Friday, 25 June 2010

................I will not apologise if I anger you..............................

.................with VERY few exceptions............................

A recent post on women had what I can only describe as my first real bout of hate mail since beginning this blog over a year ago.

***This is a sedate example***

Your post on women was disgusting. You should hang your head in shame. Axel D

To say I was stunned was an understatement.

Yes - I can come off as an asshole - Yes I can come across as an angry person - and - Yes I can come across as sad.

Because it is all true.

I am also intelligent................. cultured.................. loyal...................... passionate ................. complex............. accepting................. and most important of all............... honest.

I embrace diversity. My blog roll is testament to that.

If you have been a long term follower of my blog, you would see that I am *rarely* divisive............ even when it comes to such issues as the Middle East and Israel.

Indeed - I mostly play devils advocate - presenting both sides, or - as is most often required - multiple points of view.

My recent post on women was DELIVERED with anger. And I believe it to be entirely appropriate. Why? Because of everything that I have said up to this point in this post.

Indeed - I do not mind admitting I felt a little let down by my regular followers.

You should have all been able to do what I do when I read similar blog posts written elsewhere on the Interweb - looked at it from the point of view of the WRITER.

This didn't happen. And I feel let down.

Does this mean that suddenly I will stop patronising those blogs of ppl I felt let down by? Of course not - these things happen - and if it was all sweetness and light I would be quite disappointed because that is not why I peruse those blogs.

I go there because they ARE interesting and cover a range of topics and I **love** that at times I find some of them quite confronting and I find myself taken aback.

That will happen here and if you do not agree with me I completely support that. In fact - I like it when ppl disagree with me because it get's me challenging my own preconceptions.

This is my blog - and I assume you all come here because I be myself and put myself forward.

Sometimes I might piss you off - but if I do - please ask yourself WHY you are pissed off before sending me hate mail.

That way - you may send me "You challenged and angered me and here is why?" mail.

My continued best wishes for you all.

Thank you for your time.





EMikeGarcia said...

Good for you! I would never, ever want you to think or do otherwise. I know you appreciate all your comments (maybe not hateful ones), and, like me, that's why you post what you feel exactly HOW you feel it. I will always be a loyal reader of your blog, even if I'm a little taken aback by how you voice your point of view. But, just so you know, the only reason I even said that you sound a bit asshole-ish is because you asked, and I respect you enough to be honest.

Much love! Keep doing what you do!

Kevin said...

Are people still talking about this?

I was taken aback. I may even have been offended (i'm undecided, lol), but the honest truth is that my reaction was one of total surprise.

For me, your post kind of came out of left field and I tried to take a lighter route. I figured a rant like that had to have been provoked to result in such a strong reaction.

Do I agree or disagree with your post. Yes. To both. I made a choice not to go into it, but for someone to take such a low road such as hate mail, well, ... it's kind of a lowly thing to do.

Cubby said...

You have not posted anything offensive to me... yet. The day you go off on fat, ugly, white American males who can't grow facial hair, then I'll be mad but I'll get over it and probably laugh about it. And it sure as hell is not going to get me to stop reading you. xoxo

Wonder Man said...

Skip them... do you, boo. ;-)

thegayte-keeper said...

I've had my share of hate mail so I say keep on being YOU!

Bob said...

It's YOUR blog for a reason. I thought the post offensive in some ways, but again, YOUR blog, YOUR opinion.
And if it stirred a discussion, all the better.
Keep blogging.
Keep being real.

Damien Oz said...

Thank you all.

I appreciate and value your feedback.

My best to you all


Damien aka Aussie Spice :)