Sunday, 10 June 2012

Ten Questions ........

Love to see my blog brethren do this....and any visitors to the blog too....

1.  What is something of yourself you don't like?

My weight.  Given how I used to look I find it very depressing.  One thing I wasn't prepared for was the mechanics of being fat.  Movement and the ability to move changes drastically.

2.  What is something of yourself you love?

I put myself out there - warts and all.  I'm high maintenance (B - you know....), a little scatter-brain, and quite needy, but I'm loyal, honest, caring and a DAMN good friend and an even better shag ;)

3.  If you could change one thing about yourself (not to do with #1) - what would it be?

I would turn back time 15 years and go back to university and study.   

4.  What do you find most attractive in another person?

Face and smile.  They don't have to be buff or model beautiful.  But I like a "unique" face.  And a great smile gets me every time.

5. What do you think people say is attractive about you?

According to "Bubb" - when we first met he said it was smile and my charm. (I'm charming apparently).

6.  What would you change in the world?

Our desire to seek out and/or generate divisors that keep us separated from each other.  Right now at this second we have the ability to cure hunger, housing, and healthcare for every single person on the planet.  But our greed and our desire to "divide" ourselves from others prevents this.

7.  What gives you hope for the world?

Honestly?  Not much right now.  I think the world is in a really shitty place right now and I am not certain there are solutions.  There is a LOT of finger pointing - which sadly usually gets in the way of finding solutions to problems rather than seeking blame.

8. What are your goals that are still to be achieved?

#1 is my novel.  The first few chapters are really good and I need to continue with it.  I'm going to self-publish and promote it - but I **have** to finish it.

9.  What do you think stops you from achieving your goals?

I'm a chronic procrastinator.  If I can put something off I will.  My enthusiasm often gets dampened by my non-ability to get started.

10.  What is something that people may not know about you?

I'm afraid of the dark.  I'm pretty sure I've put that on here before.  But yeah - for some reason the dark has always freaked me out.



Wonder Man said...

great answers

Sir's Boy said...

Lover your answers. Here mine -
1 - Too much of a pleaser. I find myself sometimes put out and not doing what I want because I used up allmy time making everyone else happy.
2 - I own my world. Strong personality and I make happen what i want/need. I think that is the true mark of a man. He takes his lumps without complaint when they happen but then fixes it so that doesn't happen again.
3 - lose weight
4 - sense of humor. I love to laugh and have to share life with a laugher.
5 - smile
6 - I am a huge porn dog. Love porn, always have, and always will. But I would permanently end exploiting child porn for adults pleasures and destroy every adult who sexually abused a child. Then don't get to appeal in my world. they will just die. I don't care who or what grown consenting adults do with or to each other, but leave kids and animals out of it.
7 - being 41, I see the new generations in the US and especially see the change to a world view and toleration.
8 - I love that you put your novel. Mine is not a book, but to just be published for something that came from my head and was good enough someone else wanted to read it. My gift to Man.
9 - too busy taking care of everyone else.
10 - I am afraid of amputation. Saw Gone with the Wind as a kid and I freak out and have nightmares about losing part of me still.