Sunday, 24 June 2012

The "Mr Anonymous" Of The Blog World.....

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..... The Hater................ a much maligned sub-set-species of homo sapien and obsessive follower of the homo-blogger....

Most of us bloggers have one.  If you're Scott over at Bill In Exile... you frequently have MANY - Scott, however, is possessed of an IQ of at least 160 and a bitchy smackdown that frequently means a Haters' first visit is their last.....

I have my own here.  I call him Mr Sad........ He is the guy who - almost always - is the only person who clicks 'Sad' on posts of mine that are anything but.

I also seem to have a new one.  My how I'm growing as a blogger.. ONE hater is usually enough but TWO??? I'm plutzing.... really. 

I feel particularly impressed that my new hater - who coincidentally first tried to bitch me out at Scott's blog - apparently hates for one thing and one alone... my "thud" joke.

Its the whole "OMG he is so hot he's giving me a heart attack....ERK !....**thud**"

Not that funny.  Not exactly un-funny.  Just something I do. 

Mr Anonymous-Thud-Hater seems to take great offence to it.  I'm not sure why.  Maybe he actually DID have a heart attack due to someone's hotness once and my continued use of the joke causes him flashbacks?

Maybe he is so hot his hotness accidentally killed someone and again, my use of the joke causes flashbacks not unlike a 'Nam cold sweat?

Maybe Mr Anonymous-Thud-Hater is secretly Frank who lives above a 7-11 somewhere with his mum and only ventures outside (and never in the sunlight) to restock on Cheese-whip and Slushies??

Maybe Mr Anonymous-Thud-Hater is actually yet another one of those miserable, bitterness overflowing people who are so joyless that the only way they can get their kicks is to go on peoples' blogs and make disparaging and/or tastelessly hateful remarks against someone who is just putting themselves out there and having a little fun with it?

Maybe My Anonymous-Thud-Hater - after making one of the aforementioned remarks - sits back and repeatedly revisits his remarks - exulting in his handy-work by chewing his bitter boastings over and over like a bovine regurgitating the cud.

Maybe Mr Anonymous-Thud-Hater needs to open the curtains - take a good look in the mirror - and see himself for what he is - a faceless, childish, jaded little coward.

Who knows - by doing so he may actually see something more than that within and attempt to recapture some semblance of joy??

Probably not.





Sean said...

Why give these people any of your valuable energy or time - it only feeds them. Now if you could know them upside the head that could be worth it but until then, why not disallow anonymous comments and force the mental pip-squeaks to at least create a false profile and then every time they try to post with that you block them? It'll be like throwing a punch but won't mess up your manicure.

Queer Heaven said...

I agree with Sean above, don't let the idiots get to you.
I finally got tired of my anno guy and just have disallow annonymous comments.

Oh..the Dorothy photos was perfect for this post!

Damien said...

Whilst I see both of your points - a wise man once told me "Never let someone come into your house and shit on your floor"

I am not going to monitor comments because I welcome all comments even those from haters.

And I am here to take those haters and publicly smack them around :)

and Dorothy was PERFECT for this one yes.