Wednesday, 5 October 2011

......2 Know............. Q and A session............

...........since none of you bitches have ever considered profiling me.... HARRUMPH !! ... I am kind of doing my own ***cough LOSER! cough*** lol...

...actually - in honour of passing my little 500K milestone recently - I am going to share with you some of the comments and questions I've got over the years - yes I keep them all, I'm anal like that - and I'm going to respond to them :).... I guess I'm going to profile YOU the 2 Centers and the occasional hater - DAYUM ! again not about me :)....... my clumsy attempts at cool repartee aside........... here we go.....

"I love your blog!"

--Well thank you :) (surely you knew I was going to open with that one right?)

"Gay New Jew - Come explore everything from Porn & People to Faith & Friends with me - what the fuck does THAT mean?"

-- It means it's my blog and these are some of the things that are of interest to me and important to me... and yes, I'm a New Jew (Convert) and I'm Gay....

"You cover a lot but you don't always seem to have much to say"

--Part of that comes from the fact that I am more than a little ADD.... I can sometimes have a VERY short attention span and my mind flits back and forth between many things - some of them with absolutely NO commonality whatsoever.

"O...M...G... Can we have one blog post without your depression in it?"

--Sure !! here's one......... oh wait...............

"How can you be a gay Jew?"

--G-d doesn't mind that I'm gay.... really....

"I don't get your blog - it's all over the place"

--Thank you.

"Enough with the depression stuff.... more of the hot men stuff"

--Um - no..... and yes - to a point.

"I'm a very overweight person and I think you were very brave for putting your self on your blog like you did man."

--Thank you. Actually it was a VERY big deal for me. Not for the blog or readers - but ME.

"Where's the porn? More Porn!"

--Working on it :)

"Are you secretly Simon the Sex Worker"

--You saw the pics of me right?

"Do you blog about American stuff because Australia is so boring?"

--Actually I blog about a lot of American topics because I am part American, love America, lived there, and most of my readers are American. Plus I would like to think that a lot of what I blog about isn't nation specific.

"Were you really a ballet dancer or are you a fat person trying to make out that he wasn't always fat so we feel sorry for you?"

--I don't know where to start with this one.

"Please - no more Susan Boyle posts"

--Too late.

"Are you in love with Scott at Bill In Exile?"

--Love ....... no. Little bit of envious hero-worship.... potentially.

"Are you hot for Brenton at Aussielicious?"

--Define "hot for" - Yes Brenton is HOT. I've met him in person after all. But no - I am not HOT for Brenton. Actually, I admire Brenton's drive to get out there and do shit than I do his butt or hotness.

"You use a blog like therapy"

--Yeah I do sometimes....

"Do more Aussie men."

--Oh I'm trying!! - oh ... you mean profile more Australian hotties? I can do that.

"Worst fucking blog. Always boring."

--The always part of that sentence implies you keep coming back.

and my personal favourite.............

"Your blog is a mess. I like that"

-- And I like your patronage.

Thanks all and keep the comments coming - whenever I get a good chunk of 'em I'm gonna do this again :)

And to all of you - thanks for visiting.




The Mistress said...

This is one of your funniest posts ever.

Queer Heaven said...

I love this post!!

BosGuy said...

Good for you Damien. Your blog definitely has impressive traffic and is one that keeps bringing me back to read.

Damien said...

MJ - thanks Mistress... I was gonna be all serious but thought "FUCK IT ! Its my blog LOL"

QH - you really are my biggest fan and I think that deserves something :) - email me.

BG - IM glad you keep coming back. Means a great deal for me to have such intelligent bloggers like yourself reading my little corner :)

Wonder Man said...

I love it