Sunday, 24 June 2012

Change Isn't Easy........

So I am trying to take control of several aspects of my life and the update is promising.

Body - I am eating better.  Lost 3kgs (6.6lbs) due to scrapping MOST of my shitty food.  I have a way to go but at least ONE part of this whole body change thing is progressing.

Job - Lots of possibilities and I hope to have good news about that.  At the moment we are at end of financial year - which in a Finance team can be graciously described as hell and chaos in a hand-basket.  But there is stuff on the horizon so fingers crossed.  Although I have to admit, I am finding it difficult to let go of a sure thing - even with chaos and dysfunction - for the possibility of something better.  Hard one to balance that one.

Home Life - Improving.  Bubb and I continue to explore our new standing with each other.  It's surprising - frustrating - reassuring - exciting - terrifying et al.  But it works for us.

When you have Depression - self analysis and re-configuration of your Life Plan can be something that happens a little more regularly than most.  It's a necessary function to keep up with how you're feeling / cycling / improving / managing etc.  This time though it actually feels like I am making some progress.

The other thing I am finding is that I am becoming more comfortable in my fat bod.  Really.  And I don't say that to illicit some sort of sympathy or compassion.  Merely objectively stating a fact.  Not that I want to stay my size - I'll have a heart attack or a massively fatal asthma attack if I do.  But I don't necessarily hate myself.  Progress.

And it's good :)

Now............ all I need to do is get the motivation to finish both my novel and my screenplay.

Oy vey - this self growth stuff does keep one busy............





Dean Grey said...


May you continue to make progress!


Wonder Man said...

keep going, boo

Damien said...

Thanks Dean

Im getting there WM