Saturday, 7 September 2013

Federal Election Day In Oz......

So they are predicting that the Australian version of the Tea-Party/Tea-Bagging/Homo-Hating/Woman-Hating Xenophobes are going to get in by a landslide.

If this happens I am moving to America as an illegal alien.  Where I will have more rights than under the above mentioned morons as a legal tax paying gay man.

That is all.

PS To the American ppl I know from this blog - please prepare your couch.  I'll need to move around a bit to dodge the Dept of Homeland Security.

Thank you in advance.


Anonymous said...

If you've been following the media in recent weeks, it is obvious that the upper echelon seeks the removal of a government relatively open to new ideas and so hypnotising the weak minds of the Australian people has come into play. It will be a long time, as a consequence, before equality returns to the stage in this country following todays removal of what little hope we had. The Australian people as a general rule are lemmings with short memories. If I believed in a god who gave a shit, I would pray for a divine intervention. All I can say, D, is start packing now.

Damien said...

Anon - I think you are right sadly.

I am rather ashamed that my fellow Australians have been brainwashed so easily by the rich here.

Mike in Asheville said...


I wish I could recommend that America is a solution to crappy governments world-wide, alas, things are not so rosy here. While a slim majority has twice elected Obama, most of us Obama supporters are shocked at just how vile and ugly the resurgence of racism has been. If things were left to American Taliban (our teabaggers) Ni**ers would be re-enslaved and we fags/lesbos would be imprisoned in concentration camps.

There is still very much work left to ensure equal civil rights for racial minorities and LGBTs.

Perhaps Spain or Argentina? I don't know about the politics and life in New Zealand, but, does marriage equality there make NZ an option?

One advantage of the parliamentarian system is that the electorate can unfuck elections with new elections much more easily than in the US where we are stuck with incumbents almost always getting reelected.

Buddy Bear said...

As we are both members of the Commonwealth, immigration to Canada is relatively easy for Australians.

It's a much kinder nation that the USA and infinitely more welcoming to us queers. :-)

Damien said...

Mike - we dont know WHAT is going to happen here now - very sad result for most australians

Buddy Bear - Vancouver or Toronto?
I hear Toronto is safer.