Sunday, 24 January 2010

..................R U Trying To Lose Weight?.........................

..................if so........... I want to hear from you in the comments section of this post.

One of the hardest things to do is lose weight.

I was ridiculously fit and in-shape until I was 30 - and then I let myself go.

Yes - the Depression and the Anti-Depressants had something to do with it - along with the heavy respiratory steroids I am on for my asthma - but at the end of the day - I gave in.

I actually even remember when I did - it was November 10th 2002 - I had been living in Orlando Florida for 2 months with my husband. We were on our second cruise together. It was a 4 night Caribbean cruise from Port Canaveral to Nassau in the Bahamas and back. We were getting ready for dinner on the 2nd night and I had to ditch my plan to wear a certain pair of pants because I could no longer fit into them. I was a 34 inch waist at the time - up from 30 - my partner encouraged me to be careful with my weight upon seeing this at the steroid would make it incredibly difficult to lose it again.

My partner is a big guy and knows a thing or two about weight loss / weight gain and how challenging and painful it can be.

Well............. I had two desserts at dinner that night so I guess I didn't listen. 12 months later and I had reached my heaviest at approx 260lbs (around 120 kgs) - if memory serves me well. Although I think I was probably more than that at the time having developed "cankles" - you know... when you lose the line where your calf stops and your ankle begins.

6 years and 3 months later I am now at 200lbs (100kgs approx) - with a 38 waist.

Needless to say - the amount of work it has taken to shed the weight that I have has been enormous. Unfortunately, it has taken a serious toll on me. My lower back problem which was a minor issue before, is now something that has to be taken into consideration when exercising.

My knees are always sore - and my hips ache if I walk for a long time.

To those who may believe that all you have to do is "exercise and you'll lose it" - try strapping an extra 100lbs to your body and go for a 3 mile walk.

Afterwards - see how your body feels. Then do it the next day - and the next - for a week - always using that extra 100lbs. I think you will be quite surprised by the toll it takes.

Needless to say - I am now at a plateau that is seriously hampering my ability to lose anymore.

Lapband surgery is a consideration right now.

I turn 38 next month - same in years as inches on my waist - I intend to be 34inches on my 40th - that's the goal.

Got any tips? Suggestions? Experiences you simply want to share?

Post em in the comments - or email them to me.




EMikeGarcia said...

I have no tips or suggestions, just wishes of luck! I'm a few pounds heavier than you, and I'm starting to consider working on it. My goal is to lose at least an inch a year, right now I'm a 36.

Anyhow, good luck brother.

YvesPaul said...

I haven't taken losing weight seriously enough. Last year, I did went on a quite strict low carb diet for 3 months and I manage to lose 20 pounds that's without any exercises. I guess I could get a membership and go to the gym which I have done before with a friend for a while and it worked but the friend moved and by myself I don't have the dedication. And now I have Achilles tendinitis, so it doesn't help.

I will try to go to the low carb diet again and try to be more active.

jlydia said...

I know several people who have had the surgery. DON'T! Only one is reasonable size. The others are larger than they were before the surgery. Major surgery for no result. I'll put my hand up though. I managed to lose about 15 kg two years ago - time to do it again now I'm healed I guess.

queer heaven said...

I got no suggestions on loosing the weight. Like the others I wish you luck in getting where you want to be. I do agree with jlydia that surgery is not the answer.
My belly seems to get bigger as I get older. But I know the real reason is just too many beers & mashed potatoes.

Ketan said...

If you want to lose weight you have to focus on your diet first. Exercise is good for general fitness but not so much for losing weight. For a month or so I would suggest keeping a food dary so you can see what you're eating. Low carb, moderate protein and high fat (don't be scared of saturated, it's actually god for you) is probably the best way to lose weight as it help with a host of other problems too, like metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. Whatever you do, focus on diet 1st and exercise 2nd. Good luck man.

Ultra Dave said...

Been there done that, many times! I'm currently down to 192 from 252 myself. Eating habits are very important to control. A little extra activity goes a long way with reduced calorie intake. I opted for Lean Cuisine for a couple of months at a time for every meal and inbetween ones as well. Still have about 25 or so more to go, but I'm getting there! Good luck to you! Hang in there! It's worth it!

Wonder Man said...

I understand your plight. I will suggest light exercise and watch what you eat.

Anonymous said...

The lap band is chicken shit -- it's controlling the eating habit which helps me get rid of a few pounds: for more pounds, the increased metabolism of cardio.
You are still young. Why be 40 and fat? or 50? or 60?