Sunday, 25 October 2009

..........Meme Time.......... I GOT TAGGED !!! ................... Kevin over at The Lisp - with THIS meme - damn his ass !! (Too late........)

Dinner And A Movie Star Meme

1. Pick a single person, past or present, in the film industry who you'd like to have dinner with, and tell us why you chose this person.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson - because someone who says yes to play gay in a Travolta movie HAS to have a sense of humour :)

Plus, he gave a SHITLOAD of money to education and ill children - and it is well known there is QUITE the IQ in that gorgeously buzzed head of his!

2. Set the table for your dinner. What would you eat? Would it be in a home or at a restaurant? And what would you wear? Feel free to elaborate on the details.

It would be my place, and it would be casual.

It would be on a low set table on cushions, keeping the casual theme going and the entire room would be lit by candles. I *love* eating by candlelight.

He would be wearing some light-weight fabric pants and a comfortable shirt as would I. We would both be commando.

I would have some simple cheese and cured meats to start with - definitely some King Island Bree. We would chat about his day - because who really asks him about anything OTHER than the tatt and the bod (I'm thoughtful that way).

Then we would have roast beef with my world famous cheesy garlic potato mash - made with GOOD parmesan (...said a-la-Ina-Garten).

Roasted spring vegetables and a nice, smooth Australian shiraz would round it out.
We would then chat over the rest of the shiraz as dinner settled, then a little while later it would be a chocolate tartlet with some King Island Cream.

We would then retire to a HUGE pile of cushions and pillows to lounge, leer and chat.

I don't do naughty stuff on the first date - but there would be tongue action let me tell you.

3. List five thoughtful questions you would ask this person during dinner.

(1) Why can't there be openly gay wrestlers so that there can be some social challenge to the red necks who patronise wrestling??

(2) What is Vin Diesel like as a bottom (I am certain Travolta told you)?

(3) Why does Hollywood force people into the closet?

(4) What exactly is criminology and how is it applied exactly? (He has a criminology / physiology degree)

(5) What would you like for breakfast?

4. When all is said and done, select bloggers to pass this Meme along to.

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Wonder Man said...

I will do it

Kevin said...

That was just great! What an interesting choice! Bod AND Brains! However, question 5 kind of debunks your "I don't do naughty stuff on the first date."

just let me have that one.

I could totally picture that evening. invite me. now. please.

Damien NZ said...

Kevin - it totally does not debunk the evening - I have spent many a first night ensconced in bed with someone without doing the dirty - really......

It was weird - I wouldn't do it on a first date but was happy to do it on any other random occasion - hmmmm......

queer heaven said...

I thought most guys do the dirty on the first date. Or is that just a hook-up?

J@v@JuNKo said...

Ooooh okay it's like an interview question! I can do this! Hmmm with my procrastination it should be done within a week!...or two...

Damien NZ said...

QH - a hook up is a fuck - which I have no problem with :) - but no a date.... I always thought it was best to have a different expectation.

The Mutant said...

Oh, you son of a bitch. You've just asked a pop-culture retard to take part in a pop culture meme. You are one crazy mother fucker, but I'll see what I can come up with. Just give me a moment to think of a movie I've seen in the last twelve months (there's two) and I'll get right back to you after a dramatic pause.