Wednesday, 25 August 2010

.........Why And How I Blog...........

.................. OK............ time to lay down the law to some bitches out there in cyberland....

Please take not of the following................. and if you go elsewhere...... buh-bye..........

This is blog is my blog.

It is a blog about things that I find interesting, socially curious, politically relevant, or just plain silly.

About my apparent "obsession" with barebacking............

Why isn't it your obsession?

Unsafe sex is the number one health risk for gay and bisexual men between the ages of 16 & 32.
It is the number two health risk for gay and bisexual men between the ages of 33 & 50 - 2nd only to the negative health effects of Smoking.

I explore it here because it is relevant - it is a multifaceted discussion - and it is something that others EITHER glorify or abhor - but rarely try to discuss in a dispassionate and objective fashion.

I will sometimes post things on here that I don't actually agree with. Even if it may be anti-gay.
Why? Because - it drew MY interest. Right or wrong. Good or bad. Something about it caused me to pause and reflect on it rather than simply react.

I blog about all things Jewish because I am. My personal theology. My daily life. How I treat others. These are all informed by my faith. Whether you think I am "forcing it down your throat" or not is beside the point. Again, it is something about me I wish to share on my blog.

I welcome and appreciate diversity in all it's form even if you prefer only to see sculpted abs. If I want to post a pic of a chub I think is hot - or a pic of me who is a chub - my choice.

I blog about my depreession because men of an alternative sexuality between the ages of 16 & 29 are the number one statistic for attempted and completed suicides in Australia, USA & Britain. The fact that you think I am a person pleading for sympathy is both irrelevant and inaccurate.

I blog about this because the issue of mental health is still taboo and because people's reactions to my blog posts about my living with clinical depression - a mental illness requiring medication and behavioural treatment - illicit cringe worthy emails from people who don't want to have to listen to me talk about it.

I blog because it is a creative outlet for me. And because I am an opinionated son of a bitch who likes a good, constructive argument.

Now - the highlighted portions in red are actual words from people that have been copied and pasted either from comments or emails.

Which begs the question - Why do YOU come here?

Clearly - there is something about my blog that keeps you coming here - even if it is just to hate on me like Mr Sad does.

That's fine. Because even whilst you write your negative comments / emails, you are actually considering what I've said and engaging in the debate - no matter toxic your point of view or reaction may be.

You keep on hating. I'll keep on blogging. I'll keep on being me.

After all - that is all a man can be.......... is himself.... especially on his own blog.

I wish you all blessings and happiness.


Your Blogmaster - A Gay Man- An Australian - A Man of American Descendancy - Jewish Man - Ballet Dancer - Chocoholic - Composer - Star Trek Fan-Fiction Writer - Porn Enthusiast - Silly Bugger - Husband.


Mechadude2001 said...

Tell 'em how you really feel. It's your blog! They can go get their own.

YvesPaul said...

Yup, if they don't like it, fuck'em.

queer heaven said...

I know exactly what you are saying. I get emails about some of the stuff I post on my blog,,,, like YvesPaul said,, fuck'em!

Sozo's said...

I agrees! If they don't like..they can kiss your ass! You're blog, your rules!

Wonder Man said...

Keep it real as always

Bob said...

You have to write about what interests YOU or it won't interest US.
Writing without passion or a point of view is just words on a page.

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Love it, well said!a

thegayte-keeper said...

Blog the way you deem suitable...

Sue said...

It is your blog Lord Damien! Blog as you will! :)

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