Wednesday, 31 July 2013

I Saw Sir David Attenborough!!! ...

Last night I had the absolutely joyous privilege and honour to sit three rows from the Man himself.

Sir David Attenborough.

He is currently doing a speaking tour and last night was the first night of two here in Brisbane.

To say this was a magic night for me would be the grossest of understatements.  It was indescribable to have my idol sitting not 30 feet away from me discussing his 60 years in television.  Starting as a Zoologist he has became the foremost name and signature voice in wildlife presenting in the world.  He is also DAMN FUNNY !!  His ability at impressions and his animation of body and face are just amazing.  And he is EXACTLY the same off screen as he is on. He is completely genuine, completely engaging, and is as interested in his audience as his audience is in him.

A wonderful evening.  Here are a few photos.  Quality not great but my hands were shaking LOL.  It was just an indescribable evening of insight into one of our most PRECIOUS of living treasures.

PS He looked fabulous and healthy and he is 87 !!!

 Sir Davids' Set.

 My seat - LOOK HOW CLOSE I WAS !!!

 Sir David on the R with a local interviewer on the L
Yes he had that SAME blue shirt and Khaki pants - LOVED IT !!!

The Man - Sir David Attenborough - thank you Sir for a wonderful evening and 
the fulfilment of a dream for me :)

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