Friday, 22 April 2011

.....2 Pissed Off....... Straight Acting Enough ............

Firstly........... see THIS amazing post at Bill In Exile and then come back here.............

Now - my thoughts ..............................

I am so fucking sick of the word ENOUGH............ because it usually follows a word that makes it a completely denigrating phrase........... Here are some of my favourite ENOUGH phrases....
  • Thin ENOUGH
  • Fit ENOUGH
  • Manly ENOUGH
  • Butch ENOUGH
  • Masculine ENOUGH
  • Tall ENOUGH
  • Hung ENOUGH
  • Rich ENOUGH
  • Buffed ENOUGH
  • Straight Acting ENOUGH
  • Good Looking ENOUGH
I find it completely COMMONPLACE that Gays are SO fond of putting down other Gays.

Two personal examples...........

Example Number 1...

I was talking to a guy on Grindr. Nothing sexual. Great conversation. Anyway - I asked if he would be interested in meeting up. He seemed to be under the impression that I wanted to "Meat Up". I was talking coffee / meal. He was talking a fuck. Now - I would not necessarily have said no - he was a great looking guy - but before I could even tell him that I meant a social meeting he started with why he didn't want to fuck me.

Firstly - I was too overweight for him. Not Thin ENOUGH.
Secondly - He preferred "better looking guys".
Thirdly - At 39 I was not quite "young enough" for him - and he was 32.

Example Number 2...

Talked to a guy on line - he said hello to me - 27 - brunette and HOT. Now.............. this is going to get a little self indulgent but please bear with me - we met - we fucked - and it was one of the hottest play sessions I have ever had. And you know what he said after ............... "I love fucking with guys who aren't clones - they just relax and enjoy themselves and it's always the hottest sex. The usual guys you have to pass the looks test - body test - clothes test - sex taste test - top bottom test - femme test".

I actually laughed and asked if he was calling me ugly or what? And he said no. He said I was "real" - and that most Gays weren't REAL ENOUGH. And apparently I was real enough. And he said Real is something that so many gays sacrifice - and he said it was a sacrifice that made us all dull and predictable and bitches.

Now - I haven't always been fat - and I'm including a pic of how I looked back at thirty. And let me tell you - EVEN when I looked THAT good there were still too many ENOUGHS thrown at me to send me into a spin.

Hell - even since starting this blog I've been thrown the following ENOUGHS....
  • Not Interesting ENOUGH
  • Not a Hot ENOUGH Blogger
  • Not Jewish ENOUGH
  • Not Kosher ENOUGH
  • Not Gay ENOUGH
  • Not "porn" ENOUGH
  • Not Australian ENOUGH
  • Don't update ENOUGH
  • Not "light" ENOUGH
  • Not non-depressed ENOUGH
Seriously - the ONE time I made a reference about bloggers not being informed enough in some areas - i got HATE mail - abusive comments - And one blogger who I admire and even had a crush on - took me off his blog list and blocked me.

Needless to say - after reading Scott's latest post I am in COMPLETE agreement with him.

So to all the "ENOUGHS" out there I say this......................


I don't care if my readership goes down to 5 people a day.

This blog is FOR ME.

My health regime is FOR ME.

My Jewishness is FOR ME.

My sexual enjoyment is FOR ME.

*I* choose to share it with you - but if it isn't ENOUGH for you - piss off and don't let the door hit you on your arse on the way out.

Seriously - who needs those in society hell bent on destroying me and mine - when mine are already SO divisive.

You "ENOUGHS" are quite seriously some of the saddest, loneliest, most self-hating people in the world if the only way to make yourself feel better is making me feel bad.

Grow up.



Wonder Man said...

Well you are good enough for me... Now tell us more about that hot session

Adam said...

great post Damien...i agree to everything you wrote :)

dsrviola said...

Like I told Scott: a-fucking-men.

Great post. I hope we both experience more "real" guys like Mr. Hot 27 year old.

queer heaven said...

Mr. Damien,
You re so right! Everything you said is true. I'm glad you have enough balls to tell it like is it.

MJ said...

You're Damien enough for me.

DuPree said...

At the risk of not seeming 'manly' enough, I must quote the great Goddess RuPaul.

If you can't love yourself, how the hell you gonna love anybody else?

I find admiration and attraction in many qualities beyond the merely physical. An accent, an arch of the eyebrow, a naughty twinkle in the eye, or a solidly held and well-stated belief.

You're beautiful, I'm beautiful - anyone who can embrace and love who they are, just as they are, is the most beautiful person in the world.

Stay beautiful. : )

Brahm (alfred lives here) said...

Well said, I totally agree!

Stan said...

Thanks for keeping it real Damien!

EricJ said...

Abso-damn-lutely! You hit the nail on the head...again.

Victor said...

I never get enough of your blog, that's why I return each day.

Prince Toddy English said...

I have one enough.
You are GOOD enough. :0)

Kevin said...

I've had enough!

cb said...

Unfortunately I don't think this is a "gay" issue... I think its a "male" issue.

Straight men all the time bash the fat chick and are looking for someone younger, hotter, MORE. How many straights get divorced because their wife isn't "enough" anymore?

It just seems more focused in the gay community because we are men who date other men.

Kyle said...

Damien, awesome post. :)

Obviously many of us who follow you think the same thoughts. You are beautiful and have qualities that everyone should be able to connect with. If they don't, that's a problem for them to work out. We need to learn to love ourselves and in that learning we learn to love each other. Destruction is easy; creation on the other hand, that takes some work.