Saturday, 22 November 2014

Senior Saturday ... Mr Derek Jacobi ....

So Hot Saturday is on hiatus as we feature our LGBT Senior Citizens, as they rightly deserve.

PLEASE email me your choices for Senior LGBT members to be profiled to
I want to hear who YOU admire and respect.

Today it is theatre, tv, and movie artiste Mr Derek Jacobi.  I love this man.  Interestingly in all the roles I've seen him in, it was in Underworld : Evolution that I thought he brought his brilliance to the fore.  He is almost regal as the original immortal - Alexander Corvinus. 

Clip is at the end.

For his full acting profile go to his IMDB profile HERE....

PS How powerful is the portrait above? 

The stance.  The timbre of his voice.  The nuanced delivery.  Oy vey.  Virtuosic.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Monday, 17 November 2014

Gay Quest For Perfection...

This is a topic that often gets discussed on gay blogs.  And yet we continue to discuss it.  Why?

I'm writing about this because it's all over Facebook, Twitter and Blogs.  All.  The.  Time.

Examples are;
  • Someone's dick isn't big enough.
  • Someone else's job isn't good enough for them to date.
  • Someone else's car isn't good enough for them to date.
  • Guy X loves his abs but knows his pecs aren't good enough (this one I don't get).
  • I need a better job because I'm not going to find someone in the job I have.
  • I need to move to suburb Y because suburb X is the wrong one to be in.
  • If I just lose those last 5 kgs / 11pounds, I'll be happy.
  • Yes he seems nice on Facebook, but I can't socialise or be friends with a fatty.
  • That hot PT at the gym, he is SO hot, but he has "baggage".
  • I only ever buy the top brands.  Why be seen in K-Mart?
  • If you're going to date anyone, date up.  Never date down.
  • I've heard he goes to bathhouses/saunas, he's a slut.  I'm not touching that.
  • Not good enough / Not good enough / Not good enough.
We are dreadful with this.  And I am not going to say I don't do it too now and then, but the question is WHY do we do it?

Is it good old lack of self-esteem?
Are we really that greedily ambitious?
Why do we feel the need to aim for MORE and is it bad thing? 
Does it have some actual good?  Or do we take it too far?

Love to hear your thoughts.



Man Monday .... Just My Type ....

Saturday, 15 November 2014

So Hot Saturday ... Luke Pasqualino ....

An actor from the drama series The Borgias and now one of the leads of the drama The Three Musketeers...... and star of my dreams......


G20 ... Our Embarrassment Of A Prime Minister...

So the G20 is currently being held in Brisbane, the capital of the state of Queensland in Australia.

President Barack Obama spoke to several hundred students and guests at our premier university today - The University of Queensland.  He got a standing ovation and cheers by speaking on many timely topics effecting both individual countries and the world as a whole.

Our Prime Minster, the Hon Mr Tony Abbott, got up and made an ASS of himself in front of the G20 assembly.   But don't let me describe his idiocy..... let's hear from the Shadow Foreign Minister of our Parliamentary Opposition - The Hon Tanya Pilbersek.

Today Barack Obama had a chance to tell the world what he values, his vision for the future and how he thought we should get there.
In a PR coup for the University of Queensland, the President of the United States addressed thousands of students and invited guests.

The President made clear that the historic agreement between China and the United States on climate change is by no means the end of America's commitment to action. The President announced $3 billion for the UN Green Climate Fund to help developing countries deal with climate change.
The science is in, he said, and Australia and the Pacific especially need to pay attention. Extreme weather events, heatwaves, fires and the need to protect our beautiful Barrier Reef for generations to come make action imperative.

The President's commitment to further action on climate change and the restatement of the US policy of rebalance to Asia are likely to be the elements of the speech that attract the most notice in the political reporting, but there were other elements of the speech equally uplifting.
The President also spoke about inclusive growth: economic growth that invests in people, in their health and education, in aid and development.

The President spoke about equality: equality between men and women, equality for gay men and lesbian, equality and freedom that don't discriminate against minorities or on the basis of religion.
President Obama painted a picture of a world in which economic growth is environmentally sustainable and inclusive, where the poor benefit too, not just the rich, in which we work together to meet the challenges of the future.

It was an inspiring speech.

Our Prime Minister Tony Abbott also spoke today. In a speech which he had months to prepare, in his opening remarks to world leaders, Tony Abbott said he wanted to use the G20 to talk about the "politics of economic reform".
He said he made four promises during the election (and no, he didn't mean, "no cuts to health, no cuts to education, no cuts to the ABC and no new taxes") and then boasted about cutting Australia's effective market-based price signal to reduce carbon pollution.
He also took the opportunity to complain to world leaders who represent around 85% of global GDP that Australians don't like his $7 GP co-payment or $100,000 uni degrees.


What a day of contrasts.

Basically, our Prime Minister (whom I didn't vote for), took the opportunity in front of some of the most important leaders in the world to complain about how he failed at his own domestic health policy agenda.

Seriously - this guy needs to spend a couple of years on the "time out mat".

I am embarrassed to be Australian today.

But I am proud to be part-American.



Thursday, 13 November 2014

Blog Theme Poll ... Vote ...

OK - I am having probs deciding on a visual theme for the blog so ..............

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Thanks 2 Centers.


New Attitude November #13....

Enjoy the little things in life......

They are ever present.

Shabbat Shalom


Furry Friday ... Tony Orion ...

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Wonder Wednesday ... The Amazon Herself ...

And my favourite..... THIS is a physique that shits all over the current set of actresses.....

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

New Attitude November #11...

Go for it 

Positive or negative. 

No holding back. 

Hope a lot of you participate. 

On The 11th Hour....

Of the 11th day of the 11th month, we will remember them.