Monday, 4 October 2010

......I Need Help From My American Readers re An Immigration Question... grandfather was an American GI - our embassy can not find any record of my mother being registered with them.

Does anyone know of a loophole - mode of redress - that I can take to challenge my descendency so I can immigrate should I wish to?

I have a whole arm of my family in America but none in the sponsor category (sibling, parent, living grandparent).

Anyone? I don't suppose anyone here works in Immigration / Homeland Security do they?

Cheers 'n' Shalom



Anonymous said...

Why don't you contact Lambda Legal here in the States. If they don't have an answer they might be able to point you in the right direction.


BosGuy said...

I'm not really sure where to start but I'd at least get a copy of your mother's birth certificate. I would think it would list your grandfather as your Mom's parent and that might be a start.

Keep us posted on your progress and keep asking questions. You have a lot of readers and someone is bound to provide some good suggestions like the anonymous comment.

I think the site (s)he is recommending is this,

Richard said...

you leaving us bub???? :(