Friday, 8 March 2013

Friday Ward Update...

Hello from the bed.

It's a comfy bed too. Got a full 5 hr block of sleep last night. I'm beginning to see everything returning on the way to normal. The staff here at the Prince Alfred are top draw, even if their aim can be off.

Pics !

The first war wound starting to show. They had trouble finding my artery for a blood gasses test. The big one upper right is where the arterial line was put in at ICU. Hurt like a mother.

Lunch - very bland but nutritionally perfect.

Dessert w lunch - I thought maybe I got the product of someone's liposuction ?! But it was berry flavoured and light as air.

Dinner - good ol' egg salad. Delicious actually.

The view outside my slatted window. You can't see them very well but some gorgeous Eucalyptus trees are out there.

Your faithful blogger signing off for the night.

Shabbat shalom n blessings on you all



BosGuy said...

Any handsome nurses at the hospital?

Stan said...

the amazing thing I found out about hospital food is that I ate and ate but still I lost weight due to dietary watching your caloric intake.
Hope the same is true for you.
Get well soon!

Victor said...

good, you are on the improve.

Damien said...

BG no but I have hot rough white trash in the room next door

Stan they feed and feed me but I'm not gaining. And yes it is all nutritionally perfect.

Victor yes am improving well and hope to be going home on Monday

iama{GAY}tkeeper said...

Looking GOOD!