Wednesday, 16 June 2010

...........Some Things You May Not Know About Me.......

1. I am afraid of the dark.

2. When I look at myself in the mirror - I do not recognise the person looking back.

3. At my worst with my depression...... I would take to my bed for days. I often wet the bed due to the chronic fatigue of depression preventing me the energy of getting out of bed.

4. I believe without a trace of doubt in G-d. I just do not understand his indifference to us.

5. I firmly believe in the historic right of Jews to Israel. I do not support their current policies.

6. I have a spectacular cock.............................. the only part of my body these days I am happy with.

7. My mother is an earth-bound angel. I have not met one person more selfless, more giving, and and more sacrificing than her. I worry often that I have let her down.

8. I take an enormous pleasure from the beauty of a sunny day.

9. I cry often. There is so much sadness in the world I can not help but be moved by it.

10. I had an American GI as a grandfather. I consider the USA my second home..... even if it will not allow me to live there.

11. I believe President Obama to be a good man. I believe him hampered by his skin colour.

12. I worry about my husband every day. He is a man with burdens that can not easily be explained.............. and I am helpless to lessen them.

13. I have a friend named Richard. We have known each other for almost 17 years. I consider him a role model of goodness and integrity. I wish I was more like him.

14. I harbour many regrets - none that I can share.

15. My favourite way to relax is in a hot bath, with a bottle of red wine, a good book. candles and my own thoughts.

16. I have an IQ of 145.

17. My faith is the second most important thing to me - next to my mother.

18. I believe in the after life. I have been visited by those I have lost often. It is real.

19. I find being gay difficult and traumatic. But only because other gay men make it so.

20. I live with Clinical Depression. I would not wish it on my worst enemy.

21. I try to approach each day with an optimistic attitude.

22. I often find myself wondering why ppl are inherently cruel - but then I realise they are predators.

23. I blog for me. But I get a special thrill when someone says they enjoy my blog.

24. I live "Tikkun Olam" - It is the Jewish precedent of "Healing the World" - even if it means just surprising someone with a cup of coffee.

25. I am inherently insecure and unsure of myself - in spite of the fact that I have written 5 novels - and a full Symphonic Suite for Orchestra - none of which have been published.

26. I appreciate that you read this far. Thank you.



EMikeGarcia said...

I've always enjoyed your blog.

Most of these points made me frown this morning, though.

You're welcome (#26).

Also, thank you... I think I'll do a post like this soon.

Bob said...

From the sounds of it, you're just like most folks. We all have our insecurities and doubts and fears, but somehow, we muddle through as best we can.
The difference, however, is that most people don't talk about their trials and tribulations so we all think we're alone in this.
We aren't.
Thanks for this post, it surely will make some of us, myself included, feel less alone.
For all our differences in gender age orientation income social class education religion, we are actually all very much alike.


queer heaven said...

AS I read this post this morning, I realized why I always look forward to your new posts. You are so honest about yourself & everything else. That takes real balls! You make us think & also laugh.

Pick said...

We're far more alike than you know!

Thanks for your intelligence, wonderful sense of humour, sensitivity and a blog I always look forward to visiting!

You made me feel less alone today.
Hugs! said...

Thanks for sharing, you are very honest and brave and if I were there you would get a huge hug!

truthspew said...

Very honest answers!

You've written novels and not published? Self-publish. It's not that expensive and if you can export to PDF you can publish.

That said, I'm the polar opposite. Might have to be with my Italian ancestry, might have to do with my being in the engineering and IT field, but it's just flat out don't give a fuck!

thegayte-keeper said...

I don't know how I found your blog, but I am glad I did...I share some of your beliefs as well...

Cubby said...

#26 is the best one. And no, thank YOU.

We are alike in many ways. I too have a spectacular cock, or at least that's what I tell myself when I cry myself to sleep every night :-)

Love you Damien xoxo

Anonymous said...

"Rabbi Bunam said: "The Lord created the world in a state of beginning. The universe is always in an uncompleted state, the form of its beginning. It is not like a vessel at which the master works and he finishes it; it requires continuous labor and unceasing renewal by creative forces. Were they a second's pause by these forces, the universe would return to primeval chaos." And that is how I have lived my life and it appears you are doing the same.

Stan said...

Brutally honest and I have to respect that. A BI GEZUNT: "Don't worry so much about a problem, whatever it is. You've still got your health."
MAZEL TOV! Damien.

Wonder Man said...

You are real, and that's why I come here. You are a great person, Damien.

Damien Oz said...

Mikey - why did they make you frown mate?

You can always be honest on here............

Richard said...

Very honest - I love it. And I'm honoured (#13).


Damien Oz said...

Wm - Thank you mister :)

Richard - The honour is mine for knowing you handsome *hugz*

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Victor said...

You can't write that you have a spectacular cock and then just leave it there. Details, please!