Friday, 30 July 2010

....I'm A Barebacking Hypocrite...........


I just got lambasted by some anonymous douche coz I said a vid on a site I was surfing at the time was hot - and it was a barebacking vid.

So ........... Mr Anonymous...... here we go........ you might wanna strap yourself in.

(1) You picked the WRONG week to tackle me on this one.


(2) Here is my honest to G-d stance on barebacking.

Number One first...... You anonymous people just make me puke.... get some cojones and get a fucking profile ya small cocked whining bitch.

Number Two - if you have READ MY FUCKING BLOG YA ANON ASSWIPE you would know that I have a very simple stance on barebacking...

If you bareback - routinely - you will get HIV at some point - FACT. However, I am not the condom police and I am not here to tell others what to do. But if you are going to risk your life - and potentially the lives of others - you might want to to talk to a doctor - or a person living with HIV - to know what sort of consequences your actions could result in.

Me - I LOVE IT!!!

I do - I love the feel of an ass sliding down my dick au naturel. I love the feeling. I love the spontaneity. I love the ease of not having to put up with lubes or condoms that burn or leave a rash coz of the compounds used in them. I LOVE IT ALL !!

But that's me - in a monogamous relationship. It's a luxury - I'll grant that.

Now..................... so we are VERY CLEAR.......

MY CHOICE IS MY CHOICE - YOUR CHOICE IS YOUR CHOICE - 'OWN' YOUR CHOICE THOUGH...... Talk to people.... know the risks..... know what the AFTER is like ..... and think carefully about what a little HOT FUN may do to a FULL LIFE......

And yeah - I love bareback porn - why............ Coz I do............

Meanwhile Mr Anonymous - the vid title had NO reference or inference in it to barebacking - so you must have watched the whole thing too.

So who's the hypocrite now ya double-standard piece of bird turd!

Excuse me whilst I go take a lie down.



...Yes I realise this is another "angry" post - and that ppl have been worried about the rising level of anger on my blog.

I am going through a whole pile of shit right now that would have turned Mother Theresa into a bitch who would Zsa-Zsa every second person on the street.

And I'm a Clinical Depressive to add to the pile of shit.

So if you want "happy feely group hug" Damien from not that long ago - send me a "happy feely group hug" kind of topic suggestion and I will GLADLY do a post on something happy - *I* would like to do a post on something happy.

But if you think that right now calling me out on something is a good idea - I remind you that I am both an intelligent bitch, and the keeper of an extensive vocabulary - the very WORST of combinations.

And if that means I lose a few visitors - than quite frankly those people can kiss my fat, hairy, sweaty, Jew arse.

That's MY 2 Cents Worth on MY blog on quite frankly the week of hell in MY life.

Back to my lie down.



Michael Rivers said...

I love bareback porn. Doesn't mean I bareback in my personal sex life.

MJ said...

*applies cold compress to Damien's fevered brow*

Damien Oz said...

M R - I hear you.

MJ - oh thank you Mistress - that is just lovely..........

truthspew said...

Google is having major OpenID problems so I'm posting with a filled in site info.

You're absolutely right. If people choose to bareback so be it.

queer heaven said...

Would I want to read a "happy go lucky no problems" kind of post from you? Of course, but at this point you have the blogger's right to post what ever the hell you want!

Princess said...

Great Rant... Get it off your chest
thats why we blog No?

I see that our Dear Mistress is still doing the rounds with her cold compresses, she is such a doll...I was so greatful for her recent ministrations...

*Diligently places a gentle kiss on both cheeks of Damiens 'fat, hairy, sweaty, Jew arse'...before leaving room...*

Damien Oz said...

Truth - couldnt agree more mate.

QH - Thanks for the support mate :)

Princess - MJ is definitely a trooper - *oh my* - my tuches thanks you :)

MJ said...

You bitches can be so high maintenance at times.

Oh my! Exactly WHAT is going on in the tuches department here?

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MJC said...

I couldn't agree with you more! Cheers to you from a long-time "lurker"!