Saturday, 22 August 2015

So Hot Saturday - Dame Helen Mirren

Because Dame Helen is TOTALLY hot.... capiche?



Ciro Cirino said...

An amazing actress, and, I agree, totally hot.

mark knight said...


Damien said...

Yes Mark. Totally hot.

If you don't like my choices you can choose to shrug and stay quiet :)

Or you can build your own blog and show me what you think the meaning of hot is from your point of view.


mark knight said...

Alright she totes a MILF

Damien said...

Mark - yes she is.

I don't mind you having your own opinion - as long as it doesn't contravene my own :) - thank you have a nice day.

Hot guys pics said...

I adore her... especially in that high school movie where she's a strict professor, called "how to kill a teacher" or something. Katie Holmes was in it as well.