Tuesday, 13 October 2009

............Yeah !!..... They Ain't Gay !!............................. no homo.............

..................oy vey.........

Robert Pattinson lost a karaoke contest to Hugh Jackman.

The British actor is set to star in Unbound Captives with the X-Men Origins: Wolverine star and revealed they bonded by seeing who could perform the best renditions of classic tracks by Swedish group Abba.

Robert said: "We met up in Japan and we went karaoke singing. We were singing Abba songs, it was pretty funny. It was sort of an Abba song sing-off, you know, last man standing.

"I think he won, only because he can drink more than me and still sing in tune. He's a cool guy and I'm really looking forward to that film."

Robert has previously shown his musical side by recording songs for the Twilight soundtrack and despite also featuring in the music for sequel Twilight Saga: New Moon says he felt like "a t****r" when the movie came out.

He told the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper: "When the first film came out I felt like a complete t****r. It looked like I was trying to be cool or something, like Eminem. You know, be in a movie and then do a song for the soundtrack. But I didn't look cool, I just looked ridiculous."

I wanna know what happened AFTER the karaoke and beers!!

ABBA ?!?!?!?!?!? Yeah - that's butch !



SteveA said...

I think these guys are good actors. Rob is kinda mysterious and sort of reminds me of James Dean. Hugh is all man and hunk!

Wonder Man said...

all hunk indeed

J@v@JuNKo said...

imagine being in that bar and they walk in and start a sing off!!! I'd be wondering if there was somethin stronger in my drink!! how fun that would have been to see!! even more fun to fantasize what happened afterwards ;)