Thursday, 27 January 2011

....2 Confused....... My Take On The President's State Of The Union.....

........I'll preface this by saying I was a Hillary supporter all the way during the race.... I wanted that woman in the White House - she would've have been an amazing President - plus putting her in the big chair means she wouldn't have to run the country with her hand up Bill's arse like a ventriloquist with a broken dummy.

Hillary is cool.

President Obama........................................................... not so much.

BTW - I **refuse** to say Obama..... or Barack. He is President Obama. Let's remember the respect is to the OFFICE if not necessarily to the man and use the proper mode of address and not the one taught to us by CNN and FOX please ppl.

President Obama was elected on four words.... YES WE CAN.... CHANGE....

Now... he had HUGE things that he had to deal with when he first got into office. The country was NOT running smoothly nor had it been for a very long time. He had the wars and all their subsequent issues to contend with; economic crisi; DADT; et al..... so.......... the man had to put out fires. But it is HOW The President acted AFTER getting to the Office that worried me.

Now - I am a HUGE poli-junkie. I love politics. Politics give me major wood. President Obama got me hard during his great speech in the mall.......................................... I've needed poli-viagra ever since.

It appears that The President is determined to try to keep his job by not pissing off the other side of the political spectrum. And history has shown every time that an appeaser does not get reelected or - sorry - respected.

If one is elected on the platform of Change - one has to affect change. One has to aggressively pursue, fight for, and if necessary LOSE for change. One can not be elected on a platform of change and then go to the middle of the road..... and then make one small step to the right.. which is fundamentally what President Obama has done.

I do not believe his State of the Union speech was anything but more of the same.

President Obama has been deserted by the majority of his Democratic base. Republican moderates love him because he plays to their needs. Democrat moderates tolerate him because they still have hope in his moderateness evolving into the more progressive Democratic policies they are used to. I do not believe it would happen. Ever.

The measure of a President - is his first two years. Whether for ill or for better - how He (or She - I hope in the future) handles that first two years defines them. President Obama is a silent apologist. He has decided that given his unique status - First African American President - he must be cautious in his aggressiveness.

Cautious in his aggressiveness....................... two words not to be used in the same phrase.

Sadly, I believe President Obama has been spooked by the radical Right and their more militant soldiers of the Right Wing Press and the blatant racist elements in American society.

Many people are saying "Well, he promised to end DADT and he has.... so maybe he just needed some warm up time". Actually, President Obama did not end DADT. Public opinion; public pressure; military resourcefulness; military brain bleed; and the over the top shrieking of the right wing homophobes ended DADT. President Obama merely stood by as the process left in the dust.

Whilst I wanted Hillary in the White House, I was hopeful that President Obama's youthfulness, energy, passion for change, and unique status would spur him on to do amazing things for my second homeland.

It has not.

And now, when American genuinely needs change - genuinely needs progression - genuinely needs a President that cares for the health and welfare of ALL Americans - we as Americans (Myself included) have been given a President who got scared - and his fear made him an appeaser of the Republican Right.

Appeasers do not get reelected.

President Obama - I like you as a man - but I do not respect you as a President.

And that makes me very sad.




Wonder Man said...

Interesting post. I understand your points, but I disagree with appeaser piece. I see him as a realist, that's something we haven't seen in a while.I believe he will have a 2nd term

Damien Oz said...

I think he may have started his approach as a realist - but I genuinely think he took that last step over the middle of the road.

The extremism of the right has to be met with some fairly significant bravery - and we just haven't seen that from President Obama.

I'm sorry we disagree WM - but it's nice that we live in countries where we can.

Thanks for the input as always boo :)

Wonder Man said...

no problem

EMikeGarcia said...

I agree with most of your points... Especially about DADT. Also, I agree with WM that he is a realist, however, he didn't campaign as one. He campaigned as Superman, basically. We were naive for believing it and he is just another politician taking advantage of a country wanting radical change.

He'll have a second term, but not because of progressives and liberals... He won't get the youth vote like he did in '08. He's ruined that, he'll get the independent and moderate vote... But only because Republicans are crazier than ever and are alienating voters left and right.