Friday, 2 October 2009

.........2 Cents Worth Readers.........Competition Time ! .......

.........okay so the first comp I held on here way back when I started didn't go so good.

But now that I have a pretty decent following - it's time to rumble !


I want you to submit a pic of you. Nothing scary - but please give it some thought.

It could be on the London Eye - on top of the Sydney Opera House, the cafe section of your local bathhouse/sauna, shot from behind as you piss on a Californian Redwood. (I'm not talking nudes guys - preferably clothed and no frontals :))

Get innovative...... get it shot......... get it to me @ and there will be a prize for the photo judged most 2 Cents Worthy .. AND ..... not only will you get a real prize - as in something worth more than 2 Cents - you will be profiled on the blog.

So get snapping and get emailing.

You have two weeks from today. Entries close 16th of October - winner is announced 17th October.

Entries will be posted as they come in.

C'mon guyz & gals - this is gonna be fun :)




Kevin said...

oooooooh you've tapped into my secret competitive nature!

Damien NZ said...

Good get snapping - and I dont mean two clicks in a circle mister !!

Ben said...

But Im horribly unphotogenic... can i air brush myself?

MJ said...

I would like photos of all their arses, please.

Larry Ohio said...

Any winner?