Monday, 11 April 2011

.....2 Introduce.................A Little About Me........

...........cause it is all about me.......LOL...........

...Got some new faces and visitors to the blog so here is me....

My name is Damien
I recently turned 39
My husband and I recently separated after 9 years
I have a silly sense of humour
I have asthma
I have clinical depression
My CD was central to my life until recently - now I'm in charge
I love Japanese food
I love a good piece of steak done well served with a mountain of mashed potatoes
My favourite wine is a nice Cabernet Sauvignon
My favourite colour is blue
I am a Jew By Choice - aka New Jew - aka Convert
I have an IQ of 145 - but act like a total moron often - how did THAT happen?
I am needy - and I own it
I am a nurturer
I am a big fan of food
I love Star Trek - ask me how a warp reactor works and I'll write a 300 page manual for you - yes I am THAT sort of Trek fan
I love and adore Wonder Woman
I am mostly gay - but would not say no to a hot bi 3way
I have many fetishes - the only way you get to know about them is to experience them :)
I used to be a ballet dancer - and I was pretty good
I have composed a suite of symphonic sketches that I am going to try to get recorded this year
I am writing a novel that I am going to self publish this year
I am half way into writing a script for HBO
I like cats
My favourite sexual activity is sucking cock - love it
I like porn......... A LOT
I like movies from the 70's, 80's and 90's - I find it really hard to class a current day movie "good" - altho there are definite exceptions
My favourite actress is Helen Mirren
My favourite actor is Ryan Reynolds
My favourite bloggers are Scott, Brenton, Wonder Man, MJ, Sozo, Wicked, Kez, Adam, and a few more .............. actually I love all the bloggers on my blog list - some just a little more ;)
I am a Winter person - lover getting warm *wink*
I am very lazy
I love long discussions over red wine about anything and everything
I have a good looking dick - not huge - not small - but it looks good - Ive been told so
I take myself very seriously................... and if you believe that you haven't been reading the blog for long
I am an Australian of American ancestry (my american family live in Oregon and Washington state)
I have no "pause button" - this frequently gets me into trouble as I often say what is in my head without editing - I have put off a couple of bloggers I met this way
I am scared of the dark - really
I get very anxious in crowds - to the point of not being able to hang out long in pubs if there are too many people - I get freaked out - and start to freak ppl out - makes socialising interesting :)
My favourite way to relax is a long hot bath with a glass of red wine and a good book
I am hot for Seth Rogen
I am hanging out for the Green Lantern film
I have lost 80lbs in 4 years
I am very interested in other people - which is probably why I love blogs so much
I love to travel
I live in Brisbane Australia - is a beautiful city
I won't lie - I ached to be popular at school but never was - still want it if I'm honest
I have no shame - I have no illusions about myself
I am a fantastic kisser and snuggler
I am dreadful at managing my money
I love to blog
I have now finished this post
I am now publishing this post
I am now clicking the mouse



The Inqueerer said...

Damien, you're a very interesting person indeed!
I'm sure you'll get over your CD very soon. Your 145 IQ must make you see that there are lots of things to be happy.
You must tell me about your secret for losing weight!

Adam said...

great to get to know you a bit better Damien, thanks :)

the immigayrant said...

What do you guys mean by CD, btw? Not compact disc, right? Hehehe...

MJ said...

I thought your favourite sexual activity was rimming. Anyway, carry on cocksucking!

For those newbies to Damien's blog, I can tell you that there is never a dull moment here.

Nick said...

I am depressive since several years too. I found out it helps me to write about my emotions. Sometimes more than meds.

Damien Oz said...

immigayrant - CD = Clinical Depression

MJ - Im fickle - tastes change (so to speak)

Nick - agreed

Wonder Man said...

You are a fantastic kisser? We need references ;-)

Damien Oz said...

WM - next time I'm in la I'll show you. A demonstration is always easiest ;)

Banister said...

Totally cool that you like Helen Mirren. She's one of my favorites too. Did you see her in "Gosford Park?"

Damien Oz said...

Inqueerer - small portions - exercise - minimise the junk food - get the assistance and advise of a trainer - only way.

Adam - thank you for visiting and reading :)

Nick - agreed.

Banister - I did - wasn't a big fan of the movie but a HUGE fan of Helen - did you see her in RED - OMG she kicked arse and was completely hilarious.