and piss

Leather or vanilla?.................. Leather

Rubbered or Raw? (or is that a personal thing?) ......................... rubber

One or one / or Group? ........................... one on one

Public or Private? ............................ public sometimes

Fave part of the day for sex? ........................ all day long :)

Behind or In Front of the camera? ................. behind

Amateur or Pro-Studio Porn?..................... amateur

(2CW) Thanks again for visiting mate and we wish you the best.

Thanks Damien. Keep up the great work on 2CW !



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