Monday, 11 July 2016

Black Lives Matter

Because right now they are the ones in crisis.

I will never know fear during a traffic stop - should I have one.
I will not have to have a "talk" with family members about how to behave with police.
I will never be automatically labelled as "thug".
I will always be a priority for police, not a target.
I will always have the upper hand socially because of my skin being white.
I will be thought of as a white man even before being referred to as a gay man.
I will choose to either be part of the problem or the solution.

I choose to be part of the solution.

I will pull up my friends and family if they say racist discourse.
I will take the time and effort to educate myself on white privilege.
I will recognize that even as a gay man, I still benefit from privilege as sexuality can be hidden.
I will never be a bystander to racism, I will intervene.
I will cherish my friends of color.
I will defend my friends of color.
I will never allow my friends of color to feel uncomfortable around me or others.

Black Lives Matter.

Black Lives are being extinguished right now and White America needs to step up to be part of the solution.



Pete said...

Deaths of Blacks from Black on Black on crime far exceed Black deaths from police shootings, justified or not justified, but yet Black Lives Matter and President Obama are totally unconcerned. When Black Lives Matter and the President begin to protest and attack the bigger problem, reforms of the police will begin to get broader public non-Black support. Also see the report released today by the Black Harvard economist.

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