Thursday, 21 July 2011

....... 2 Ponder..... Are We So Dense? .....

I find it completely baffling to watch politicians play their silly game of untruths.

What they tell each other is one thing - that's the game. One side says something, the other side ridicules it. But then they say something to us and it stops being a game and morphs into an insult.

The insult is the perception that we couldn't possibly know better. Many - if not most - politicians seem to operate from the notion that all voters must be stupid.

Are we really so dense?

Sadly, a portion of the population must be. The same offensive and insulting individuals keep getting voted back into office.

We think we couldn't possibly be so silly. And we "tut-tut" and "tsk-tsk" at the silliness that is the enthusiasm of the supporters of the other side. But what of us?

We decry that we are the "moderate" voice. The "sensible" opinion. But if we truly oppose the other view, are we truly so moderate? Or are we simply reactive individuals digging our feet into the sand simply to say "No".

Perhaps we should be asking "why"?

It seems to be a word seldom heard in politics anymore. We have stopped asking for the reasoning behind our elected officials' issues platform. Instead we simply continue to issue shop until we find someone who closely represents our own view.

I'd like to ask something ....... Why?

Rather than finger pointing and screaming at the 'other side', why do we not ask them to explain themselves?

This is the true casualty of modern politics. Not that we have lost a moderate, sensible centre.

The casualty is that we no longer constructively challenge those who represent the ideological extreme or obscure.

The casualty is one word ... most effectively spoken sotto vocce.....




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Unknown said...

Anarchy is afoot!

todd carr said...

a straight shooter needs to come out of the crop of double speak bs folks we have touring around.....its miserable right now in the states. Politics seems to be going further down hill. We have a gal named Bachman who I swear gets her hair done by the devil. me swearz big timez!