Sunday, 3 June 2012

Putting It All Out There..

I am told by people of faith and by those "universalists" and others of simple optimism that to get ahead one should put one's self out there.....

So here's my list.  I am seeking.........
  • A new job.  I have 20 years of administration/financial skills.  I'm not cheap.  But not off the hook.  I can work remotely.  And available with notice.  You USA people with $$$ (and a few of you who do frequent the blog are) - talk to me.  I can turn my hand at almost anything and will gladly relocate.
  • A "buddy".  You all know what that means.  Regular.  Social.  And private.
  • A proofreader.  Not just someone who wants to peek at my novel and then tell me "That's fine." and never hear from them again.  Someone with some experience.  I am open to paying $$$, but I have a tight budget.
  • A break.  Not a huge one.  But if HaShem - or the Universe - Goddess - Fate et al - is listening; just a small one.  Nothing huge or earth-shattering.  But a break.  
  • Input from people with Depression / Obesity - who were able to lose weight and how.... No diet guru's please.  Real people with real options.
So ........... that's the list.  Not a huge one.  Some would say I'm being greedy.  But those people are generally those with most of what they want.... experience has proven so.  Isn't it interesting how many of those who have "made it" are reluctant to assist others.  Not always.  But mostly.  Queens in particular.

I've started on the above myself.  Small steps to be sure but I've started.  I'm also told it never hurts to put it out there for others to offer their input.

Hope, health & happiness all.




Anonymous said...

Hey Damien,
I can't help with the new job, "buddy", proofreader or break.... BUT I consider myself an expert with depression/obesity...... well, in terms of my own experience. I have been diagnosed as clinically depressed since having a mental breakdown when I was 21.... quite a few years ago (12 years, yikes).... truckload of therapy, a good Doctor, family/friends to lean on have all helped to get me to a point where I am now only on 1 anti-depressant and a mild sedative (when required)... I have not really experienced weight gain from meds over the years, but I have certainly battled the bulge, won and lost, through a multitude of reasons..... none more so than a majorly addictive personality... you name it, I've overindulged.... food, sex, love, drugs... the list goes on and on. I have to say I have never been obese, but I have ranged in weight from 65kg (stick thin) to nearly double that weight (porky pig - 105kg at the heaviest) But I have now maintained a healthy 75-80kg's for about the last 3 years or so. My trick is structure, discipline and exercise.... now keep in mind, I have the will power of a 3 year old chucking a tantrum in the lolly shop.... BUT somewhat like the "naughty chair" I have rewards and discipline molded to my nature. I work to the 6 good days, 1 luxury day. 6 days of eating all the good things we know we should be eating, 5 serves of veg, 1-2 serves of fruit (if your not watching sugar intake), low fat dairy, little to no cheese, lots of water, whole grains blah blah boring... THEN to reward myself for being "good" usually on a Saturday or Sunday, I allow myself to eat anything I want, no rules, just common sense. So everyday I dont eat chocolate means that on the weekend I can have a awesome slice of cake that tastes all the better for the hard work and discipline.... By no means am I saying that it is easy, and it took months of baby steps to get to the point where I could be so strict, but it works for me now. Anytime cravings take over my brain, I try to relax and tell myself that if the craving is still there on the weekend then I can have it.... strangely this seems to lesson the cravings, knowing they are not off limits. Unlike every diet regime that has ever been invented, that I'm sure I have tried at some point. Then we come to the much hated exercise, anyone that says exercise is fun should be punched in the throat... I fucking hate nearly every second of it, BUT there can be no doubt that it helps battle the bulge, boosts my energy levels and lessons my depression/anxiety. Though everyday it's hard, especially when i'm particularly low and have little to zero energy.... again, I babystepped it over months till I came up with things that work for me... I now aim for 5-6 days of some kind of exercise, walking, gym, swimming,treadmill, weights blah blah boring..... and 1-2 days off. I certainly dont have the body of a greek god, but it seems to do the trick for me in addition to the eating plan. Also if you can afford it, a personal trainer, even once a week for a month or so could help you set a path, routine that could work for you and your needs.

I don't know if this is of any help at all, because I do think it is different for everyone, as is what works for different people.

But good luck with your whole list.

Damien said...

Hey Anon.

Thanks for the input. All good sensible clean advice. I am adding it to my list :)

I am finding it SO hard to get started tho. The depression "fatigue" is something that I am battling tho.

Always trying to get over that first hump.

truthspew said...

Hey Damien, weight loss requires both changes to diet and some exercise.

Sugary drinks - ditch em'. Eat more fruit an vegetables. Replaces one or two meals a week with fish or seafood based meals. They tend to be lower calorie alternatives to chicken, beef and pork.

It's funny - I made those very changes to our diet and everyone we haven't seen in awhile comments on how much weight we've lost.

And get out there and walk around. Take the stairs, do things like that.

owlish said...

Can't really help with a job, but if you want personal experience, I've got some.

Age mid 40s. Problems with weight most of my life, problems with feeling down off/on for the last 10 years or so. Never really met criteria for what docs call the disease "depression." Had various therapies but helped the most by quitting my low reward/high stress job.

Had the most success with weight loss when I was on the Atkins diet, and going to a gym 4 days a week. But I eventually slacked off, and the weight slowly came back. Not as bad as my worst- I avoid all-you-can-eat restaurants, and don't buy ice cream. I've been thinking about starting the paleo diet, but haven't yet.

Regular exercise is pretty much vital. But it doesn't have to be a big change, especially at first. And if you're sitting a lot, consider getting a standing desk.

I've puttered through your blog, some. If you're currently seeing a doctor for depression, and if you're still having significant problems, that's something he/she needs to know and do something about.

Hope that helps. IF you've got more specific questions, I don't mind answering.