Monday, 31 January 2011

....2 Question.... Has Anyone Here Been Published? Or Self-Published?

Rather than beat on people's doors I have recently been told that people are now self publishing their novels and written works as e-books.

I have my own novel that I want to publish and promote myself............. keeping my costs down.

Does anyone know about this or have any advice they can give?

Thanks much




Anonymous said...

Hi Damien,

You can try bookpal. They do publishing for books.


Sozo's said...

A friend of mine has self published two books I can get all the info if you'd like.

Lots of people are doing just the ebooks now though.

Anonymous said...

one of the australian computer mags just did an article on this cant remember if it was "pcuser" or not or if its this month or lasts, they listed a couple of DIY ebook sites such as smashwords and some other advice

Damien Oz said...

Soz that would be fantastic - appreciate it.

Anons - thank you for your feedback, am looking into all avenues :))

Mr. Toddy English said...

Speaking for myself I definitely want to be with a major publisher (just the promotion they can do for a book is great); however, I do know a guy who self publishes all of his own work. He's an FB friend of mine...His name is Shawn Haynes. Look him up! :0)

Corve said...

Hope u get the help u need. more n more pple r using e books and self publishing