Sunday, 23 June 2013

Theta.....Hamish and The Beast....

Another excerpt from my mutant novel titled Theta. 

Please remember that this work is copyrighted and may not be reproduced whole or in part without the authors (that's me :)) written permission.

Now the legal shtuff is over - enjoy.  Keen to hear your feedback...

Hamish groaned.
It had been a long time since he had felt pain.  His dense molecular structure generally kept him immune to most injuries.  But right now, he was aching from head to toe.  Hamish even imagined his eyebrows were hurting.
He emitted a small grunt as he sat up.  Underneath him, the rubble that had been a part of the wall he had been thrown through shifted slightly as he adjusted his massive weight.  He was shocked to see numerous scratches on his skin.  Again, it had been a long time since he had seen his own blood.  He looked down to see his favourite t-shirt and army disposal cut offs had been shredded by his trip through the afore-mentioned, concrete and steel rebar wall. 
Now, he was pissed off.
He stood slowly, took a deep breath and tore off the remnants of his shirt and shorts.  He was now clad in only his army boots and a pair of outrageously short briefs.  He stood there breathing deeply, preparing himself for what was to happen next.  Hamish was angry.  Hamish was very angry.  Hamish was officially furious.  The last time Hamish had been in such a state, an SUV had been reduced to unrecognisable pieces of twisted metal.  His muscles danced under his skin as involuntary manifestations of his fury.  His great chest rose and fell as he attempted to steady himself.  Then, his enemy walked into the dilapidated ruin.
He was enormous. 
Hamish’s enemy was almost eight feet tall.  He was massively muscled and astoundingly strong.  Hamish’ five foot six, three hundred kilogram frame seemed puny in comparison.  Hamish could easily stop a train on its’ tracks, but the thing in front of him had, for the previous hour, tossed the pocket dynamo around like a rag doll, with Hamish effecting a minimal defence.  Unfortunately for the giant, he had ruined Hamish’s favourite outfit.  There were very few things Hamish valued.  He was not one for material possessions, but, his muscled frame and its heavy weight found most clothing impossible to wear.  When he had discovered the light, comfortable white shirt, and the accompanying camouflage shorts, it was like a marriage of comfort.  In truth, the two pieces of clothing were the only thing he had ever actually purchased himself.  As such, he had always viewed them with a sentimentality that he would have never have shared with anyone. 
Hamish appreciated the little things in life.  Good manners.  An attractive Greek man.  A nicely charred, well done steak and, a good outfit.  The beast in front of him was going to pay.
“Ready to die yet little man?”  The grotesque created growled at him in almost unintelligible mashing of the English language.
Hamish put his hands on his hips and walked forward a few metres.  He sauntered with a slight swish of the hips and a grace that belied his musculature.  “You ruined my ensemble.”
The creature chuckled coarsely in an animalistic baritone that mocked Hamish. 

Now, it was on.

Hamish ran at the hulk of flesh in front of him.  Whilst the creature was certainly strong, it did not have the agility and speed that Hamish possessed.  In spite of his musculature, Hamish was as supple as a ballet dancer, and faster than anything else living on the planet.  He covered the distance between them in four seconds.  At the very last moment, Hamish dropped onto his back so to slide between the legs of the behemoth, punching the beast in the groin as the opportunity presented itself.  As the monster groaned in the pain he was most understandably experiencing, Hamish quickly stopped himself and got into a half crouch.  Speed was going to be the only thing that would give him the advantage.  As such, Hamish did not pause in his attack. 
He leapt into the air, hooked his legs around his enemy’s head and twisted violently.  Hamish knew it would not kill the beast, but he hoped it would at least send him to the ground.  As Hamish landed on his feet, he felt the thud of the beasts’ fall via the vibrations through the concrete floor beneath him.  Again, Hamish did not pause.  His speed was the advantage he had and he would not relent.  He grabbed the beast by the head and, in a round house motion, threw the immense piece of flesh into the nearest wall.  There was a satisfying crack as the wall partially split due to the impact.  The monster had only just landed before Hamish was upon him yet again.  This time, Hamish grabbed its left leg and, again utilising that same round house motion, threw the behemoth at a concrete pillar.  The pillar snapped in two as almost a metric tonne of muscle collided with it.  The beast hit the floor with a rumble of pain and annoyance emanating from it.  The beast looked up to see Hamish already there with a section of the pillar poised above his head.  Before Hamish could crush the beast with it, he was pulled off balance, falling to the floor and the section of concrete coming down beside him to shatter into projectiles that pierced the flesh of both beings.  Hamish instinctively lashed out with both feet.  His left boot connected firmly with the beasts’ jaw. 
Hamish was heartened to hear a sickening crunch that announced the breaking of the monsters’ lower jaw.  His enjoyment was short lived as he found himself suddenly sailing through the air and eventually connecting, painfully, with yet another wall.  Thankfully, he did not go through it this time.  Hamish fell to the floor and groaned as he hauled himself to his feet.  Standing not three metres from him was the beast.  The battle was taking its toll on both of them.  Hamish was exhausted from the relentless beating the two had given each other.  Even his super human biology could only take so much.  The beast was bleeding from numerous wounds, not least of which was the broken jaw.  It tried to talk again but all that came out was a mouthful of bloody saliva mixed with numerous broken teeth.  Hamish found it to be moderately disgusting.  Deciding he had had enough, Hamish stepped forward and smashed his fist into the beasts’ already broken jaw.  The sound was horrifying.  The beasts’ lower jaw now hung limply in several pieces.  Hamish, mustering all his considerable leg strength, kicked the beast in the groin.  A primitive, gurgling scream roared forth as it dropped to its’ knees in agony.  With one final mustering of strength, Hamish lashed out with every last bit of energy he had and punched the beast in the throat.  The beast clutched futilely at its neck.  Its eyes were wide with shock and confusion.  Then, without a further sound, the beast toppled to one side.  It did not move again.
Hamish looked down at the now lifeless hulk with a mix of satisfaction and pity.  Hamish had not battled a human being so much as a vile and distasteful creation of a group of twisted individuals who had decided to corrupt nature.  With the behemoth out of the way, Hamish now had a new target.  Taking out the monster had been an act of self-defence.  What he would now do to its creators would be an act of pure, unadulterated violence.  And he intended to make certain it would serve as a bloody example to any who would come after him and his kind.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work and let us know when it is published

Damien said...

Working on it :)