Saturday, 14 January 2012

.....2 Combat.........So Some Marines Peed On A Dead Taliban.....

.................and yet I'm OK with it............. here's why.......

  1. The Taliban summarily execute homosexuals.
  2. The Taliban have killed Marines and then dragged their bodies through villages.
  3. The Taliban summarily execute women who have been raped. BEEN raped - not raped someone - raped BY someone....... they execute the victim.
  4. The Taliban sanction honor killings and honor attacks like throwing acid into the faces of women they believe they were scorned by.
  5. The Taliban beat young girls who they believe are immodestly dressed.
  6. The Taliban celebrated the 9/11 attacks. They participated in and assisted the funding of the attacks.
  7. The Taliban celebrated the 7/7 attacks in London.
  8. The Taliban celebrated the Bali Bombing in which 82 people died.
  9. The Taliban pose as simple villagers and gladly accept Marine aid including medical supplies, medical treatment and food - they then report the position of the Marines providing that aid, to their Taliban colleagues so they can lay IED's on the route they will take when they leave and kill the Marines who were just there helping them all.
So............ the world is outraged because four Marines - who have most likely lost many fellow Marines to these abhorrent excuses for individuals - decided to pee on a dead Taliban...Here's the vid being played on every news network in the world...

....Personally - I would have taken a dump on him.... Why? Because the Taliban are not people - they are evil - pure unadulterated evil. And if they want to bring it - they better be able to take it.

That/s my 2 Cents Worth and I'm sleeping fine tonight.




Queer Heaven said...

I know I should not feel this way, being a Buddhist and all.... bur fuckin' shit... I agree with you!!

Anonymous said...

While I do respect the Taliban for there rules on females (yes I do agree with #3,4 and 5) (in fact we should have that shit here in the states cause females should be crushed under and made to serve men)I also had nothing but love and respect for the marines who pissed on the daed and videoed that shit. It's a dick thing and we should stop hideing it.

Damien Oz said...

QH - yup - it may have been against all conventions and their Code of Justice (i think thats right)-but I completely understand why they did.

Anon - thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. I cant QUITE agree with you - but thanks for coming :)