Saturday, 10 July 2010

............I Know This Is Self Indulgent But............................

.....................haters............. you can just walk your skinny arses out right now coz I am too happy for your sorry selves.

I was at my local pub last night - hubby was sick but encouraged me to go out coz I was really bored at home.

I was just enjoying the crowd - not doing too much - wandering around etc. A couple of the locals who go were there and I chatted and joked to them. They are an Asian couple and one of them - K - is always telling the other one to "Go do charity work" and then points at the guys who are clearly their on their own. It's funnier than it sounds trust me.

Anyway - I was standing on my own and this guy came up to me and said ........ "You know............. I've been watching you and you have a gorgeous smile and beautiful eyes."

OK......................... let's break it down.

(1) He was 6'2-ish
(2) A&F handsome
(3) Really nice bod - just the right combination of muscle and fat
(4) Exceptional teeth (I hope that doesn't sound weird - but I love a good smile)
(5) A really sweet personality

Anyway - I couldn't help myself and asked if he was drunk and then inquired if he was a chubby chaser in my own subtle way.

He laughed it off and this was just more endearing and said he hadn't noticed my weight until I said something about it. Anyways - we ended up chatting for about an hour and half and if I was single he would totally have swept me off his feet.

Anyway, when I was about to leave I went over and said goodbye and he planted a big wet one on me (which hubby was perfectly fine with) and said "And this is in full light."


3 x cocktails = 18$

Time spent out = 3 hours

The above experience happening to ME = priceless.




Pick said...

WOW! What a wonderful evening! I could use one like that about now.

Hope you have many more just like that and better!


Kevin said...

some of my best outings involve strangers trying hard to be "friends."

well done.

Wonder Man said...

I bet that felt so good to hear. But you should know you are cute

cb said...

Nice ego boost! Man, I could sure use one of those!!

Mechadude2001 said...

So awesome.

Sozo's said...


Brahm (alfred lives here) said...

Wow, great post, good for you. Now thats a fun evening!

SteveA said...

Good on you!

Brenton said...

Nice work DTC!
I need a bit of something like that too!
P.S. 3 cocktails for $18? Wow, sydney they are $18 each!

Damien Oz said...

Thanks all - it was a SERIOUS boost :)

The kicker - I have recently rejigged my diet and have lost 2 kgs over the last 2 weeks without even excercising :) LOL

But the excercise starts monday with a trainer.

Meanwhile - fan-TAS-tic self esteem boost :)

Thanks for the kind comments guys.

Always appreciated.

Sue said...

Wow! Great going Damien!