Sunday, 11 October 2009

............Profile.............................. slave boi..........................

............................................. this profile, in keeping with our all leather / fetish weekend, is of a real life slave.

sb lives in a Master / slave relationship that revolves around his service to his Master.

This is an eye opener and I thank sb for giving his time to us today.

He is being referred to as slave boi partly to respect his privacy, but also because his Master (his Sir) uses sb as his nickname.

So please, welcome sb to 2 Cents Worth.

(2CW) Good morning sb and welcome to 2 Cents Worth.

Thank you, Sir. It is this one's pleasure to be here.

(2CW) Now, I am not your Master, so can you explain why you call me Sir?

It is respectful to address those this one doesn't know as Sir. It's just good manners and it is what the Sir requests of this one.

(2CW) Can you explain why you refer to yourself in an abstract sense?

This one is in service. As such, this one has given himself over totally to the Sir. As such, this one is no longer a "me" or "I". The slave has merged his identity with the Sir and is now part of something bigger than one person. It is similar to couples who refer to themselves in the plural "we" or "us" all the time. In the case of this one it is simply more formalised.

(2CW) Have always been interested in leather / submission? How did it get started?

For this one it started with being interested in men who were usually approximately 10years my senior and having a sense of "authority" and "seniority". Although, perhaps the better term is experience. Experienced men who knew what they wanted and and were not shy about telling you what they wanted was always exciting.

(2CW) So it started as a sexual desire to please?

Yes. That's it.

(2CW) How did it evolve from that?

One night this one was at his favourite sauna/bathhouse in the city where this one lives and there was an older Greek guy. He was early 30's and this one was early 20's. We went into a room together and it began as kissing and oral, but progressed with him telling this one what to do and how. This gave this one a thrill and it seemed to touch something deeper. After we were finished, we went and had a coffee together and this one quizzed him on some of the things he had said and did during our time together.

He explained that he was a Master who had just had his slave move away to further his career and he very much enjoyed being in charge of a boi sexually and socially. This one asked more questions and it then became where we would meet up and he would dominate this one sexually and it became more and more of a passion for this one.

(2CW) So he was your first real Sir then?

No. He was someone who helped open this one up to some desires that had previously been repressed. He was not the Sir of this one. But he was a teacher in terms of exploring limits and being more adventurous.

(2CW) When did you get your first Sir then?

Damien, this one feels a need to correct you. You do not "get" a Sir. You and your Sir discover each other through a set of steps that can take quite a long time. Some times it doesn't but, most times it does.

This one was on the net one night and began chatting to a Sir. The conversation then turned to a telephone call and then a meeting where certain things were discussed. Mostly, it was the Sir that asked questions of this one to determine whether this one was a time waster, whether this one was serious about the journey, and what sort of experience this one had and would like to have.

(2CW) What did serving him mean to you?

Completeness. Serving the Master gave this one a sense of purpose and fulfillment. From cleaning his leather, to servicing him sexually, to being with him in a social setting, to cleaning his apartment. All of this gave this one the sort of satisfaction some house-wives / house-husbands feel, but on a much deeper level. This one took care of Sir.

(2CW) So it is one sided then?

Not at all. The Sir took care of this one too. Sir expanded this one's limits, introduced this one to a broader social circle - all of whom were very kind and respectful to this one, Sir respected this one and Sir was even there for this one during a personal crisis.

People have a misguided sense of service. That it is "classless". A true Master has a sense of responsibility. A Master, in a 24/7 situation, has total control of a boi. This is a situation that he could easily try to exploit, but very very few do. The Master this one served was strict, professorial, and demanding, but never unkind. In fact, he had a tender side that this one was very privileged to be allowed to see, although rarely.

Let us not forget, it is the boi who holds the safe word. At all times the power is in the hands of the boi. A true Master would never ignore the safe word and that is because it is a mutual situation of respect and, if one is lucky, mutual affection.

(2CW) So what about love?

There are many different types of BDSM relationships. A true love relationship can be one. Others are about education and experience. Some are simply about convenience and sexual compatibility. For others, there is absolute love at the core of it, if not at the start, certainly after time.

You don't submit to someone over night. You do not fall in love with someone over night.

(2CW) Do you love your Sir?

This one does yes. But it is not a true romantic love. It is a love of friendship and mutual admiration and companionship. The Master and this one do "play" with others from time to time. However, it is he to whom this one serves. Conversely, it is this one that Sir owns and takes care of.

(2CW) What is an average day for you?

This one rises and goes to a day job like many people. There are three times of the day that this one must telephone his Sir at his job to check in. At the end of the day, this one goes home, showers, dresses in appropriate attire or stays naked dependent on Sir's desires that day, cooks the meal and then cleans up. The evening is spent like most couples. Watching television, talking, sometimes fucking, often times having a non sexual leather session.

Some nights this one is set an endurance where words are not shared for many hours.

It is a situation that mirrors a non-leather relationship. Every day is different.

(2CW) And you like it?

No. This one craves it. Every minute, of every hour of every day.

(2CW) Thank you for your time sb. I wish you the best.

Thank you Damien Sir. This one wishes you well.

.............................................. Wow.




MJ said...

SB's Master should consider himself very fortunate.

DuPree said...

Interesting - obviously not for everyone, but I feel like I at least understand a bit more.

Thanks for sharing. Quite thought-provoking.