Saturday, 3 September 2011

...2 Seek.........I Need Help From You All..............

.......10 years ago I looked like this.............

..........Today - 03rd September 2011 - I look like this............

...........I will never get the bod back in the top pic - but I do want to improve.............So.........

...........I am seeking genuine and sincere advice on this........

What worked?

What to avoid? (and dont say the obvious like "junk food" - that stuff I know)

What to consider?

Now I am not doing this for sympathy or "look at moi" type emotions - but to genuinely take on board what has worked for others to assist my HEALTH - not my LOOKS.......

Shalom all



Anonymous said...

Here is the deal "It's Not Easy". Growing up I was very fit and healthy. I swam competitively. But post-college I got lazy. Drank too much, ate too much, etc. Then 7 years ago at age 34 I decided enough was enough. I joined a gym. Damn…it was tough. I tried walking and sorta jogging on the treadmill but that didn't work out to well. I puked. I tried spinning class but it was too much for me. I puked yet again. Weights…belch so boring. Plus I was doing itty bitty weights. I felt stupid. I remembered that "hey, i can swim!" So I took to the pool at the gym. It wasn't easy. I started with just swimming a few laps. I went every other day doing a few more laps each time. Eventually with swimming and a bit of the itty bitty weights I felt pretty good. I lost some weight and felt okay about myself. I then joined a local Masters Swim Team and started with harder workouts. I've lost the weight and am an avid swimming fan now. So my advice to you is find something you enjoy and stick to it. That is the key to getting back in shape and staying in shape. Check out my personal blog at Oh and if you do group classes or events it holds you accountable to show up and workout!

BosGuy said...

Hello Damien,
First, don't sell yourself short. My partner turns 50 in January 2012 and he has been focused on his personal fitness for the past year; the net result is he's in the best shape of his life.

Second don't beat yourself up, and get help. My advise would be two-fold.
1) Talk to your doctor or a local clinic and ask to make an appointment with a registered dietician. Talk candidly about your eating habits with a professional and have them help you make better food choices. Sounds elementary but eating healthy is key for energy, fending off depression and building muscle.

2) I like the17thman's advice and echo it. However, I'm not as focused as he is and decided a couple of years ago to pay for a personal trainer. Its quite expensive here, but its ensured that I never forsake the gym and my workouts are far more effective. If the cost of a trainer is prohibitive for you, identify a couple of classes at a local gym - preferably classes that mix cardio and balance.

If you'd like to talk more email me at bosguymail-AT-gmail-DOT-com.

Hugs my friend,

Wonder Man said...

I agree with the doctor piece. Also I go Vegan for awhile. It helps move the body in a good place to start burning fat

Anonymous said...


I lost + 40 kg in about 16 months now, still hoping to loose another 15 kg.

It is possible in a healthy way.

1. I pay a visit to the doctor every two months the first year, now every three months, to check out everything is going well.

2. I don't eat or drink anything that has sugar in it, nothing.

3. I eat less then before. Let's just say half of what I did eat before.
That's two slices of bread in the moring, and two at noon.
For dinner I have only one portion. That has to be now something of one patato, 75 gr meat or 120 gr fish, and vegies. Normaly I have at least two kinds of vegetables per meal.

I don't eat much fruits/day, not more then two pieces.
I drink a lot, 2-3 litres water, coffee, tea ..
I don't drink beer anymore, some wine (max 4 glaces/week)

4. I work-out every day.
I started with 20 min/day, now I'm at 70 min/day
every week one day work-out is replaced by:
one day rest/week,
one day a 4 hour walk/week

That's in short how I did it, and for the first time in my life I feel this will be for the rest of my life.

I you want to try it, I wish you all my luck.
It's very hard the first two month,
after that it's ok, but it never becomes easy.
I don't mis the sugar, but it stay hard (pun intended) to stop eating.
Often I'm more hungry leaving the table then at the start of the meal.
But in the end it all pays off. I mean I feel much better (I didn't know I felt that bad) and I look good (I find myself quit sexy now :) )

One more advice: patience, don't over do it, find what fits you the most, what diet fits you the most an what sport fits you the most, and enjoy your meals, the food has to be very tasty. Be happy.


Unknown said...

Life bring changes! But I know how you feel.

Rex V said...

Can recommend Wii Fit Plus. Lost 45 pounds in 18 months working out an hour every day on it. Diet tips: Every time you think you need to get into the chips, ice cream. or buy a candy bar...have a diet drink instead. Then sit down and write some more on this blog!

Anonymous said...

found this calorie counter site I have been using it for 45 days lost 20 pounds. You can keep track of what you eat and the exercises you do. What helped me was keeping track of what I eat stopped most snacking and did alot of walking helped alot

Jamal said...

Watch this video, a lecture given by Gary Taubes,

Some points from video:
1) why the current advises and tips from dietitians are not helping? may be they are wrong.

2) Fat in food doesn't make you fat!

3) Sugar raises insulin, insulin activates special proteins on cell surface that sucks fat from blood like a vacuum cleaner.
Hence, the craving for sweet after meals, especially fatty.
So, without sugar, fat cannot enter the cells.

4) Exercise is good for muscles, bones, heart, general wellbeing. But it should not be the primary mean of loosing weight. Exercise makes you extremely hungry.

All I could remember, but watch the video, it may look boring, esp. the beginning about history.
But it worth it.

cb said...

Well, I wish I had a magic formula... but I'm over 40 and nothing seems to work well.

I'd just say avoid all fast food and sodas, eat more veggies and fruit, and (unfortunately) tons of exercise.

I'm right there with you, believe me.

Dion said...

On the tredmil 30 to 40 min a day 3days per week; results guaranteed.