Thursday, 24 September 2009

.....................How's Your Prostate? ....................................

......................prostate health is drastically ignored by men of all ages. Remember - prevention is always better than cure / treatment.

If you are over 40 - get an exam. If you are under 40 but experience problems peeing or pee often, then get it checked.

Article reprinted from Wikipedia.

A rectal examination or rectal exam is an internal examination of the rectum such as by a physician or other healthcare professional.

Digital rectal exam: side view of the male reproductive and urinary anatomy, including the prostate, rectum, and bladder.

The digital rectal examination (DRE, Latin palpatio per anum or PPA) is a relatively simple procedure. The patient undresses, then is placed in a position where the anus is accessible (lying on the side, squatting on the examination table, bent over the examination table, or lying down with feet in stirrups).

If the patient is lying on their side, the physician will usually have them bring one or both legs up to their chest. If patient bends over the examination table, the physician will have them place their elbows on the table and squat down slightly. If the patient uses the supine position, the physician will ask the patient to slide down to the end of the examination table until their buttocks are positioned just beyond the end. The patient then places their feet in the stirrups.

The physician spreads the buttocks apart and will usually examine the external area (anus and perinium) for any abnormalities such as hemrroids, lumps, or rashes. Then, as the patient strains down, the physician slips a gloved and lubricated finger into the rectum through the anus and palpates the insides for approximately 60 seconds.

The DRE is inadequate as a screening tool for colorectal cancer because it examines less than 10% of the colorectal mucosa; colonoscopy is preferred. However, it's an important part of a general examination, as many tumors or other diseases are made manifest in the distal part of the rectum.

This examination may be used:

The DRE is frequently combined with an FOBT (fecal occult blood test), which may be useful for diagnosing the etiology of an anemia and/or confirming a gastrointestinal bleed.

Sometimes proctoscopy may also be part of a rectal examination.

Back when I worked in sexual health, the number 1 reason gay men gave for not getting a MEDICAL prostate exam was that they would be embarrassed.

Yeah - they'll hang it out over a ledge at a club but they get embarrassed by a procedure that could save their life.

Here is a rectal examination for you tops who are scared that it will hurt.

Please no giggles - your health is serious - take care of yourselves.




Larry Ohio said...

This post was perfect timing. My hag just asked me yesterday how to stimulate a prostate. She has a new bf and he's agreed to ass-play. She's all excited!

JP said...


truthspew said...

And the added benefit - there's a new test for colon cancer that couples with the prostate exam.

The doctor swipes the inserted finger on a reagent strip and puts a drop of some liquid. If it turns blue, there are cancer cells. If not, no problem.

It's really cool that the prostate exam now does double duty.

MJ said...

"Everything looks great!"

tee hee.

I tried not to giggle 'til that last line.

Stan said...

At 58 years old I'm not laughing. This is a very important message. Wait until you youngsters get older. You'll see.

Wonder Man said...

thanks for the info

SteveA said...

Thanks Damien - it's a sore topic for most men....ignornace is not bliss!

Damien NZ said...

Larry - Happy to help out mate :)

JP - grow up - you totally missed the point of the post mate.

truthspew - I know! - How awesome is medical testing tech these days!

MJ - I know - I smirked a little at that bit too.

Stan - True words mate.

WM - I'm here to help :)

SteveA - Way too true.

cb said...

Well, whaddaya know... I just had mine tested twice yesterday.