Saturday, 9 March 2013

Update From The Bed...

Sooooooo..... I'm definitely showing marked improvement. On track for Monday release. Lungs have improved. Up back to 80%. Blood sugar excellent. Blood pressure averaging 120/80. Fever gone. Still tired tho. But that's to be expected.

Thankfully it's Attenborough night on the free to air TV - so I can geek out. You all know how much I lervs me some Sir David.


Lunch - roast beef w veges. And hospital gravy. 6/10. Nutritional but not the best thus far.

Lunch dessert - listed as fruit jelly. Swear to G-d it tasted like roll on deodorant. 3/10

Canulas came out of the left arm today. Gonna be some great bruises there in a couple of days

Dinner -

Chicken Noodle Soup - salt soup w some squishy things actually. 4/10.

Beef Stew w veges - the weekend food here sucks. I've tasted asses. They were better than this. Mashed potatoe should not be solid should it?
1/10 - it only gets a one for the nutritional content.

Ok all. Attenborough time.

Play nice. We'll be back to predictable nudes and peen soon.




Pick said...
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Pick said...

Been thinking of you and sending good thoughts ever since I first heard bud.


SEAN said...

Glad you continue to improve! Had to take my mom (I wanted to type mum for some reason) to the hospital at 4am this morning. She'll be okay but will be in a day or two. Just another day when you have cancer. I go back in a few hours to relieve my sister and dad.

At least the food photographs like its tasty.

Jason Shaw said...

Wishing you well and sending loads of best wishes from Sussex.