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..................................The Clients Point Of View............................

Today on 2 Cents we continue our look into the Sex Industry. But today, rather than having another profile of a worker, we profile a client - in fact we profile two clients.

"John" is a white collar professional in his early 40's. "Jay" is a professional sportsman in his mid 20's. Both are regular clients of "Simon" the early 20's male worker we have interviewed often on the blog.

Enjoy this look into the rarely visited other side of the Industry.


(2CW) Thank you both for joining me and allowing me to profile you - and a big thank you to Simon for pitching the idea to you......

..........My first question is, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

"John" - I am in my early 40's. I am a professional in business. I work for a multi-national corporation and am divorced.

"Jay" - I'm mid 20's. Pro sports. Single. Not out.

(2CW) How long have you been accessing a sex worker?

"John" - I've been using workers on and off for about 10 years.

"Jay" - I've been seeing Simon for 2 years.

(2CW) What is the reason for accessing a worker?

"John" - I have a very busy professional career that keeps me either in the office for up to 12 hours a day or away on travel. It is almost impossible for me to date or meet people. Occasionally when I am in another city, I'll go to a sauna - but even then it's hard because I tend to have a full book when I am away.

"Jay" - I have a career that keeps me in the public view and being out isn't an option for me. Simon keeps everything private and he is always available when I am.

(2CW) What is it about Simon himself that is appealing for you? Do you use Simon exclusively or do you also use other workers?

"John" - I don't use Simon exclusively, but he is one of two in Brisbane that I prefer to use. When Simon or the other worker are unavailable I will book someone else but I prefer to use Simon. Simon is the type of younger guy that I prefer - blonde, athletic, smooth. The other worker is the older, more masculine type of man that I prefer, dark, muscled, European in looks.

"Jay" - I tried a couple of others but I don't think they could keep it quiet. Simon is discreet and I know he will keep our arrangement confidential. Sexually he's into everything I am and I feel comfortable if I want to try something different - and he has good porn.

(2CW) Do other people know you use a worker?

"John" - No. I don't see a need for anyone to know.

"Jay" - Yes.

(2CW) What do they think?

"Jay" - I gave a mate of mine Simon's number so I guess he was okay with it. He is another guy who can't be out. He has a family and is bi. A couple of mates know. They know it's pretty impossible for me to have someone steady coz of the media and stuff so Simon is a good arrangement for me. I think a couple of the guys are jealous coz I have someone who won't blab. Women tend to want to run around yelling "Look who I'm fucking!!". Guys aren't like that usually.

(2CW) What was your first time with a worker like?

"John" - For me it was actually quite a traumatic experience. I had just finished my divorce because I had come to the understanding that I was gay and did not want to live a double life with my wife or children. My wife was upset but ultimately accepting, if not supportive. We have a good relationship now. It was her who suggested that a worker might be a good way to explore my sexuality. We still talk and I was able to tell her how I had no idea who to meet men or find them and the idea of a sauna or a public park or somewhere like that for my first time was not something that appealed to me. I got a copy of the local gay paper and read through some of the ads and eventually went for a guy that sounded good. He is the older guy I now see sometimes. I explained my situation and he was very understanding. We met up and initially it was just a massage with some hand relief which was all I think I really could have handled in one go. Eventually we explored other things, but I remember I was very nervous, shaking and sweating. Thankfully he had done first timers before and was very experienced. It turned out to be a really positive experience.

"Jay" - I was so freaked out the first time I used Simon I had to have six beers before he even got there. I spent an hour on the phone with him first to make sure he was legit and decent. Then I got really nervous and thought a few beers would settle me down. They did - but then I was drunk and couldn't quite perform. Which was cool because we didn't do a lot anyway and it was pretty cool to go slow. I had him come back a few nights later - I stayed sober - we did everything it was good.

(2CW) What for you is the main benefit to using someone like Simon?

"John" - Familiarity. Simon knows me. I know him. It is always comfortable. He is usually available so it is convenient for my schedule. Plus I am able to explore different things with Simon that I wouldn't normally with someone who is a casual partner as opposed to someone I have a professional relationship with. I can demand a test result from Simon and he will provide one. A sauna pick up wouldn't be able to do that.

"Jay" - Keeps it quiet. Australia doesn't really do gay or bi sports people well. Most of our fans are blue collar and suburban with a pretty narrow mind. Doesn't matter how much of a man you are they won't get it. Simon is a pro. He keeps me happy and the sex is good. He has good porn and gives a really good massage. I like some kinky stuff too and he can do that and no one knows. For me I need it quiet but I still need it so he provides it.

(2CW) Hiring a worker is not cheap. Simon can charge upwards of 200$ per hour depending on the service. Do you think it is value for money? Is what you are getting worth what you have to pay?

"John" - For my lifestyle it is an excellent return for my money. Yes it is expensive, but I can afford and on those rare times that I can't I don't book anyone. But my schedule is extremely hectic and this is the perfect option for me. I have a very high sex drive and this way I still get the relief that I want.

"Jay" - I think it's pretty cheap compared to losing my job. I earn okay so I can afford it and the peace of mind is worth it. I get a good time out of it and my professional life is secure. Peace of mind is more important than money.

(2CW) Your experiences sound very positive. What has been a negative experience with a worker?

"John" - I hired a worker in Sydney once whose photo and description was amazing. When he turned up he was probably five years older than his photo and probably 20 kgs heavier. I paid him a cancellation fee and asked him to leave. Another time I got a worker who told me the reason he couldn't get erect was that I was fat and not his type. Needless to say I didn't see him again. *I* can tell myself I'm fat without paying a worker 200$ to do it for me :)

"Jay" - I had a worker once and it went really well. The sex was hot and he had a really big dick. Bigger than anything I had before. But his mouth turned out to be bigger than his dick. He spread it round that he had fucked me but he left out the fact that he charged for it. My job was contacted by a reporter and thankfully they laughed it off. I had seen this guy in a hotel so it was lucky he didn't know where I lived. It was a long time before I saw a worker at my house.

(2CW) How do you feel knowing that your worker sees other clients?

"John" - Fine. Simon is very conscientious about his health and I have no worries that I may catch something from him or through him from one of the clients. Every now and then he is unavailable when I want him, but that is why I try to have two workers that I like. That way I am rarely disappointed.

Jay" - I worry about catching stuff. I don't know who he is fucking besides me. I don't know what he does in his normal life. If I ask he is cool to give me a copy of a test. But you just never know. Then there's the worry about if he tells someone who I am. I am 99% sure he wouldn't. But in my job you always worry.

(2CW) Is the sex good? Probably a silly question but I am sure it's something the blog readers would like to know.

"John" - The sex is excellent. But for me I really enjoy the intimacy. I like touch and I like to kiss and find that, at times, far more rewarding than the sex. Don't get me wrong, it is important, it's what I pay for after all, but there is more to a booking than the sex. It is the companionship, the intimacy, the understanding, the lack of judgment in terms of my body or my age. It is a total package, and I am very happy with it.

"Jay" - Sex is real good. Lots of variety. I like a massage. I can have sore legs and back and he helps with that too. He has great porn which is something I am really into and he is a kinky guy too. I've got to do things with him that I wouldn't with a one nighter. Plus he has a nice dick, not too big but a good size. And he really likes sucking cock which is my fave thing. I like to kick back with a beer and watch porn and he takes care of me. Gives me what I want. That's what it's about.

(2CW) What would you say to someone considering hiring a worker?

"John" - Three 'R's - Research, research, research. Do not believe the description but don't necessarily think that all workers are liars. The majority aren't but like any product "Buyer Beware". Have ready in your mind what you want to ask and make sure that you are clear in what you want. If you aren't clear in what you want it will NOT be the workers fault that you do not have a good time. Keep everything up front and honest. Treat the worker with respect. Be showered and clean and you will both have a good time. Tip if you enjoy yourself but it is not mandatory and if a worker thinks badly of you for not tipping, you don't want to see that one again.

"Jay" - Ask questions. Make sure they are what they say they are. Tell them what you want to do and make sure they are okay with doing it. Have a shower before they get there and if you want to f*ck them make sure you tell them coz not all workers are into it. Also gives the ones that are into it a chance to be clean for you. Be polite. If you try and force a worker to do anything they don't want to it becomes a matter for the cops. Just coz they fuck for money doesn't mean you can do whatever you want. Some will be cool with whatever you want, some won't. Just be clear and you'll have a good time.

There you go 2 Center's - hope this was as fascinating for you as it was for me ;)

And a huge thanks to both of our clients for joining us on the blog.

And yes, to those who have requested it, Simon will be back soon.

Thanks all.




Wesley said...

Wow! Very interesting D. I enjoyed reading this and thank you for sharing. Great idea =)

Wonder Man said...

very interesting

The Mutant said...

Whoa! That was awesome.

Okay, so I'll admit, I'm a curious kind of guy so its nice to see two different respondants to the kinds of questions I'd have, before I dip my own toe into the water, so to speak!

Damien said...

Wes - you are welcome mate :)

WM - I know - the two have such different views and needs.

Mutt - Let me know when you are going to - I have recommendations and we can go halves :)