Saturday, 30 October 2010

....2 Democrat..........For My American Readers Considering Voting Republican..........

.....Please read this stunning analysis of the current right wing of the political spectrum in my second home country - the United States of America.................. ( I actually threw up in my mouth a little bit writing that UNITED part )..

.......OH and if you have not visited the domain of Mr Toddy English............ I suggest you go there.... aside from being a cute guy with a great wit, he is extremely politically astute for a man of his age...

...Now....... READ!!...........

Dear Racists/homophobes/Xenophobes/Anti-Islamists (i.e. The Republican Party):
I am voting Democratic and only Democratic for the following reasons...
1.) Every time one of your ilk says, "I want MY country back" I know what you are REALLY saying.
2.) Whenever you call President Obama a "RACIST" I know what you are REALLY saying.
3.) Whenever you call President Obama a "MUSLIM" I know that to you it is a euphemism for that ugly little epithet (that would automatically discredit you the moment you say it aloud).
4.) I know what you are REALLY about when you have to pay TOKENS (and not the kind on a train) to speak at your rallies, which are nothing but KKK rallies without the sheets.
5.) Whenever Mrs. Obama is referred to as "UPPITY" I know what you REALLY mean.
6.) When you say "That BOY should not have his finger on the button" I know what you REALLY mean.
7.) When you say "SHUT THE BORDERS" I know that does not mean illegal CANADIAN or EUROPEAN immigrants.
8.) When President Obama is threatened with impeachment (when he ain't even do SHIT) I know what you REALLY mean (I'll spell this out..."I DON'T WANT NO NIGGA TA BE MUH PRESDANT").
9.) When a dumb bitch like Palin can be the "legitimate" voice of a political party I know what you REALLY are upset about.
10.) When the office of the Presidency can be so BLATANTLY disrespected, while DUBYA ran the country into the dirt, I know what your real PROBLEM is.
On that note...
As a young gay African American I will NEVER vote for the Republicans, ever.
They do not care about me unless I am strung up from a tree dead and they take America back to 1950...That wonderful decade of: Sock hops, Poodle skirts, Milk shakes, Lynchings, and dujour segregation.
Honestly, I don't think anyone who is truly a compassionate human being should vote Republican right now. This is not the party of fiscal conservatism. This the new KKK.
Toddy English.

8 comments: said...

Brilliant post my friend! If you have any gay American readers STUPID enough to vote Republican than that is truly sad.

It baffles me how any self respecting gay man in the United States could vote Republican.

My blog has been pretty heated politically as you may have seen.

Thanks again for this post, it is dead on!

In Pride,


Damien Oz said...

Don't thank me - surf over to Toddy's place and thank him !!!

Wonder Man said...

that's my boo

Damien Oz said...

WM - Toddy really does have it going on ..... smart lad that one. :)

Mr. Toddy English said...

Oh my god! I feel so honored to be featured on this blog! *SMOOCHIES!*

Damien Oz said...

SMOOCHIES back to you mate for such a great post.

You called it exactly as it is.

They really are an abhorrent bunch of neanderthals.

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Kris said...

Every item hit the nail on the head!