Thursday, 7 March 2013

My Wow Wednesday ... ICU...

As in Intensive Care Unit.

So.... On Monday, diagnosed w flu / secondary chest infection / and potential infection in the sinuses.

Tuesday got worse. Didn't go to hospital - wrong move.

Wednesday - wow - felt crap, laid down for a nap at 3 and had a coughing fit around 10 mins later. This degraded into a wheeze that my nebuliser couldn't fix. An ambulance was called.

En route to the hospital they met up with the ICP's which I think is Intensive Care Practitioners? They're the uber trained paramedics. 2 shots of adrenalin; 2 shots of magnesium (that was a total trip - it goes from the point of injection like a heat wave up to the top of your head; rebounds back down leaving a bad taste in the mouth; then settles in the stomach ).

Many nebules of salbutamol later I arrive at the ER of the Royal Prince Charles Hospital.
Awaiting me in the ER are 2 emergency physicians; 3 emergency nurses; and, one clinical nurse plus a whole bunch of machinery.

After 6 hours getting me from hell to stable, I go to ICU for 4 hours of observation. At this point I'm hooked to so many machines I'd qualify as a Borg in Trek.

I am now down in the ward in an isolation room bcoz I'm a bio-hazard now due to being further diagnosed w RSV - Respiratory Something Virus ( and no they did not offer a complimentary tattoo - totes harrumph ).

Let the photo gallery begin.

This is your revered Blogmaster in hour 4 - stoned off his head w humidified oxygen being administered.

Part of the Borg apparel. Does this arterial line make me look fat?

Ward this morning. More salbutamol.

Your blogger looking hot in lavender gown, rapist glasses and nasal tubes. I know, I know - one at a time please.

Hospital Food #1 - roast cow. 6/10.

Hospital Food #2 - Peaches and custard. 8/10.

Hottie Geek Hospital Admin guy. 7/10. Hopefully he has 10.

Me signing off to try and get a nap.

It was scary. But the care here is excellent. And being a country who has healthcare in both name and funding - public hospital - all of it free. Even ICU. And you don't have to be Commies to have it.

Ill be here till anywhere from Saturday to next Monday.

I'll check in later.

Play nice 2 Centres - as you always do.

Shalom n blessings.



Buddy Bear said...

Wow! What an ordeal!! I hope you have a speedy recovery.

I'm glad to see that, despite your illness, you still managed a sneaky pic of the geeky hospital guy to post for all your blog fans. Well done!

BosGuy said...

So sorry to read about that scare. Thank goodness you were able to get care and I hope you are feeling like yourself again very quickly.


Pick said...

Sending good thoughts your way bud. Scary stuff! Glad you're going to be ok.


iama{GAY}tkeeper said...

Shocking to see this on your blog, sending positive energy your way :)

SEAN said...

I was wondering why you were quiet on the police brutality story.

So glad you're recovering and that you wrote such a good post and with pics is proof of your recovery.

I can't wait for the pics when the geeky nurse gives you your bath - be sure to splash him good!

Lot's of rest and a speedier recovery!

GreenNGoldGirl said...

Get better soon Sweetie! So sorry you had this all happen to you. Hopefully there will be many hot men walking by your room or into your room to entertain you!

Damien said...

Thanks for the well wishes all.

Am mending

Anonymous said...

OMG....I am so sorry for your troubles...speedy recovery takes time to get your strength back to par....Hugs Bobble

Victor said...

Best wishes for a speedy and full recovery.

Linx said...

Hope are getting better. So sorry to read this

J. Oliver said...

I'm sorry to hear about the complications. And thanks for helping people be aware of the secondary infections that thrive in all the mucus. It's like Cystic Fibrosis congestion.