Sunday, 1 May 2011

.....2 Move ...... All Moved In To The New House .....

...... Oh Jesus Christ Oh Help Me Lord ......

I hate moving. But love the new place. Pics to come soon.

Day 13 of current episode.....need more red wine.



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Kevin said...

hang in there, d.

i've had three major ep' and i both know the best part is breaking through to the brighter side.

me, i'm enjoying a chilean cabernet called Pérez Cruz. Hits the spot nicely.

Wonder Man said...

can't wait to see it

Adam said...

yeah show me the place I can sleep when I should visit u :)

Damien Oz said...

Kevin - thanks mate "hug"

Wm - facebook'd you

Adam - happy to host. There is a small "guest fee" but very negotiable

Pick said...

I can empathize Damien ... still unpacking here too.

... And Adam, you can visit me anytime bud but there's also a "guest fee" here you handsome devil. ;o)