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2 Profile ... Sean Storm

G’day and Shalom everyone! It’s our 2 Cents Worth Down Under profile time!

This profile we have is one of the Industry Power Bottoms - Mr Sean Storm - sitting down with me and taking our 2CWDU profile AGAIN! Sean was very nice to sit down with me and do a profile in 2010.

Sean is a veteran of the Adult Industry, having begun his career in 1999. He has appeared with many studios during his career and is well known for his complete prowess and mastery as a bottom.
Certainly he is one of my favourite bottoms and he has also branched out and established his own studio – Cre8tive Juices.

He is now a VERY juicy bottom in the world of bareback porn and his facility to take on some of the best in the business means he never fails to deliver a flawless and real performance. One never has to doubt that he is enjoying himself. And that makes him a consummate performer.

So please ………….. ENJOY!

(2CW) For the benefit of our 2CWDU readers, please introduce yourself and your profession/s.

Thank you. My name is Sean Storm, and to the new generation of readers I have been performing in gay adult films since 1999, and I have also been on the production end with my company Cre8tive Juices since 2005.

(2CW) How did you get into the Adult Industry?

It all started, indirectly, with my first boyfriend. He usually got his nut off first, so in order to get me off he would get the camera out and start taking pictures of me. Realizing I had this thing for exhibition led me to some chat rooms - back when AOL was king. There was a videographer from Citiboyz looking for models. He lived just an hour from me, so I sent him my pics, got a response to do a solo scene, and from there the rest is history.

(2CW) Are you enjoying yourself?

Yes. It' something that I love to do. But also what I really enjoy is reaching gay men all across the planet. Hearing from my fans and knowing that what I am doing is pleasuring them always makes me proud for what I do. I have no shame in anything related to sex.

(2CW) Now I’m not 100% sure, but did you take a break from Industry?

Not intentionally. Once I started doing movies for my company, I exclusively worked on only Cre8tive Juices movies. My business partners also run two other companies and there was a two year period between 2012 and 2014 that CJ didn't release a title. I went to my partners and told them that I was getting feedback from fans wondering if I was retired or sick. Also, I told them I was getting antsy to do more work, period. So instead of continuing to stay out of the public eye, they allowed me to work outside the company. I started with doing work for Treasure Island, then followed that up with work for Raw Fuck Club and Factory last year. And for Cre8tive Juices fans, our next movie comes out later this summer.


(2CW) You began work in the Industry in 1999I believe? How have you seen the Industry change during your time?

It has changed SO MUCH since I started out in the biz. Back in 1999 there was still this big prestige with doing porn on the west coast for the major studios. And maybe that is still a little true today, but it seems like the era of 'the porn megastar' is over. There are so many models doing work in any city or town the world over, that it is really hard sometimes to break through and get your name out there. Those who DO are very lucky. The proliferation of content now is spectacular. That said, the quality of the scenes are nowhere near what you get from a major studio back in the day. When I first started out there was an emphasis still on a scripted, quality porn scene shot over the course of day or two with a director and a crew, a table stacked with snacks and drinks, etc. Nowadays a scene is shot within an hour - and usually the only person on set other than the models is the director. This fast and loose shooting style was borne out of necessity because over the last 15 years porn has become available for free on the internet. Sales for DVDs (anyone remember those? LOL) have plummeted. As a result, models can't be paid a thousand a scene any more. To turn a profit, producers now have to pay models a lot less, cut costs wherever possible, and shoot enough content efficiently over the course of a couple days in order to turn any profit. The scenes are now usually outputted as streaming. A lot of companies don't even release DVDs anymore.

 (2CW) Who were some of the bigger names you were fortunate to work with?

After 15 years it gets harder to even remember who I have worked with. I have to do a quick mental flash of my 50 movies since 1999. Here we go: Brock Masters, Michael Brandon, Chip Daniels, Brett Everett, Matt Sizemore, Brad McGuire, to name a few. I was very lucky to work with Rocco Steele last year. He just started out in the last couple years and has already become a legend in the business. On a scandalous note, I think I was the very first person to have ever done a scene with Marcus Allen. We did a scene for THE HOMECOMING from Studio 2000. A few years Marcus murdered a guy and is now serving time.

 (2CW) You have established your own studio Cre8tive Juices – when did you establish this and how is it going? What type of product are you producing?

Cre8tive Juices started up in 2005. We are excited about our next release, which will be out in a couple months or less, and we are started pre-production on the next project. In keeping with the current state of the business, the scenes will be released on online ahead of an actual DVD release of the completed movie.


(2CW) Some people started to hail you as the “New Power Bottom” in the same class as Joey Stefano when you started in the Industry. How’d you feel about that at the time?

Really? I didn't know that I was ever hailed as the New Power Bottom. Joey Stefano was always an idol of mine. The fact that his name is still recognized today speaks volumes to his looks and talent in this business. I hope that after my gig is up in this industry, that I'll have a legacy as well. I've kind of noticed the word 'legendary' pop up in front of my name here and there. It's kind of a mixed feeling when I see it. Does it mean I did some great work, or am I just old? LOL

(2CW) Your look has matured over the years from clean cut twink bottom to hairy and scruffy pig bottom (if I may). You are maturing really well though. Are you healthy?

Thanks. I am naturally a skinny guy, and I was never particularly fond of my twink look. I'm actually really surprised I even succeeded in this business, because I look back at my early years look and just don't see it, LOL. But my enthusiasm and drive to succeed, not to mention my connection with Chip Daniels and Centaur Films getting me the star exposure I needed to break through, are what got me noticed. I did steroids for a couple years back around 2003 to 2005 and bulked up, then I had a surgery for a hernia. That stopped me from working out for the longest time. I pudged up a bit as a result. I knew that if I wanted to continue to do work in this business, I needed to lose the weight and commit to working out. But without the steroids it's been tough for me to put on solid muscle. I know in order to get muscular naturally that I have to eat. A lot. But I also have this fear that all the food I eat is going to go to my gut. I think I need a nutritionist and a personal trainer to show me how to do all of this right. But as of right now I am still my basic skinny self, hairier for sure compared to my shaved-look twink years.

(2CW) How do you feel about the prevalence and acceptance of bareback porn?

Even though competitively I am not necessarily happy about it, I still have this huge relief that what I stood up for back in the early 'aughts to do bareback porn has been gradually and almost universally accepted. There's no longer this mega backlash if a condom performer crosses over to bareback. I risked it all in 2004 by doing the bb movie Storm Drain for Helix and Cumsloppy Buttholes for Treasure Island. Other than Raging Stallion and Centaur Films, the rest of the industry pretty much turned their back on me - like overnight. It was really bizarre. But it was all worth it, because I did want I wanted to do, and had MUCH more fun doing the bareback stuff. To now see once-condom-only studios like Michael Lucas now churning out bareback. I don't know... it's validation.

(2CW) Thoughts on PrEP?

What a relief! PrEP has also helped remove the negative stigma once associated with bareback porn. PrEP is still in its infancy, but progress is progress. Hopefully HIV will soon be eradicated once and for all and we can all just sit back, relax, and enjoy bareback sex for what it was referred to before AIDS: sex.

(2CW) With the data from at least 6 studies reporting that positive men with undetectable loads cannot infect negative sexual partners, is it time to step down from the still prevalent slutshaming of actors who do bareback porn?

Are we still slutshamed? LOL. I guess I don't hear about the slutshaming anymore because I don't really listen or follow the spewers' blogs. But to answer your question, yes please. Quit slutshaming us. It isn't 1985 anymore. The 6-plus studies you mention, PrEP, putting negative models with negative and positive models with poz when casting...all these efforts to prevent HIV infection on a set should be enough to stop the slutshaming. But as you know, when someone is passionate about something like crusading against bareback porn, getting them to actually pay attention, listen, and change their minds is sometimes an almost impossible battle.

(2CW) We have a sad long history of shaming in the gay community – we have poz shamed, Trans shamed, fat shamed and now Truvada shamed. We love to hate on ourselves pretty hard. Why do you think we do this?

Its sad to say, but I think its part of human nature. I think the people who do the most shaming are the people who are most unhappy with themselves. Otherwise, let it go. There's nothing admirable about shaming someone else. In fact, it's pretty cowardly. Especially those who hide behind a fake name and do the h8ting anonymously online.

 (2CW) Is there a type of scene you haven’t done yet that you are wanting to?

I still haven't been DP-ed bareback yet, and I also still haven't had a group of black guys gang bang me. There's other stuff I haven't done yet either, but those two are what I came up with off the top of my head.

(2CW) Do you get recognised at all?

Yeah, what happened? Suddenly I am getting recognized when I go out. Seriously, from 2000 to 2014 I was recognized very little. Now in the last year when I have gone out people actually come up to me and talk to me about the porn stuff.

(2CW) EVERYONE has an opinion on Porn/Adult Work, how do you manage the negative feedback that can come with being in the Industry?

I weed out and ignore the negativity - unless it is justified. And rarely is it ever justified. It's porn - it's just sex. If someone is riding a high horse and degrading the industry for whatever reason, then that's a person I really don't wish to hear from. And I certainly don't put any value in their opinion. So it becomes just words that don't even get digested by my brain.

(2CW) What are some of the positive experiences of the Industry?

Far and away the fans and their positive feedback. It's really a symbiotic relationship between each fan and myself. As much as they value my work and send me fan mail or tell me in person, I value them back. Especially now more than ever. The fans are the key that helps me continue in this business. Without them, there wouldn't be any new Sean Storm scenes coming out. And when the day comes when I do eventually retire, I will still value their support for my body of work.

 (2CW) What are some of the negative experiences of the Industry?

Slutshaming from people outside of the business. From within the business, one of the negative experiences has been the backlash from that period in time when most of the condom studios and stars found out I was crossing into doing bareback work. There have also been some shoots that haven't always gone as smoothly, or performers that I just didn't click with - but really those were all so random and without my control - just like real life.

(2CW) Do you ever experience attempts by people to stereotype you / be overly familiar or inappropriately intimate with you at venues?

I never saw these behaviors as being necessarily wrong. If I am at a bar or club, or something porn-related, then I am not offended. I don't mind hands-on people, in fact I kind of like it when someone slides their hand down my pants and starts playing with my hole. And if alcohol is related, then it's really not an off-putting experience. However, if I am at a grocery store or somewhere removed where such intimacy isn't appropriate, then I take issue. To clarify, if you see me at the supermarket and stop me and say you are a fan, I love that. But if you then grab my crotch or ass, not so much.

(2CW) Who are some of your fave performers in the Industry right now?

I don't usually pay attention to names when I watch porn. I see a lot of hot guys, but I don't always know who they are.

(2CW) What do you like to do away from either your day job or the Industry? Hobbies?

Even though its been put on the back burner lately, I do have one novel written, and a second that I am half-way through.

(2CW) Are you open to friends and/or family about your Industry work?

My family has known about my porn career since 2004. As for friends, they do eventually find out, but initially I do not present to anyone that I am in the porn industry. It just comes out organically through the development of the friendship. And its not because I am ashamed of what I do. I would just rather the person get to know me for me and not walk away from day one that I do porn. From past experiences, that subject can dominate a conversation at the start and get in the way of finding out about the other parts of my life.

(2CW) Do you also escort?

Good timing with this question. For the last five years I wasn't in a big enough city in Florida to justify placing ads out and escorting. I only did a few calls each year - with regulars from when I used to escort earlier in my career. But now that I am back in Ft Lauderdale I will be placing ads on Rentboy and Rentmen very soon.

(2CW) Can you remember when you became sexually aware and how that came about?

I don't remember how old I was, but I remember finding a stack of Hustler magazines in my brother's dresser. I particularly remember being drawn to the naked men in the pics. This was before I was getting erections, but I knew back then that I had a preference for men over women.

(2CW) Do you keep certain things for private pleasure only? Are there things you won’t allow on screen?

Yes and yes, but if I tell you what they are then they aren't private any longer. ;-)

(2CW) Do you have a partner? Open to the idea?

I do not have an intimate partner. I'm open to the idea, but also scared of the idea. I'm always concerned about my partner wanting to change me and tell me he is not happy with me doing porn. And if I love the guy back, then would I start to listen to him and get out of the business? I don't know, and I am scared to find out.

(2CW) When did you come out to your family and what was the experience like?

I came out to my parents after they found my mom found my Sean Storm website in her computer's history menu. I had gone home to Illinois and showed the website to my sister but I forgot to delete it from the computer before I headed back to Florida. All in all it was a positive experience because it also allowed me to come clean with my porn career. Hiding my homosexuality and my career from my parents had always been a conflict for me.

(2CW) There is a perception that when Adult Actors are together that it is a sexual free for all. How do you interact with each other? Is it open season? Bitchy? Friendly?

I think it really depends on personalities. I've always been a bit more reserved and introverted. Let's just say I've always been hunted - I am not the kind of person to hunt someone out and take them home. That goes for real life, and with other porn stars. If a porn guy I like comes on to me, then I will be on my back with my legs in the air quicker than anyone.

I don't really see the bitchy when porn stars get together. It's more like we have this thing in common and sort of respect each other.

(2CW) Do you have one particularly memorable scene/experience you are willing to share?

I kind of like the experience I had with Jack Allen for TIM's Cum Whore. The crew for the Treasure Island movie were already in my hotel room setting up the tech. Then there was this knock at the door and in walks Jack Allen. He immediately walked straight over to me and kissed me. Just having him do that ONE thing put me into this mind set that the scene was going to be really fun. I wish all scenes were like that.

(2CW) Now it’s time for the 2 Cents Worth Down Under Quickies :-)

Favourite Drink…

It's still water. I just feel better drinking it knowing it's good for me. My guilty pleasure when I am out and about is a long island iced tea.

Favourite Food…

Pot roast with potatoes, onions and carrots. Guilty pleasure is pizza. Even a bad pizza is pretty damn tasty. Minus the anchovies.

Favourite style of music/artist…

I'm rather bored with current mainstream music. I still like club music and discovering a random song that hardly anyone knows about and sharing it virally.

Favourite movie/actor…

I don't have a favorite movie. There are just so many damn good films and actors that I've enjoyed in my life to narrow anything down to a fave. So I am going to share my favorite movie and actor of the moment. The actor is Chris Pratt, and in fact he's in two of my favorite movies - Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) and Jurassic World (2015). I really hope he becomes the new Indiana Jones. He will kick ass in that role and revive that franchise just like he helped do with Jurassic Park.

Day or Night person…

I am not a morning person. It's not that I'm grumpy. It's just that I don't like talking much until I have been awake for an hour or two. I like early evening when day becomes night and the city lights up. It's this new energy that snaps me out of my lull and gets me excited for where the night will take me.

Fave sexual activity…

Other than that moment of getting seeded, it is probably rimming a hairy ass. Or a smooth one. I just LOVE ASS.

Public or Private sex…

Depends. I don't like public sex unless it's at a sex-sanctioned venue like a party or bathhouse. I've never gotten off on the risk of public sex in a bathroom or park.

Any fetishes you are comfortable to share?...
I've gotten more curious about feet and piss play, but I don't really have any experience in either.

Do you have a particular type of man you are attracted to?
(PS How do you feel about tubby Australian tops with no-gag reflex? :) )
Hairy men - bears, otters, those types get me most going. But I really do like a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors. And if you talk to me with that Australian accent of yours in between gasps of air while polishing my bone, then amen to that!


Fave way to spend a lazy Sunday morning…
Easy. I like to spend some mindless hours watching old seasons of Big Brother on YouTube. And not just the US version, but also the Canadian version and, yes, the Australian version.

Is there anything else you would like to share with the 2 Centres?
Yes. I want to give you guys a big thanks for all of your support over the years. And I’m honored and humbled that you wanted a repeat interview out of little ole me.

Sean thank you so much for doing the 2CWDU profile again. It’s been my genuine pleasure to have you here.

Sean can be followed on Twitter and I strongly encourage you to do so. :)  
Also, you can catch his Tumblr at

Shalom all




Unknown said...

There should be a negative reaction option to tick apart from sad, maybe 'not hot'? Or something along those lines.

Damien said...

Or you could just say to yourself "not my type" and politely move on?

Hot is subjective. It's why there are many genres of porn.

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