Sunday, 20 March 2011

....2 Peeved...... Things That Irk Me...........

.........These are just some of the things that make my butt itch and not in a good way........
  • #1 is customer service - where the frak did it go??? SO sick of slaw jawed morons making me feel like I am putting them out by having them do their jobs??? Parents - fix your kids. Adults - if you don't like your job - get a different one but stop sneering at me when I simply want you to do what you are paid to do.
  • #2 is the state of driving - or more importantly how BAD people are on the road these days. EVERYONE has road rage - NO ONE has manners.......................
  • #3 is the disappearance of civility - if any of you know where civility is lying - probably drunk or bashed unconscious in some ditch somewhere - please let the authorities know. PLEASE. THANK YOU. EXCUSE ME. SHOULD NOT BE OPTIONAL. Manners are what keep us human.
  • #4 is smoking / smokers - I'm sorry that your habit is killing you but would you mind very much just letting it KILL YOU AND NOT ME !!! -DO NOT light up when I am standing at a bus stop please. I hate it when there are ten people at a bus stop and the ONE smoker has to light up and blow it all over other people. Again - where are the manners?
  • #5 is our shame of nudity - I am flummoxed that as a society we now instill in our children that if you are nude it is a shameful thing. When I was a kid skinny dipping wasn't something that we frowned upon. MIXED skinny dipping was, which you can understand. In the change room very few of us hid anything - NO ONE CARED! - I matured faster than the other boys so my pubes and bigger dick was a badge of manhood. I loved it.
  • #6 is pickers - you know, those people who go around and raid the solid stuff like furniture and knick knacks that are left for solid waste removal days. Now granted - some of those people are down and out and have NO other way of getting stuff - but some of them are just vultures. It's called WASTE for a reason people - stop being cheap - especially when you know you can afford new - one of my Aunts (who I never talk to) does this and it just disgusts me.
  • #7 gays who tell other gays to MAN UP - you know what - I'll man up when you SHUT UP FOOL !! It's called diversity for a reason. You don't have to be camp. BUT you don't get to tell others not to be camp. It doesn't do anything for me - but it isn't my place or yours to tell someone how to act / live / be. So why don't YOU man the fuck up and have some respect for the difference of others ya great bigot.
  • #8 is BULLIES - I'm sorry you have a small penis / low IQ / lack of self esteem / abusive relative et al - but you know what - you doing to others what has been done to you does not make you a man or strong or a survivor - it makes you a thug. A feckless, spineless, amoral, cowardly thug. And you are an abhorrence.
  • #9 Militant Lesbians - Now this is something that TOTALLY freaks me the frak out - what is EVIL about being a man? Or - most accurately - a gay man? The lesbians that actively hate gay man are total anathema to me. I just don't get it. I don't hate you because you have a vagina and don't like the peen - actually, you and I should be allies - so why do you hate me and mine? Unfathomable.
  • #10 parents who refuse to discipline their children - I'm sorry but time out is NOT discipline. Taking away their possessions - their freedom - and yes, given them a spanking IS discipline. Time out is shirking your responsibility. Oh and do not give me the "it leads to violence against children" - violence against children is violence - disciplining a child is doing what has been done for thousands of years.
  • #11 is the body fascist gays - Yes I have a gut. Yes I have more girth than you. No it does not make me less than you. What makes me less is the sorrow you make me feel that in spite of my hard work and goals - YOU think I don't measure up.
  • #12 OPEC - stop rising oil prices. Please. All it does is make the rest of the world hate you even more.
  • #13 Anderson Cooper - Hottie silver fox just stop refuting it. You don't have to publicly come out. But just don't say anything, rather than saying you aren't. Its' ok CooCoo - we know.
  • #14 Fast food NEVER looking like it does in the advertising - look at the posters - look at the slop in your hands - WTF?
  • #15 life insurance / funeral insurance advertising - makes me wanna kill myself
  • #16 blog visitors who don't like what you blog - go elsewhere :) - even if I think you are cute - if you don't like what I blog - say bye bye and gracefully move on - that's what I do.
What are your peeves? Keen to hear - will post them.




Wonder Man said...

liars and drama starters

MJ said...

What are your peeves?

You’ve done a great job of covering many of them already!

#1 customer service…
The lack of service skills has always annoyed me but I’m pleased to say that since I’ve moved to a different city, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the helpful nature of sales staff INCLUDING people who are being paid minimum wage. I can’t figure out why this little pocket of the world has employees who are not only friendly but will go out of their way to help you but I CAN say that it’s restored a bit of my faith in customer service.

#2 the state of driving…
Again, in my former city I was nearly mowed down on a daily basis even though I was observing traffic rules and also crossing at designated lights or pedestrian crosswalks. Mostly by fools on cell phones.

#3 disappearance of civility…
I am pleased to report that here in my new city, civility is alive and well. It was practically non-existent where I lived previously.

#4 smoking…
I don’t smoke even though, as you can tell by some of my posts, I like smoking accoutrements. We have new regulations in effect that smoking is not permitted within 10(?) metres of public buildings and bus stops. I don’t begrudge smokers their fags but please respect non-smokers.

I disagree with #6 pickers as this is an opportunity for some people to make money by turning it around to people who run antique and collectibles shops, etc. It’s also a great way to furnish your home if you’re on a budget. Also, it’s recycling and keeping it green!
My only concern is that used goods can also harbor pests so examine your used goods carefully before taking them home.

I’ll stop now before this turns into a post of its own.

Great list, Damien.

Damien Oz said...

WM - oh dear - Ive been accused (admitted) to being a little drama starter................ rarely........

MJ - WOW - thanks so much for that - you probably SHOULD do a post of your own - would LOVE to read it Mistres.......

cb said...

Thankfully you can grow out of the shame at being nude. I have! :-)

truthspew said...

You pretty much nail all of it in this post.

Almost all of it boils down to a lack of manners.

In some ways I can't wait to become a senior citizen. Then I can beat the loafs who don't exercice good manners with my cane.

Stephen said...

You live a half a world away from me... but we share the same list!
I love you even more.

1. Mommies. The act entitled & they come into my store & rearrange
everything to accomidate their strollers that are the size of a Buick.

2. "No Fats, No Fems"

3. Parking on the sidewalk.

4."straight acting"

5. Inappoproiate cell phone use

6.Pedestrians walking 5 across... slowly

7. Brutal infomercials about mistreated animals. They destroy me.

8. Bumper stickers as religious & political staments

9.Certain someones that use the last of something, but don't tell you... you know who you are.

10. Rachel Ray said...

#1 and #4 for sure!

Also I want to add the following:

1. People who pay by check at the register.
2. Cell phones being used in the gym. (And they always talk loud enough so everyone can listen.)
3. People who don't wash their hands after using the washroom.

That's about it, lol.



Mind Of Mine said...

I am ashamed to admit that at times, I have been that smoker.

thegayte-keeper said...

Come live in the Bahamas if you want to see HORRIBLE customer service.

Prince Toddy English said...

I do not like evil (insert D word that rhymes with bike here)either. Just because you are male they hate you on general principle. If you are a gay male they will brand you as a misogynist worthy of death.
I had the VERY unfornate experience of being forced to hang out with two of them. It was HORRIBLE.
Granted, I am not anti-lesbian though. I like lesbians who have no problem with men...they just don't like penis.