Sunday, 5 May 2013

The Men Of Star Trek Into Darkness....

Now - THIS - would be my celebrity orgy to end them all..... I think ALL these guys have a unique hotness that they totally own HARD......

 John Cho / Hikaru Sulu

 Anton Yelchin / Pavel Chekhov

 Benedict Cumberbatch / John Harrison

 Chris Pine / James T Kirk

 Karl Urban / Leonard "Bones" McCoy

 Simon Pegg / Montgomery Scott

Zachary Quinto / Spock

I can not WAIT to see the film.  Now whilst I don't agree with how JJ has rebooted Star Trek - he DOES make exceptional films that stand on their own feet.  So whilst the hard core fan in me is not totally happy with what he has done - I know his film will be exceptional.

And with THOSE hotties above in it - FARK YEAH !!


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