Monday, 17 June 2013

The Folly of the Gays....

I have written about this a couple of times before and yet I am still surprised at the folly of gay men when it comes to their fellow gay men (and women).  For example-
  • The "not looking for..." lists on gay personals / apps;
  • The issue of not exploring our own racial attitudes;
  • The never ending quest for the "one that is hotter than the man I have";
  • The desire for the "next one" to be a reflection of themselves - 10 years ago;
  • Those that can't be bothered with current events, but then voice their indignation at current events;
  • Straight Acting......... 'nuff said.....;
  • The war on effeminate men - leave them alone, they are as valid as you are Butch;
  • The Butch ones who clutch their pearls then diss the drag queens... Really Rose?? DZS (Dorothy Zbornak Stare);
  • The pathological need to declare themselves "clean" (HIV neg) - coz that can't possibly be rude to those who live with the virus;
  • Activist who act - but don't think - **cough GetEqual cough**;
  • Gays who hate Lesbians.... and.... Lesbians who hate Gays... You both realise that when Leroy Huckafuck in the Appalachian Mountains suits up he is coming for BOTH groups?;
  • The scorn of Bears by the buffed... Coz that's showing the hetero world how inclusive we are right?
  •  The transphobia that says "Sure they are fine lipsynching in a bar... but living in the apartment next door?  No thank you"...
Oh and I could go on and on and on and on............. But I don't have to.


Because we all now about these things... but very few are talking about them... sad really.

And yet whilst we are so dysfunctional and segmented, we have the gall to demand equity from a society at large that discriminates against us.

Saucer of milk for table 2.... this pussy is bitter.

Our inability to pull together - unlike previous generations of GLBT's - is our own worst enemy.

Shalom n Blessings to you all



Raul Rodriguez said...

Very well said.


Princess said...

I havent been out to a "gay bar" for many years in very sad attempts to meet someone to spend some time with and get to know them a little better... I got very sick of all the bitchy exclusivity and subtle judjmental opinion. I too thought that inclusivity and building community was the aim.
I find i get more acceprance by attending and taking part in the community of my local church these days... And i never thought i'd ever do that! Go figure????

LeNair Xavier said...

Thank you.

I have tried talking about some of these things on my blog. Over time, I have directed various posts on my blog to Queerty, The Huffington Post, Out Magazine, and The Advocate to name the main ones, and to no avail do they address them. And if they do, they water it down, letting a White person tell it, while continuously trying to paint Black Americans as a race of homophobes. Never mind the fact that my out & proud gay self directed a blog post on one or more of those matters to them a year or more prior.

Again, THANK YOU for this.

Linx said...

Finally someone else who feels the same way about all this.Thanks so much for this!!

iama[GAY]keeper said...

just had to shine a light a few of these things to a fellow young gay man that just hung his head, thanks for posting this

Damien said...

Thank you all. I appreciate you all taking the time to comment on this.

Personally, I think there are far too many conversations we are NOT having.