Monday, 4 April 2011

....2 Spring Clean...... Time For Some Change..,,

Re-reading the posts over the last few months, the blog (and myself) have gotten rather dark and angry.

Time for a tonal spring clean and a positive readjustment I think.

I know my regulars read and support whatever I write, but I think my own writing is keeping me somewhat down at heel.

Change time.

Blessings to you all


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Anonymous said...

Hi... you are allowed to have your own feelings. Then we know who you are. Take care...lloyd.

Wonder Man said...

well, do what you need to do. Cleansing is good

MJ said...

Would you like an enema?

Sean said...

I learned in high school when I tried to keep a diary that writing my personal shit down took me to dark places I didn't like and still does so I still don't.

BosGuy said...

Kisses to my dark and angry friend... I know better than to think that is who you are. To be fair you've had a bit of eye candy too so its not all doom & gloom.


Prince Toddy English said...

I think it is good to express emotions. If you deny emotions at all cost that will only wind up costing you MORE.