Saturday, 12 March 2011

....2 Meet..... I Caught Up With Brenton From Aussielicious ....

..........Today I finally had a chance to catch up with Brenton from Aussielicious in person.

We enjoyed a lovely brunch. I had breakfast (Ricotta pancakes with Marscapone) - Brenton had lunch (big manly burger). We then went for a wander and browsed through books and photography books at The Darlinghurst Bookshop - then strolled down to Sax Leather. Brenton browsed, I bough a new stainless steel cock-ring and some Gun Oil.

Brenton was even nicer in person than I thought he would be. Bloggers seem to fall into one of three categories.....
  • "I'm a Star Baby !!! - Adore me !!!" - Enough said really.
  • Then "You Never Know What You Are Going To Get (could be crazy)" - which is relatively harmless but has potential for fraught-with-danger/drama (and I'm honest enough that I easily fit into this category LOL)
  • The "Just As Nice As You Could Imagine" - This is Brenton.

Without gushing too much - let me simply say he is delightful, polite, interesting, engaging, real, funny and obviously possessed of some serious smarts.

It was a genuine pleasure to spend a couple of hours with him.

Thanks B - can't wait to do it again :)




Wonder Man said...

I hope I fall under number 3

cb said...

I would TOTALLY be category 3--- with perhaps a hint of 2. ;-)

BosGuy said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time.

Damien Oz said...

WM - I think you would ;)

cb - LOL - i am TOTALLY number two with shades of number three - i AM a nut after all ;)

BG - lovely time - lovely guy.