Thursday, 28 June 2012

Tatted Thursday...Rick Genest......

So apparently my post below was offensive.  However, I have NO clue who this guy is. Apparently he has modelled for Mugler, and been in a GaGa video..... which I only knew after someone gave me his name and I googled him.....

All I know is I was surfing the web and saw something so extreme - I thought I was seeing something completely different to the reality of that he is ACTUALLY TATTED LIKE THAT HEAD TO FOOT!!!! - I thought it was bloody make-up......!

I'm not going to apologise - it's simply beyond me.  WHY do that to yourself?

And no this isn't contradictory considering my post on gay culture.  Being fat, short, ethnic, older etc is one thing - making yourself to look like a walking zombie - and doing it voluntarily is another thing in my opinion. 

MY .......opinion.....

Come on guys ... why couldn't one of you have started with a gentle "Oh you don't know who this guy is?  He is......." etc etc... Why spank me like a bitch when I don't deserve it? THEN tell me who is (Yes that is a little touchy.... please accept me as that).

He could be a lovely man for all I know.... Good to his mother and a loyal and true friend.  But I am not commenting on the personality - I'm commenting on the man who has put himself out there like this.... Just as he probably wants.  He wants me to comment on his LOOK - not his spirit.

Now I respect your comments - so respect my choice to voice my astonishment at something that actually does deserve astonishment and a WHAT THE FUCK and on a body-morphication that was most likely done to ELICIT that astonishment in some degree.

Do not take me to task then - because whilst YOU may know who he is - a suburban gay in Australia may not....

Shalom and love to you all - including Mr Genest.....



Sean said...

I love your blog and usually agree and always respect what you have say. I never comment with venom and think (in my mind) that I comment with a "come on, really?, perspective.

I didn't post a comment on your gay culture post because honestly it seemed more like a fall down the depression well but I had commented on similar posts before saying that I don't find gay people to be much different from straight people in their attitudes and behaviors.

What got me about your post on Genest wasn't the shock, it was the Stewie "sick sick little moo cow: comment. That made you post, in my opinion, judgmental. I am just as shocked about his appearance but I admire people like him who have the creative to imagine and the strength of character to live outside of the majorities norm. I'd love to be more free spirited than person who tries to be invisible in order to be "safe". We both know that being gay isn't a choice but too many react to us living free and open as WTF! Why would you do that? You just want attention. Years from now, I'm sure years from now we'll learn that "born this way" applies to a lot more than being gay.

I will call you out on the "suburban gay in Australia" defense. Australia is not some little undeveloped country and you are a very well informed traveler and user of the internet.

You ask us to be gentle but I read no harsh words or insults - just accountability. If you had started THIS post with a thanks for the info, I had no idea attitude rather than being all defensive is would go a long way towards creating the world you desire.

Like I said, I love your blog and your voice - I have for years - and I'll still be here when you wake up.

KDNA said...

Since i've been semi-called out on this one, i'll elaborate.

i never commented on your "gay fascists" posts because i've commented on this topic on other blogs ad nauseum and just didn't have it in me anymore.

no, of course i've never had dinner with rick, but i'd love to. and i'd probably ask him what it was that compelled him to scar his face the way he has, but alas that opportunity is not very likely.

i don't think i found the original post offensive...i just thought it was a teensy bit hypocritical is all.

i'll agree with sean about the australian outback bumpkin excuse --- you are an incredibly intelligent and well-exposed individual. his escaping your attention is obviously forgiveable, and surprising at the same time. i do find it amazing that mr. genest didn't make a blip on your radar given how "in tuned" you are, but we can't all know everything can we?

as far as i'm concerned, all is well mr. damien. oh, and i want to add that while i didn't comment on your gay vs gay posts, i did click the box! ;-*

Damien said...

Oh you boys.........