Tuesday, 22 February 2011

......2 Annoyed........Is A Little Bit Of English SO Pharking Hard??? .....

Firstly - I will apologise for my flagrant excessive overuse of CAPS..

OK - my number one pet peeve.

A foreigner - moves to an English speaking country - learns the language JUST enough to get a job - then promptly forgets most of what they learnt.


I call my cable company call centre - outsourced to India - to speak to "Jason" - real name Prajad - to register a fault - only to be told my suburb doesn't exist in his database.

LEARN...............THE........... FUCKING............ LANGUAGE!!!.

And here is why..........

IN NO OTHER COUNTRY in the world where a language OTHER than English is spoken eg. Spain, France, Italy, INDIA EVEN !!! - would they tolerate someone NOT learning the home language. But in USA, Australia, Britain, Canada et al - Et al meaning ENGLISH speaking countries - we tolerate it......... and THEN PROMOTE THESE PEOPLE !!!

I'm sorry - but if you come to my country - learn my damn language. Why? It's polite. They only ask you THREE fucking things when you immigrate to Australia.

Get a job.

Pay your taxes.

Learn the language.

That's it. And WHY do they ask you to learn English??


I had to call one of our biggest vendors today at work - and the woman was Russian. Her English was so bad that I had to ask her to EMAIL me her response because I could not understand it.

And yeah - I said retard!! - and NO - I'm not racist. But it annoys the crap out of me that people go to live in a country and then promptly flip their middle finger.

*I* couldn't even get a LOOK in at immigrating to America AND I HAVE AN AMERICAN GRANDFATHER FOR FUCK SAKE!!

I'd be productive - hell I even speak the language. But no. I'm not good enough.

And yet - Little Ms Kamarasov in accounts - gets in, gets a job and cant speak the language well enough to tell me AN INVOICE WAS PAID!!!


And some people wonder why there are those out there who don't want immigration.

OH - and Prajad at Telstra in Mumbai - my suburb does fucking exist and has so for over 80 years.

I need a cup of tea - a Bex - and a good lie down.

Oy frickin vey.

Shalom my english speaking arse....



Prince Toddy English said...

I have to agree with you. The sad part is the moment you express this sentiment you are labeled a racist.
I live in Texas and it is REALLY bad hear. There are businesses here where all of their signs are written in Spanish. That and you are unqualified for 90% of job openings if you are not bilingual in Spanish.
Granted, I am for being bilingual (I am learning Spanish); however, I don't feel I should HAVE TO BE in a country where ENGLISH is the national language.

EMikeGarcia said...

I can't speak or any other country, of course, but as far as the USA is concerned, we have no "language." The number of families that have been here for generations and built this country that speak another language is far too high. Yes, it would be easier if everyone spoke thesame language, but that would lead to a serious loss of culture so I for one would be against it.

Also, India and outsourcing? Oh dear God that is SO annoying! But, I wouldn't blame the person who took the phone call. I would blame the company who doesn't give two shits about you enough to hire people who can understand you, or the politicians who wrote laws allowing for such blatant cost-cutting methods when they're clearly inadequate.

Anonymous said...

Too true, Damien.

Learn the language, respect our culture, participate in our life.

If you want to live the culture of your homeland, why the fuck did you leave there?


Sean said...

I completely agree with you.

Princess said...

You're Not a racist Darling ....
Just another frustrated realist!

It is rude not to learn the tongue of your chosen country. Particularly when free classes in English language are available through most taxpayer funded migrant resource and community centres.

Tho Telstra and other Multi-Nationals don't seem to care that their "off shore" help line centres are anything but! But share holders don't seem to mind the dividends from such appalling business practice.... Until they have to use them...

queer heaven said...

I live just across the casway from Miami in Miami Beach... and I got to tell you.. going over that casway to Miami is like going into another country! I agree with you Damien!

Another thing that gets my dander up is when these freinds or workers from another country do speak english well to me when we are alone. BUT if the three of us are in the same room,they revert to their language and leave me out. NOw that is just rude!

Wonder Man said...

I agree with Mikey