Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Syria..... What The Fuck...??

Syria's top diplomats here in Oz have been expelled with only base, operational staff allowed to stay to handle consular matters i.e. Visa's, Passports etc.

I am stunned that this back-ass country-fuck of a nation is allowed to continue doing what it is doing whilst the world looks on??

Actually - why do we allow both Syria and Iran to continue as they have? The Terrible Twins need to be taken out..... gimme a couple of ICBM's, a compass, coordinates for the government buildings and "madrasses" (c'mon ........ terrorist training camps) and I'll take out the fuckers myself.

In these two countries the following occurs...and these aren't the WORST examples.
  • Women who are raped are either stoned / beaten / or, killed because clearly "they were asking for it".
  • Those who doubt the literal truth of Islam are imprisoned.
  • Homosexuals as young as 14 are publicly killed - usually beheading or hanging..... though several has been shot..... one poor young man in Iran was heard to be screaming "Mummy!! Mummy!!" before they pulled the lever on the gallows.
Syria has just massacred 108 innocent civilians.  Why are the planes still on the ground?  Why hasn't something exploded?  Why aren't we - the apparently CIVILISED western world - getting involved?  How is this different from Iraq?  Or Germany in WW2?

How the hell can we call ourselves civilised when we allow such atrocities to occur?

And for you bleeding heart humanists, please do NOT bring out the whole "How can you call yourself civilised when you're calling for Military Action?"......... It's really simple.  The powers-that-be in these two nations are evil and not only have they killed citizens of OUR nations, but they are killing their OWN citizens.  And we have given them so many opportunities to fix things it's now simply ludicrous.  It is a joke of the most macabre and malicious sort.

And don't drag out that "sovereignty of a nation" - "we can't be seen to be engaging in a war on Islam" bullshit - this isn't ANY of those things.  It's about basic humanity.  The right to live your life without fearing daily for your safety or for your freedom to think what you want and say what you want.

CNN reports that Kofi Annan has been "reasurred by the Syrian governments desire to launch it's own investigation".  Is he kidding??  Does he truly believe the Syrian Government who organised the massacre is going to "investigate it thoroughly"??

For the Western World to nod and tutt-tutt as an evil dictator (exactly like Hussein) attempts to placate other nations whilst visiting the most abhorrent violence on it's citizens is stomach churning.

The Western World has failed spectacularly on so many levels.

As a Westerner - I am ashamed.




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KDNA said...

First off, glad you're back at it.

Next, I don't usually enjoy entering a debate --oh, hell, I LOVE IT! but you my friend are feisty!

Canada did the same thing today. So,why are the planes still on the ground? I think (and this is just speculating, not my actual opinion on the matter)...

No one has actually struck anyone or anything outside their borders.

Remember Rwanda? Darfur? They are all borderline Acts of War, without having actually done anything.

Assad himself has condemned the recent massacre, but of course, not one of us believes he didn't ORDER it in the first place.

The problem is is that those 108 mostly women and children who were shot square through the head were Syrians. They weren't Iraqis, Turks, or Jordanians.

Assad has committed some extreme attrocities and I believe he will have to answer for them, but civil wars unfortunately aren't open invitations for Western governments to intervene.