Friday, 24 February 2012

......I Need Your Help......

As you're all aware I'm a chunky bear. Part of why I am a chunky bear is I'm hungry.

All the time.

It never stops.

I've tried low GI foods. 6 meals a day. High fibre foods. A trainer and a nutrition plan. Drink so much water I'm almost drowning.

But I stay hungry. And I'm never full.

It's like a switch was flicked in my brain that turned off my "full" response.

Now you all are some very smart ppl and I'd be interested to know if you have heard of it / read about it / et al

I know a couple of you are Doctors and Nurses so your input would be most welcome.

Thanks all


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KDNA said...

hmmm...i need to think on this one...maybe even consult a nutrionist friend. i'll get back to you! ;)

Steve said...

I used a product called APPEsat. Basically it's a tablet derived from seaweed - when you swallow it, the tablet absorbs liquid and swells in your stomach. Because the gel ball floats in your stomach, and has volume, it tricks your brain into thinking you're full. What I like about it is that it's not a chemical or drug that speeds up your metabolism, it just makes you feel full. Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure this is not what you're hoping for, but believe me I do not mean to offend.
Food and eating, approached a certain way, are very sexual. You simply have to permit yourself to enjoy it. It can be a solo or a two or more experience.
Approaching it that way may well take you from chunky to chunkier. But you have to be able to appreciate the look and feel of the weight. That can be difficult.

Wilmaryad said...

If you've tried everything and still feel hungry, you probably eat fast. What you should learn is this: 20 minutes from the time you started feeling hungry, the brain asks the stomach if it's full. Whether you eat or not! That's why "hunger bouts" occur every half hour in people who fast. The trick is to use those 20 minutes to eat slowly. Put the fork down between bites, close your eyes and chew languorously. You may even feel full before finishing up your plate. It'll feel like meditation and will enable your taste buds to orgasm from the yummyness. Where do you think saliva comes from? ;-) Now, to make sure you don't feel hungry in between meals, have almonds/walnuts nearby and munch on a handful; they reduce bad cholesterol, give glowy skin and kill hunger. Try and see for yourself. :-)